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Highland Nevada

Highland Nevada

Highland Nevada Overview

Not much is found online about Highland that was in Lincoln County, Nevada so we are looking through old books and newspapers to find what we can to build the history of this town that was also known as Highland Valley, Pioche, Stampede Gap, Wheeler Ranch, and possibly Wheelerville. 

From the Mining Districts of Nevada: The Highland district is located in the northern Highland Range and southern Bristol Range and generally includes the area from near Arizona Peak to north of Stampede Gap. The district is sometimes included in the Pioche district, to the east, and some properties are shared with the Comet district, to the south. Averett (1962) used the name Stampede Gap for a district in the vicinity of Stampede Gap, 10 miles west of Pioche.

The first reference we can find of the Highland District is in The Pioche Record in 1872 and continues through the decades listed as Highland District and Wheeler Ranch but nothing is found with the name of Wheelerville.

Highland Nevada

The Pioche Record • Pioche, Nevada • 08 May 1915, Sat • Page 1
Heavy Snow In Highland
J. B. Wheeler and Win Free came in from the Highland District last Thursday. They reported that the recent snow storm was quite severe In the vicinity of the Wheeler ranch and in the Highland range above.

Highland Nevada

The Pioche Record · 19 Aug 1921, Fri · Page 1

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Year Established/Founded

Ore was discovered in 1869 and the district was organized the same year.


Lead, silver, gold, copper, tungsten, manganese, and iron.

The Population of Highland Nevada

According to the United States Federal Census records, the following residents lived in Highland, Lincoln County, Nevada during 1870 – 1900.

Note, that I have not looked in the area for prior census years yet.

  • In 1870 there were 9 households and 21 residents 
  • In 1880 there were 7 households and 7 residents [The end notes of the census state: Here ends the village of Highland and Carp (or camp?) in the vicinity.]
  • In 1900 there were 7 residents

References Used

Highland Nevada