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Fire Wave at Valley of Fire Exploration Guide

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire

Sign transcription:

Fire Wave

0.6 miles (0.95 km)

Please stay on the trail and follow the markers to protect sensitive areas and for safety.

Overview of Fire Wave Hike

The Fire Wave Trail is easy for almost all visitors to trek the 0.6 miles one way.

The trail is well-marked and easy to follow to get to the Fire Wave formations.

The first part of the trail sucks as it has deep red sand before you hit some solid rock slopes to make the rest of the hike easier.

The Fire Wave showcases amazing sandstone formations eroded by wind and water that resemble an ocean wave with swirling patterns of red, white, and pink sandstone.

The different colors of sandstone are due to oxidization of iron (the red colored sandstone) and manganese (the pink colored sandstone) with the presence of silica and/or bleaching of the sandstone caused by years of contact with water makes the sandstone white.

Isn’t nature amazing?!

It’s a smaller version of the popular hike in Arizona, The Wave at Coyotes Buttes North. Click here to read more about The Wave and How to Get Permits to The Wave.

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire

Fire Wave Hike Information and Stats

Route Type: Out and Back

Distance: 0.6 miles and 1.2 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: Approximately 170′

Hiking Time: Easy hike but I would allow at least an hour to hike in and out with time for photos

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Sand and solid rock

Accessibility: Easy to access from the parking lot

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire

Directions to Fire Wave

Trailhead: The trailhead is across the road and the trail heads south.

Parking: Yes, large parking lot (Parking Lot #3) is on the North side of the White Domes Road but it does get full during popular times. There is no parking on the roadside.

Fees: Entrance fee to the Valley of Fire State Park, click here to read more about the Valley of Fire Entrance Fees

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire

Other Information About Fire Wave

Restrooms: None

Cellular Service: Yes, cell area at the parking lot

Kid Friendly: Yes

Dog-Friendly: Yes, on a leash

What to Take on Your Hike to Fire Wave

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire Resources

Fire Wave Photos

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire

I think this Chuckwalla was a bit perturbed I interrupted his “potty break”

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire

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Fire Wave at Valley of Fire