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Hunter Nevada

Hunter Nevada

Hunter NV Overview

Located in Elko County, Nevada, the ghost town of Hunter, Nevada was established after lead and silver were discovered in 1871.

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Year Established/Founded

In 1877 the post office was founded.

Hunter NV History

At the height of Hunter’s existence, the town included a post office, six saloons, a blacksmith shop, restaurants, two stores, and had established over 40 residential homes.

In 1872, mines at Hunter produced $208,000 in material but the Hunter District had to pay a high tax.

Ore was discovered in the area, leading to mines that attracted more attention. This caused the population to reach a peak population of 80 inhabitants in 1877 with the early years of the 20th century being the start of the end of Hunter.

The mines were idle in 1884 but resurged by 1905.

Now, only smelter ruins mark the site of the old town.


Lead and silver mines.


  • 1871 – Lead and silver discovered
  • 1872 – The mine produced $208,000 in material
  • 1877 – Post office established



GPS Coordinates

40.754798510378215, -115.90299902861246

How to Get to Hunter Nevada

Located south of Elko via I-80.

  • Elko, Nevada – 11 miles / 17 minutes – via NV-535 and I-80 W
  • South Fork, Nevada – 30 miles – 40 minutes – via NV-227 W
  • Winnemucca, Nevada – 116 miles – 1 hour 42 minutes – via I-80 E
  • Las Vegas, NV – 424 miles – 6 hours 34 minutes – via NV-318

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Hunter Nevada