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Johann Michael Augustus Adelmann

Johann Michael Augustus Adelmann, born on November 27, 1838, in Gamburg, Baden, Germany, led a life marked by significant transitions and family events before his death on January 29, 1902, in Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada, USA. His journey from Germany to the United States saw him settle in various locations, adapt to new cultures, and establish his family. Johann’s life reflects the experiences of many immigrants during that era, illustrating the challenges and opportunities they encountered.

Johann Michael Augustus Adelmann

Johann Michael Augustus Adelmann Overview

Johann’s life story is a tapestry of personal milestones, family joys and tragedies, and significant societal shifts. His birth in Gamburg was followed by a series of family events, including the births and deaths of several siblings and the loss of his parents. His move to the United States in 1859 marked a new chapter, leading to his naturalization first in Wisconsin in 1860 and then in San Francisco in 1868. Johann’s life in America included residences in Wisconsin, San Francisco, and various locations in Nevada. His marriage to Catherine Mack in 1878 and the birth of his children were pivotal moments. His life was also marked by legal troubles, as evidenced by his divorce from Catherine.

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27 NOV 1838 • Gamburg, Baden, German


Unknown at this time.


29 JAN 1902 • Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada, United States of America


  • Parents: Joseph (Josef) Martin Adelmann (1808–1851) and Elisabetha Halk (1818–1860)
  • Siblings: Apollonia (1841), Andreas Engelbert (1842–1917), JOSEPH MARTIN (1845–1877), Karl Joseph (Carl) (1848–1850), John (Johann) Adam (1851–1924)
  • Spouse: Catherine Mack (1856–1918)
  • Children: Louis John (1878–1913), Pearl Gertrude (1880–1949), Albert Bernard (1884–1969)


  • November 27, 1838: Born in Gamburg, Baden, Germany
  • November 27, 1838: Baptized
  • July 29, 1841: Birth of sister Apollonia Adelmann
  • October 28, 1841: Death of sister Apollonia Adelmann
  • November 5, 1842: Birth of brother Andreas Engelbert Adelmann
  • July 16, 1845: Birth of brother JOSEPH MARTIN Adelmann
  • January 24, 1848: Birth of brother Karl Joseph (Carl) Adelmann
  • December 30, 1850: Death of brother Karl Joseph (Carl) Adelmann
  • January 12, 1851: Death of father Joseph (Josef) Martin Adelmann
  • March 20, 1851: Birth of brother John (Johann) Adam Adelmann
  • 1859: Arrival in the United States
  • 1860: Naturalization in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  • 1860: Residence in Taycheedah, Empire, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA
  • About 1860: Death of mother Elisabetha Halk
  • September 24, 1868: Naturalization in San Francisco
  • 1868: Residence in San Francisco, California, USA
  • 1875: Residence in Lincoln County, Nevada
  • August 29, 1877: Death of brother JOSEPH MARTIN Adelmann
  • February 15, 1878: Birth of son Louis John Adelmann
  • April 22, 1878: Marriage to Catherine Mack in Pioche
  • October 10, 1880: Birth of daughter Pearl Gertrude Adelmann
  • 1880: Residence in Pioche, Lincoln, Nevada, USA
  • June 24, 1884: Birth of son Albert Bernard Adelman
  • February 27, 1896: Legal record in Pioche, Nevada
  • 1900: Residence in De Lamar, Lincoln, Nevada, USA
  • January 29, 1902: Died in Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada, USA

Places Lived

  • Gamburg, Baden, Germany (1838–1859): Johann was born and spent his early years in Gamburg, witnessing various family events including the births and deaths of his siblings.
  • Taycheedah, Empire, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA (1860): After immigrating to the United States, Johann settled in Wisconsin, where he was naturalized.
  • San Francisco, California, USA (1868): Johann moved to San Francisco, becoming a naturalized citizen in the city.
  • Lincoln County, Nevada (1875): He later relocated to Lincoln County in Nevada, marking another significant move in his life.
  • Pioche, Lincoln, Nevada, USA (1878, 1880, 1884, 1896, 1900): Johann spent significant periods in Pioche, where he married, raised his children, and was involved in legal matters.
  • De Lamar, Lincoln, Nevada, USA (1900): Towards the end of his life, Johann resided in De Lamar.
  • Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada, USA (1902): Johann passed away in Tonopah.


Laid to rest in the Old Tonopah Cemetery in Nye County, Nevada.

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Johann’s life, from his beginnings in Germany to his final days in Nevada, paints a vivid picture of the immigrant experience in the 19th century, encompassing personal trials, family dynamics, and the broader context of American history.

References Used

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