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Gilcrease Orchard | Las Vegas Pick Your Own

Gilcrease Orchard

I am always surprised how many Las Vegas locals do not know about Gilcrease Orchard. It is one of our favorite places to visit to grab the freshest produce in town. Bob and I will head out early on Saturday mornings to pick our own produce, grab Alex some apple cider, and occasionally run into some friends doing the same.

Click here to read our Roasted Beets recipe using the baby beets we picked at Gilcrease Orchard.

Gilcrease Orchard Info

  • Official Website is at Gilcrease Orchard
  • Located at 7800 N. Tenaya Way in Las Vegas in the northwest area of the valley.
  • During “high season” they are open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and “off season” is Saturday only
  • Hours of operation are 7 AM to Noon each day
  • Open spring through October
  • Cash, credit card, and debit card accepted
  • Pumpkin Patch normally opens late September and runs through October
  • Bags, wagons, and tools are provided but we always bring our own in case they are out when we get there
  • No pets allowed
  • Sign up for their newsletter to find out what the offers are for each week as they do vary
  • They run a month long pumpkin patch for families to enjoy picking pumpkins, hayrides, and more – click here to view our article on Pumpkin Patches in Las Vegas.

Below are my personal DO NOT MISS activities at Gilcrease Orchards:

Las Vegas has options for fresh produce such as our farmers markets and Bountiful Baskets. The chance to pick your own vegetable and fruit in the desert is a bit rare I think.

We miss seeing “our” burrowing owls outside our neighborhood so we always take a trip to the backside to see if a few of the owls are out and about. They are so darn cute!

While we all enjoy the pick you own vegetables don’t forget that Gilcrease Orchard does actually have an orchard! Above is Bob strolling through to grab a few of his favorite fruits.

Do not miss picking up the Gilcrease Orchard Apple Cider. When it’s gone it’s gone so we will pick up a few extras to keep frozen. It is so amazingly wonderful and on a hot summer day you feel like you can drink a gallon of it.

Along with the Gilcrease Orchard Apple Cider comes their apple cider donuts. I kid you not! These are a must at the end of your pick your own trip and they have a place where you can sit and enjoy them too!

Gilcrease Orchard