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Henderson Nevada Parks

Henderson Parks

The City of Henderson offers 64 meticulously maintained parks for your enjoyment. In addition to open grass areas and playgrounds, features include walking courses, dog parks (click here to view dog parks in Henderson), skate parks, splash pads, and lighted sports areas.

For more specific information, please choose a park below.


  • Park hours: 6:00 AM-Midnight
  • Park reservation hours: 8:00 AM – 11:30 PM

The picnic areas (with a few exceptions) are available to all citizens on a “first-come, first served” basis unless the area has been reserved through the City of Henderson reservation system.

The following are prohibited at Henderson Parks:

  • Fireworks of any type
  • Overnight parking and camping
  • Alcoholic beverages, except by special permit
  • Inflatables on grass areas May 1-Oct. 1
  • Horses, ponies or horseback riding (except at Equestrian Park)
  • Trucks, motor vehicles and bicycles on turf or other unauthorized areas
  • Climbing on trees, structures or fences
  • Staking of tents and other items
  • Propane grills
  • Skating in non-designated areas
  • Dunk Tanks
  • Hitting golf balls

Other Henderson parks rules and information

  • Persons who intentionally damage or vandalize park property will be prosecuted
  • Fires are permitted in park barbecue grills only
  • Amplified sound by permit only
  • Pets must be leashed except in posted designated areas.
  • Pet owners are responsible for picking up their pet’s waste.
  • Allsportcourt lighting shuts off at 10 pm


Henderson Parks