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Freiburg Nevada

Freiburg Nevada

Freiburg Nevada Overview

Located in Lincoln County, Nevada approximately 63 miles west of Pioche, the Freiburg District was organized in May 1869.

Also known as Worthington.

The first reference I can find is in The Pioche Record in 1872 and continues until the 1920s. (We could not find anything with the spelling of Freyberg but did find articles using the spelling Fryburg, Freiburg and Freiberg)

In the Fall of 1965 two prospectors were led by local Native Americans to the northeastern flank of the Worthington Mountains to show them the silver ore-bearing rock. Later there were discoveries of lead and silver in 1869, and soon the district was established.  We have found a reference that the district was established in 1865 after the initial discovery and a reference for 1869 when the mining started (with the latter making more sense).

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Year Established/Founded

Ore was discovered in 1865 and the district was organized in 1869.

Managed By

BLM Administrative Area


Silver was the primary commodity and lead and zinc as the secondary commodity, along with copper and tungsten.


7,198′ at the mine.

GPS Coordinates

37.9461, -115.60030 to the mine

References Used

Freiburg Nevada