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How to Save Money in Vegas for Dining Out

How to Save Money in Vegas for Dining Out

Doing something about your hunger out in Las Vegas can be a huge burden on your travel expenses, especially when you are planning on taking your kids or your whole family for the tour.

You can easily have a great trip without starving your family to death at a reasonable expense if you have a little knowledge and know-how.

These tips will help you in your journey to the Strip by telling you how to choose your hotels and how to plan your meals to have an affordable yet amazing trip.

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Las Vegas Dining Coupons

Las Vegas Dining Coupons

Probably the easiest thing you can do to save some bucks is to find coupons for some well-known restaurants. There are several sites offering daily coupons to people and delivering coupons to their email addresses.

TIP: set up a junk email address to use to collect these offers as you will receive A LOT of emails.

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Discounted dining in Las Vegas resources:

Las Vegas Hotels With Free Breakfast

Las Vegas Hotels With Free Breakfast

There may be few of them but they are enough for you to find them. You’ll easily find a number of hotels offering free breakfast that are not only posh but also family-friendly.

Choosing a hotel with free breakfast has its perks. Not only is it a friend of your wallet but is also very convenient for people traveling with their families because you don’t have to find places to have breakfast early in the morning.

Baymont Inn and Suites Las Vegas South Strip, SpringHill Suites Las Vegas  Convention Center Strip are the most popular hotels that have a free breakfast in the deal.

You can also book an Embassy Suite but you may have to drive a couple of blocks from the Strip but it will be worth it. Embassy Suites not only offer free breakfasts, it comes with complimentary meals and drinks. This can prove to be one of the biggest money savers when you’re traveling with your family.

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Las Vegas Food Court

Greasy food and hangout points for teenagers, these are the things that basically come into your mind when you hear ‘food court’. But in Las Vegas, the food courts are from another world and are nowhere near your expectations. Almost all of them have reasonable prices and have a vast range of delicacies appealing to every age group.

The most popular food court is ‘The MGM Grand’ food court having all the restaurants and pizzerias you’ll be looking for.

Outside Meals

Even if you don’t find hotels offering free breakfast, go out and buy your own breakfast from a much more affordable restaurant. Do the same with your lunch and dinner too and save bucks for a rainy day.

Buy bottled drinks and other beverages from outside and don’t order any drinks from the hotel to save money.

How to Save Money in Vegas for Dining Out