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Hillside Letters

Hillside Letters

Hillside Letters Overview

The myth about hillside letters is that they were created to help airplane pilots during the early 1900s navigate and identify communities but the reality is that the letters date back to the early 1900s for communities and schools to show pride.

While we don’t make hillside letters high on our exploration list, we do try to scout them out if we are in the area.

List of Hillside Letters in Nevada

AAustin39.4878°N 117.0715°W
BMBattle Mountain40.603°N 116.972°W
B (Planning)Bonnie Clare37.215833°N 117.113889°W
CCarlin40.6992°N 116.1023°W
CCarson City39.1581°N 119.7875°W
DRenoDamonte Ranch High School39.4212°N 119.7027°W
DDayton39.1996°N 119.571°W
DMindenDouglas High School38.9803°N 119.8391°W
EElko40.813°N 115.708°W
EEureka39.5126°N 115.9568°W
FFallon39.4891°N 118.7535°W
FFernley39.5947°N 119.272°W
FVFernleyFernley High School39.5839°N 119.2414°W
GGabbs38.8609°N 117.9127°W
GRenoGalena High School39.3767°N 119.7788°W
GGoldfield37.725°N 117.2259°W
G (uncertain existence)Goodsprings35.8326°N 115.4357°W (uncertain location)
HHawthorne38.5269°N 118.6935°W
HHazen39.5762°N 119.0511°W
ISIndian Springs36.5637°N 115.6815°W
LLovelock40.1894°N 118.3931°W
LLund38.8551°N 114.9956°W
MMountain City41.8382°N 115.9567°W
NRenoUniversity of Nevada39.5592°N 119.8432°W
OOwyhee41.9395°N 116.0866°W
PAlamoPahranagat Valley High School37.3655°N 115.1221°W
RRenoReno High School39.5534°N 119.8643°W
RSparksReed High School39.5606°N 119.7202°W
SARFallonSearch and Rescue (Fallon NAS)39.396°N 118.6266°W
S (uncertain existence)Searchlight35.4673°N 114.921°W (uncertain location)
SVWellingtonSmith Valley High School38.7472°N 119.3757°W
SSparks39.5354°N 119.6944°W
SCarson CityStewart Indian School (closed)39.1298°N 119.7313°W
SCSpring CreekSpring Creek High School40.7756°N 115.6284°W
VVirginia City39.3096°N 119.6582°W
W (uncertain existence)Wadsworth39.6329°N 119.284°W (uncertain location)
WWells41.1855°N 114.9338°W
WPElyWhite Pine County39.2413°N 114.9048°W
WWinnemucca40.9969°N 117.7623°W
YYerington38.9695°N 119.1344°W
BHendersonClark36.0163°N 115.0016°W
BHendersonClarkBasic High School36.045°N 114.925°W
B (uncertain existence)Blue DiamondClark36.0468°N 115.406°W (uncertain location)
BCBoulder CityClark35.99°N 114.8611°W
ELas VegasClarkEldorado High School36.1866°N 115.0089°W
MOvertonClarkMoapa Valley High School36.5455°N 114.3987°W
N (uncertain existence)Las VegasClarkNellis AFB36.2245°N 115.0221°W (uncertain location)
P (uncertain existence)PahrumpClark36.2068°N 115.9839°W (uncertain location)
VMesquiteClarkVirgin Valley High School36.7923°N 114.1535°W
LPanacaLincolnLincoln County High School37.8179°N 114.3379°W
ABeattyNyeAngel's Ladies brothel36.942571°N 116.729625°W
BBeattyNye36.9156°N 116.7814°W
TTonopahNye38.065°N 117.2359°W
TONOPAH MINING PARKTonopahNye38.0727°N 117.2231°W

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