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Hiking in Nevada

Hiking in Nevada

Nevada is home to over 700 official and “unofficial” hiking trails.

Because there are so many we grouped them together by county and will work on adding the details once we have developed the content.

Some trails may be part of a larger hiking trail (in and out instead of completing a loop) and the information will be compiled into one article about the overall trail.

Some of the trails are “official” for the state park or national park they are part of while others are named and enjoyed by locals.

Did we miss one of your favorite trails? Drop a comment below or use our Contact Page to drop us an email with the details or to request a contributor package to write for us.

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Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas

Hiking Trails in Churchill County, Nevada 

By Pi3.124Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

There are only a few “established” hiking trails located in Churchill County, Nevada and they are all near the city of Fallon.

  1. California Emigrant Trail
  2. Grimes Point Archaeological Area Trail
  3. Grimes Point Petroglyphs
  4. Hidden Cave Trail
  5. Soda Lake

Hiking Trails in Clark County, Nevada 

Clark County, Nevada is home to a lot of hiking trails and we broke them down by area within the county. 

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Hiking at Mt. Charleston, Clark County, Nevada (Northwest of Las Vegas)

  1. Acastus Trail [Kyle Canyon]
  2. Big Falls
  3. Bonanza Peak
  4. Bonanza Trail
  5. Bristlecone Trail
  6. Bristlecone Trail, Old
  7. Cathedral Rock
  8. Charleston Peak – Charleston Peak is a popular destination for hikers as the summit offers panoramic views from the Sierra Nevada, Death Valley, and Las Vegas. There are two well-marked and well-maintained trails to the summit: South Loop Trail and North Loop/Trail Canyon, which can be done on their own as an out-and-back hike or combined as a loop. Both approaches involve a strenuous 16-mile+ round trip with over 4,000′ of elevation gain. The hike often takes all day. The hike is most accessible in the snow-free months of summer and fall.
  9. Desert View Overlook
  10. Eagles Nest
  11. Echo Cliff Overlook
  12. Escarpment Trail Loop
  13. Fletcher Canyon
  14. Fletcher Peak
  15. Griffith Peak
  16. Little Falls
  17. Lower Bristlecone Trail
  18. Mack’s Peak
  19. Mary Jane Falls
  20. Mummy Springs
  21. Pinyon Pine Loop Trail
  22. Raintree
  23. Robbers Roost
  24. Sisters Trail, North
  25. Sisters Trail, South
  26. Stanley B. Springs
  27. Trail Canyon
  28. Upper Bristlecone Trail

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Hiking Trails in Douglas County, Nevada 

  1. Bently Heritage Trail
  2. Bently-Kirman Middle Loop
  3. Bently-Kirman Tract Trail South Loop
  4. Carson River via Horseshoe Bend Road
  5. Castle Rock Loop Trail
  6. Castle Rock Trail
  7. Castle Rock via Tahoe Rim Trail (The Bench)
  8. Castle Rock via the Tahoe Rim Trail
  9. Cave Rock Trail
  10. Daggett Loop
  11. Eagle Ridge Trail
  12. Fish Springs to Sunrise Pass OHV Trails
  13. Flume Trail Loop
  14. Genoa Canyon Waterfalls
  15. Genoa Peak OHV Trail
  16. Historic Gardnerville Martin Slough Loop
  17. Hot Springs Mountain
  18. Jobs Peak
  19. Kingsbury Grade to South Camp Peak Trail
  20. Kingsbury Pass to Pints via Tahoe Rim and Sierra Canyon Trails
  21. Kingsbury Pines / Nevada Beach Loop
  22. Lake Tahoe Kingsbury Grade to Spooner Lake Bike Ride
  23. Lam Watah Nature Trail to Nevada Beach
  24. Logan House Creek OHV Trail [CLOSED]
  25. Logan Shoals Vista
  26. Marlette Lake and Tahoe Rim (Spooner) Trail Loop
  27. Marlette Lake Trail from Spooner Lake
  28. Monument Pass, Freel Peak, and Mr. Toads Wild Ride via Tahoe Rim Trail
  29. Nevada Beach and Round Mound Trail
  30. Pinyon Trail
  31. River Fork Ranch West Fork Trail
  32. Round Hill Singletrack Loop
  33. Sierra Canyon
  34. Sierra Canyon and Genoa Falls Loop
  35. Spooner Lake to Flume Trail to Snow Valley Peak Loop
  36. Spooner Lake Trail
  37. Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) : Daggett Pass to Star Lake
  38. Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT): Daggett Pass to Genoa Peak
  39. Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT): Kingsbury South to Big Meadow
  40. Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT): Spooner Summit to Kingsbury Grade
  41. Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT): Spooner Summit to Snow Valley Peak
  42. Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT): Spooner Summit to South Camp Peak
  43. Tahoe Rim Trail: Spooner to Tahoe Meadows
  44. Terrace View Rock Outcropping
  45. The Flume Trail
  46. Van Sickle Rim Trail Connector

Hiking Trails in Elko County, Nevada 

  1. Angel Lake to Greys Peak
  2. Camp Creek to Gods Pocket Peak Loop Trail
  3. Changing Canyon Trail
  4. Dollar Lakes
  5. East Powerhouse Trail
  6. Goshute Peak Bushwhack
  7. Grasmere Blackrock Crossing OHV Trail
  8. Greys Lake
  9. Humbolt Area River Project
  10. Island Lake Trail
  11. Lamoille Canyon Road [CLOSED]
  12. Lamoille Creek – Right Fork Trail
  13. Lamoille Lake Trail
  14. Liberty Lake Trail
  15. Matterhorn to Square Top to Jumbo Peak to Jarbidge Peak via Pine Creek Campground
  16. Overland Lake Trail
  17. Ruby Crest Trail
  18. Ruby Dome Trail
  19. Ruby Lakes Trail
  20. Smith Lake via Angel Lake Trail
  21. Soldier Lakes Basin
  22. The Big “E”
  23. Thomas Creek Trail
  24. Twelve Mile Hot Springs
  25. Winchell Lake Trail

Hiking Trails in Esmerelda County, Nevada 

  1. Boundary Peak – Nevada Highpoint
  2. Boundary Peak via Queen Mine Trail
  3. Fish Lake Valley Hot Spring

Hiking Trails in Humboldt County, Nevada 

  1. Blue Lakes
  2. Bog Hot Springs
  3. Buckskin Mountain Trail
  4. Buffalo Canyon Trail
  5. Falls Canyon Trail
  6. Granite Peak Trail
  7. Horse Canyon
  8. McConnell Creek Trail
  9. Rebel Creek Trail
  10. Singas Creek
  11. Sonoma Creek
  12. Water Canyon Interpretive Trail
  13. Water Canyon Mine Trail
  14. Water Canyon Overlook Trail
  15. Water Canyon Trail
  16. Winnemucca Mountain Trail

Hiking Trails in Lincoln County, Nevada 

  1. Ash Canyon Trail is a 2.5-mile trail that begins in the upper campground at Echo Canyon State Park.
  2. Ash Springs is a 1 mile out and back trail that offers scenic views.
  3. Beaver Dam Wash Trail is the longest trail in the immediate area at 2.2 miles, which will take you through a scenic section of the canyon floor with several stream crossings.
  4. Bullionville Cemetery Trail is actually just a short “walk” to view the cemetery, 0.2-mile one-way trail.
  5. Canyon Overlook Loop is a 1.4-mile loop that circles around all the park’s amenities.
  6. Eagle Point Trails is a 0.8-mile one-way trail.
  7. Extraterrestrial Highway Extraterrestrial Highway is a 98.3-mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail that features a river and is primarily used for scenic driving and is accessible year-round. 
  8. Interpretive Trail, also known as the Overlook Trail, is 0.8 miles where you will be able to see incredible views from a vantage point high on the Overlook Trail that offers a 360-degree panorama of the canyon. 
  9. Juniper Draw Loop is a 3.0 loop trail. 
  10. Leviathan Cave is a 3.8-mile lightly trafficked loop trail that offers the chance to see wildlife. 
  11. Loop Upper Pahranagat Lake Loop is a 4.8-mile lightly trafficked loop trail that features a lake and a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.  
  12. Miller Point Trail is a 1.0-mile one-way trail.
  13. Nature Loop is a 0.5-mile loop trail.
  14. Oak Knoll Trail is an easy “hike” that is 0.3 miles that descend to the stream bank for perfect access to rainbow trout. This easy trail is southeast of the campgrounds. Follow the park road south about .5 mile, turn left at the Oak Knoll sign onto the spur road, and park at the gate.
  15. Pahranagat Lake Spillway Walk is a 0.6-mile out-and-back trail that features a lake. 
  16. Rattlesnake Loop is a very short 0.1-mile loop that is part of the Canyon Overlook Loop.
  17. Spring Valley State Park has hiking areas.
  18. Waterfall Trail offers 1.2 miles of streams, warm springs, and waterfalls that drew the Civilian Conservation Corps to this part of the park during its stay in 1934-35.

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Hiking Trails in Nye County, Nevada 

  1. Arc Dome Trail
  2. Bailey’s Hot Springs
  3. Beatty Overlook Trail
  4. Crystal Marsh Loop
  5. Mount Jefferson Trail
  6. North Twin River Road Trail
  7. Oasis Valley South Meadow
  8. Pine Creek (Alta Toquima Wilderness)
  9. Rhyolite Ghost Town
  10. Stewart Creek Trail
  11. Thimble Peak Trail
  12. Titus Canyon Road
  13. Toiyabe Crest Trail

Hiking Trails in Washoe County, Nevada 

  1. Ballardini Ranch Trail
  2. Caughlin Ranch Trails
  3. Church’s Pond via Jones-White Creek Trail
  4. Damonte Peak and Canyon
  5. Damonte Ranch Wetland Loop
  6. Dorostkar Park Nature Trail
  7. Dry Pond Trail
  8. Evans Canyon and Miner’s Trail Loop
  9. Evans Canyon Trail to Keystone Canyon Trail Loop
  10. Galena Creek Trail
  11. Hidden Valley County Park Trail
  12. Hidden Valley Inner Loop
  13. Hole in the Wall Trail
  14. Huffaker Hills Lakeview Loop
  15. Huffaker Hills Trail
  16. Huffaker Park Lookout Trail
  17. Hunter Creek Trail
  18. Hunter Foothill Road Via Dori Bell
  19. Hunter Lake Trail
  20. Jones and Whites Creek Trail
  21. Keystone Canyon Trail
  22. Lower Thomas Creek Trail
  23. Lower Whites Creek Trail
  24. May Arboretum and Herman Pond Trail
  25. Miners Trail to The “N”
  26. Old Geiger Grade OHV Trail
  27. Ophir Road
  28. Oxbow Nature Study Area Nature Trail
  29. Peavine OHV Road
  30. Peavine Peak Trail
  31. Peavine Vista Loop Trail
  32. Poeville Trail
  33. Quail Run and Flume Trail Loop
  34. Rancho San Rafael
  35. Rancho San Rafael Nature Trail
  36. Rattle Snake Mountain
  37. Relay Peak and Mount Houghton Trail
  38. Silver Willow Trail
  39. Snowflower Peak via Upper Thomas Creek
  40. South Meadows Trail
  41. South Side Interpretive Trail and Boardwalk
  42. Swan Lake Nature Study Area Trail
  43. Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT): Mt. Rose Summit to Spooner Summit
  44. Tamarack Peak Loop
  45. Tom Cooke Trail
  46. Truckee River Pathway: Downtown to Dorostkar Park
  47. Truckee River Walk
  48. Upper Chalk Creek Trail
  49. Upper Thomas Creek Trail
  50. Veterans Parkway Bike Path
  51. Virginia Lake Loop
  52. West Plateau Loop
  53. Woodchuck Trail
  54. Brown’s Creek Loop Trail
  55. Deadman’s Loop Trail
  56. Deadman’s Overlook Trail
  57. Diamond Peak from Tahoe Meadows
  58. Dry Pond Loop
  59. Galena Bitterbush and Nature Trail Loop
  60. Galena Creek Short Loop
  61. Galena Creek to Church’s Pond
  62. Jones Creek Loop
  63. Jumbo Grade Trail
  64. Little Washoe Lake Trail
  65. Marlette Lake and Twin Lakes Loop Trail
  66. Mount Rose From Galena Creek
  67. Mount Rose Southeast Ridge Trail
  68. Ophir Creek Trail
  69. Ophir Creek Trail to Upper Price Lake
  70. Rock Lake via Ophir Trail
  71. Slide Mountain Trail
  72. Tahoe Meadows Interpretive Loop
  73. Tahoe Rim Trail, Tunnel Creek Road, Tahoe Flume Trail, Marlette Lake to Spooner Lake
  74. Tahoe Rim Trail: Rose Meadow
  75. Thomas Creek to Dry Pond
  76. Upper Price Lake via Ophir Creek and BP Trail
  77. Washoe Lake Wildlife Trail
  78. Washoe Vista Forest Road
  79. Chicadee Ridge
  80. Crystal Peak Fishing Trail
  81. Crystal Peak OHV Trail
  82. Crystal Peak Park
  83. Fuller Lake and Cone Peak [PRIVATE PROPERTY]
  84. Henness Pass OHV Road
  85. Tahoe Pyramid Trail: Verdi to Floriston
  86. Truckee River and Sierra Pacific Power Canal
  87. Verdi Nature Trail
  88. Verdi Peak Trail via Forest Route 72
  89. Damonte Ranch Park Wetlands Loop
  90. Erica Greif Memorial Bikeway
  91. Griffith Canyon Petroglyphs
  92. Lagomarsino Canyon Trail
  93. Mustang Ranch Trail
  94. Pah Rah Interpretive trail
  95. Sparks Marina Loop
  96. Tahoe-Pyramid Trail: Reno Section
  97. Wedekind Park Overlook Loop
  98. Diamond Peak
  99. Diamond Peak Ski Resort Trail
  100. Diamond Peak via North Flume Trail
  101. Folsom Camp Loop: Tyrolean Downhill to Incline Flume
  102. Galena Falls Trail
  103. Gayle Trail Loop
  104. Hobart Creek Reservoir via Incline Village
  105. Incline Flume Trail
  106. Incline Peak
  107. Incline Village Flume
  108. Lodge Beach Trail
  109. Marlette Lake and Chimney Beach Loop Trail
  110. Marlette Lake via Chimney Beach Trail
  111. Marlette Peak from Tunnel Creek
  112. Monkey Rock
  113. Mount Rose Meadow
  114. Mount Rose Trail
  115. Ophir Creek Trail to Upper Price Lakes
  116. Pats Knob
  117. Relay Peak Trail
  118. Rifle Peak
  119. Rim to Reno Trail to Upper Thomas Creek Trail
  120. Rim Trail from Mount Rose Meadows to Marlette Lake, Flume Trail to Tunnel Creek Rd
  121. Rose Knob Peak
  122. Sand Harbor Nature Trail
  123. Tahoe East Shore Trail
  124. Tahoe Meadows to Ophir Creek
  125. Tahoe Rim to Spooner Lake
  126. Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT)
  127. Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT): Tahoe Meadows to Brockway Summit
  128. Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT): Tahoe Meadows to Twin Lakes
  129. Tamarack Peak
  130. Tamarack Peak from Mount Rose Highway
  131. Tunnel Creek Trail
  132. Tyrolean Point-to-Point Trail
  133. Wood Creek Trail
  134. Stateline Lookout
  135. Trego Hot Springs
  136. Upper High Rock Creek Trail

Hiking Trails in White Pine County, Nevada 

Home of the amazing Great Basin National Park, you will find some AMAZING hiking trails in this area!

  1. Alpine Lakes Trail
  2. Baker Lake Trail
  3. Baker Lake-Johnson Lake Loop
  4. Bristlecone and Alpine Lakes Loop
  5. Bristlecone Pine Glacier Trail
  6. Dead Lake Trail
  7. Johnson Lake via Snake Creek
  8. Johnson Lake via South Fork Baker Creek
  9. Lehman Cave
  10. Lehman Caves Visitor Center and Mountain View Nature Trail
  11. Lehman Creek Trail
  12. Lexington Arch Trail
  13. Osceola Ditch Interpretive Trail
  14. Pole Canyon Trail
  15. Serviceberry Loop
  16. Sky Islands Forest Trail
  17. Snake Creek Overlook
  18. Stella Lake Trail
  19. Teresa Lake
  20. Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive
  21. Wheeler Peak Trail via Alpine Lakes Trail
  22. Wheeler Peak Trail via Stella Lake Trail

Hiking in Nevada