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Things To Do In Vegas For Halloween

Things To Do In Vegas For Halloween

Celebrating Las Vegas Halloween 

Nothing says Halloween like visiting a haunted house or exploring the paranormal with friends and family. This year brings some new challenges when trying to plan an outing with Covid-19 restrictions and hazards, but that doesn’t mean October needs to be a fizzle out like the rest of the year. Here I am going to show you a few fun activities at places that are taking the virus seriously while still making sure that locals can celebrate the season.

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Las Vegas Haunts

Las Vegas Haunts has two different houses for thrill-seekers to attempt. In order to keep crowd sides manageable, entry is with ticket only that can be pre-purchased on their website


From the website, “Under the guise of a mental health facility, there have been unknown activities at the Asylum. Rumors abound, everything from genetic enhancing to viral testing. To appease local concerns the Asylum is allowing visitors to view the facility.

Hotel Fear

From the website, “In the latest incarnation of the Asylum the facilitate has been taken over by an unknown government agency. While rumors abound about the activities at the Meadview, it becomes good business for the Hotel. Visitors to the facility usually spend a night or two at the Hotel. This business becomes the life blood of the Hotel…or maybe it’s doom… could it once again become….HOTEL FEAR!”

Hours Open

Oct 1-Oct 31


Tickets start at $20.00 

Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

You might know the name Zak Bagans from shows like Paranormal Challenge or the famous Ghost Adventures. Well did you know he also has a museum in Vegas to showcase all of the haunted items he has come across over the years? This 11,000 square foot house is claimed to be haunted by many spirits that have lived and died there over the years terrorizing occupants who dared to move in.

Late Night Flashlight Tours

The Haunted Museum is offering haunted flashlight tours starting on Oct 2nd where 20 visitors can have free reign exploring the museum with only a flashlight to guide them. You never know what you will run into during these late-night haunted tours. You can reserve tickets here the tickets start at $199 so while it’s quite expensive this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Hours Open

Thursday-Monday: 10am-8pm


General AdmissionAges 16+ $48
RIP All AccessUpgraded Experience Ages 16+ $79
Local/Senior/MilitaryProof of ID Required $42
RIP All Access – Local/Senior/MilitaryUpgraded Experience Proof of ID Required $73


  • Tours will be limited to half the capacity to allow more space for guests to move around the museum and reduce wait times.
  • No more than six guests per tour.
  • Pre-purchased tickets will now be required with a designated reservation in order to maintain phase 2 capacity guidelines and minimize contact between guests and staff.
  • Walk-up reservations are available on a limited basis.

Escape Rooms

There are a variety of different escape rooms in Las Vegas offering haunted rooms to itch your adventurous side while also having to use some critical thinking! A few notable ones can be found on the list below. Remember that most attractions are by reservation only due to Covid-19 so make sure you book in advance or give them a call to see if they have an opening!

  • Saw Escape Room
  • Number One Escape Room
  • Escapology
  • Lock Down

There are many other escape rooms in Las Vegas but these are some of our favorites that I know have had good cleanliness and friendly staff. So get out there and find which escape room is best for you GOOD LUCK!

Things To Do In Vegas For Halloween