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Go Karts Las Vegas

go karts las vegas

Go Karts Las Vegas

Our family LOVES go-kart racing and Las Vegas offers choices from indoor go kart racing to outdoor, slow karts for the little ones to fast carts for the daring.

Many of the go-kart venues in Las Vegas offer additional amenities such as restaurants, birthday parties, carnival rides, and more.

You can often find discounts so you can test different go-kart venues in Las Vegas to find your favorite one. Click here to view go-kart discounts in Las Vegas on Groupon.

We try to go earlier in the day to beat the heat during the summer months. Also note, that some go-kart places may be indoors, which you think would be cooler than outside but they are not as they build the go-kart tracks in a high ceiling warehouse without air conditioning.

Indoor Go Karts Las Vegas

Pole Position Raceway

Fast Lap 

(Unfortunately, Fast Lap has been permanently shut down.) My family enjoyed our weekend racing here but since I am not a fan of indoor racing, it wasn’t as enjoyable for me. (To me, if I am racing a car, then I should be outside.)

We used a Fast Lap Groupon deal to get a great price.

The Sport Center of Las Vegas

Las Vegas Go Karts Out Door

Gene Woods Racing Experience

I have been wanting to try the Gene Woods Racing Experience for a while since it’s an outdoor track (which I prefer) but it’s on the far side of town for us. One day… one day…

Most people say it’s one of the best go-kart tracks in Las Vegas and if you snag a Groupon deal, then it’s a must to try over the others.

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

When the weather is cooler, we love going to the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix. One, it’s close to our house but racing outdoors is a lot more fun for us than racing indoors. They have three tracks, an arcade, carnival-type rides for smaller children, and a small restaurant that serves pizza, chicken fingers, sandwiches, and more.

Go Kart Repair Las Vegas

Acceleration Kart Racing

Go Karts Las Vegas