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Golden City Nevada

Golden City Nevada

Golden City Nevada Overview

Information on this short-lived mining camp, Golden City which was in Lincoln County, Nevada, is not easy to find. The only information that we can find is a few newspaper clippings and a mention on the Lincoln County, Nevada website. We will keep digging to see what else we can find about this short-lived town.

Once gold was discovered in the area in 1890, the Ferguson Mining District was formed. Then Golden City and Helene were small temporary camps that were set up as part of the Ferguson Mining District and Golden City was absorbed and called Ferguson, which in turn was renamed Delamar.

Below are the few newspaper clippings we found regarding the formation and progression of Golden City.

Golden City Nevada Lincoln County

The Pioche Record • Pioche, Nevada • 14 Apr 1892, Thu • Page 3
J. J. Manning, VV. C. Qlissan, Jamet Pieis in, George Nesbitt and the Ferguson boys have located a towmit tod named it Golden City. 8f far, a dozen or more tents dot the streets and avenues ia which the new metropolis is subdivided. This location is in the vicinity of the Mookey Wrench and Magnolia mines, but the discoveries south of these points indicate that othei towns will be started below. The water question is one of great importance. The only water there comes from severs! smsll spring), the nearest of which is three miles Irom Golden City. Several springs lie to the south with several claimants to each spring, and the lawyers are likely to come in for a share of the spoils.

Golden City Lincoln County Nevada 2

The Pioche Record • Pioche, Nevada • 14 Apr 1892, Thu • Page 3
The first saloon in Golden City is that of H. H. Cooper, who does business under a generously large tent. Money seems to be plentiful there, and poker has engaged the attention of a number of the boys for several days. The proper spirit for a lively camp thus crops Out. It has its bad features, from a church-going point, of course, but it also makes life in the “wild and woolly west” worth living. “Golden City” of the new district,  Ferguson, had better be’ re-orietened. The name is too common, and probably won’t be recognized by the postal department at Washington. There are seventy names already in the postal directory, of Golden Citys, Golden and Goldville’s, etc. Think up something equally distinctive but more original, and ask for the establishment of a post-office under the new name.

Golden City Nevada

The Pioche Record – Pioche, Nevada – 12 May 1892, Thu • Page 3
FERGUSON DISTRICT. Notes of What Is Uolnjj on Titers. The Magnolia owners have got their shaft down some thirty 6ve feet and the ledge and ore vein continue as strong and as rich as at the surface, which strengthens the belief that the claim will develop into a bonanza. Two car loads of ore are to be shipped at once, and if carefully selected its appearance in the Salt Lake market Mill without question create a b)mn f.-r Monkey Wrench “digger thau it has yet bad.
The April Fool owneisare prepsring to ship also, and some very fine ere ia out on the dump. The sides of the surface cut are being blasted out aed rende-ed safer to work at. Jake Colburn is suit-three days ago to have offered all he r . ranch, cattle, hones aoil all fer a one h – -teenth interest iu the cbiim but this rl’ was not accepted r On the (iold Cup claim, adjoining t: April Fool on the south preparations sne. mado for development work and the question i where is the best place to be-, gin. The country rock there having de-faultedj makes it a difficult matter to select a spot where an unusual amount of dead work v. ill4nnt come in. The April Fool vein is believed to run through the claim and its owners havoTirj, doubt of its eventually coming out all right.
Golden City, the first townsite located, is practically abandoned and a second I ‘ j j j J site, located half a mile farther south ia being built on. Mine owners are granted , eut-the privilege of lots. Shier’s building, to j be used as a drug store is in course ot erection, the first lumber building in the “city,” The new place is noined “Helene” in honor of Mrs. Cohu the wife of one of the Magnolia owners. Water will have to be brought soma four or five miles.

Golden City Lincoln County Nevada

The Pioche Record • Pioche, Nevada • 02 Jun 1892, Thu • Page 3
General Description of the Country and its Present Valuable Prospect Claims. The District Is Bound to Come to the Front, and at no Distant Day-Ore  $50,000 to the Ton
In company with Carl Shuman, the photographer, your correspondent left Pioche for Ferguson district Sunday, taking the road via Bullionville, which, though a more circuitous route than that leading over the hill from Pioche past the Raymond & Ely, on account of its smoothness is an easier road to travel and therefore ” the quickest way home,” or in this case to Bennett Springs, From Bennett Springs to Golden City and Helene, Mr. Shuman preferred to take the road via Dry Lake and the Point of Rocks, although there are two reasonably fair roads leading to Helene, between Bennett’s and that place, one going to Cliff Springs and the other via GraBsy Springs. Yet in this case also the ” longest way ’round” is the quickest way to arrive at one’s destination.
Golden City is deserted with the exception of a few, principally the Magnolia owners and one or two others interested on that side of the hill. Going over the hill from Golden to Helene, a distance of perhaps half a mile, the trail passes directly by the Magnolia, on the dump of which are ten or fifteen tons of ore similar in character to that recently shipped to Salt Lake. The shaft is now down about fifty feet, so we were informed, but as there were none of the owners of the mine present at the time we visited it we did not go down the shaft.

Golden City nevada

The Pioche Record • Pioche, Nevada • 07 Jul 1892, Thu • Page 3
The name of the first townsite laid off in Ferguson d is t riot has been changed from Golden City to Ferguson, a name much more distinctive, and appropriate than the first.

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Golden City Nevada