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Helene Nevada

Helene Nevada

Helene Nevada Overview

Located in the Delmar Valley about one mile north of Delamar between the Delamar Mountains and the South Pahroc Range was the mining town of Helene in Lincoln County, Nevada.

The town included a meat market, corrals, Chinese laundries, a boarding house, an assay office, saloons, two drug stores, two hotels, two restaurants, and a Post Office.

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Year Established/Founded


Helene Nevada History

Named Helene, after Hartwig Cohen’s wife.

Miners from the nearby Golden City moved to the Helene area.

With local water sources drying up, water was scarce in the area with the Tunnel Springs and Cottonwood Springs being used as water sources but more was needed and several attempts were made to bring water to Helene through pipelines and new wells but the efforts were unsuccessful.


  • 1889 – John Ferguson and Joseph Sharp discovered gold south of Caliente
  • 1891 – Hartwig Cohen and John Ferguson laid out a townsite, situated just below the Magnolia mine
  • 1892 – Ferguson Mining District was formed
  • June 1892 – Construction starts on buildings
  • August 1892 – The town boundaries were established and J. A. Denton appointed Justice of the Peace
  • September 5, 1892 – The Lode Publishing Company moved from Pioche to Helene and began publication of the Ferguson Lode
  • November 1892 – The Ferguson District was in trouble with outstanding bills not being paid and work crews dismissed
  • December 1892 – Most of the businesses had closed and services were not available



Post Office

June 1892 to Dec 1894

The Population of Helene Nevada

Approximately 250 residents by mid-November 1892.



GPS Coordinates

37.4811° N, 114.7767° W

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Helene Nevada