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Holy Cross Nevada

Holy Cross Nevada

Holy Cross Nevada Overview

Not much is found on Holy Cross, which was located in Churchill County, Nevada.

The town was also known as Allen Hot Springs, Fallon Mining District, Terrill Mining District, and Wild Horse Mining District.

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Year Established/Founded



  • December 1910 – Volney Brown “V. B.” (Judd/Jed) Terrell discovered the area 
  • August 1911 – The town included three saloons, a feed yard, a corral, and other businesses
  • September 1911 – Even though the product was discovered, the town started to become abandoned
  • Before 1912 – Known as Terrell Mining District
  • August 1912 – Known as Holy Cross Mining District


Silver, gold, lead, copper, zinc, mercury, and manganese

Post Office


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From Lincoln:

The Holy Cross District is situated in S. W. Churchill Co., on the border of Lyon and Mineral Cos. Schurz on the S. P. R. R. is 12 m. to the S. W.

From Tingley:

The district is centered around Rawhide Flat. The original district was located on the northeast margin of the Terrill Mountains, near Camp Terrell, but was later expanded to include properties in the Blow Sand Mountains and Barnett Hills, across Rawhide Flats to the north. The present district also includes Allen and Lee Hot Springs to the northwest of the Blow Sand Mountains.

Holy Cross Nevada

GPS Coordinates

39° 4′ 59.71″ N, 118° 42′ 33.51″ W

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Holy Cross Nevada