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Las Vegas Splash Pads

Las Vegas Splash Pads

Most of the Las Vegas water parks, swimming pools, and splash pads are open between Memorial Day through Labor Day with a little variance depending on the business.

Most open early and close later in the night but be sure to check the times before you go because sometimes they close the pads early for different days and… yikes… sometimes for maintenance.

{THAT IS A RUDE SURPRISE if you had your heart set on some water play.}

Click here to read our guide on What to Take to a Splash Pad (includes safety tips too!).

At this time the Las Vegas valley has two large water parks, Wet n Wild in southwest Las Vegas and Cowabunga Bay in Henderson. Click here to view our Las Vegas Water Park Guide.

Most public parks in Las Vegas have splash pads for the kiddos to cool down during the summer without a lot of preparation to play. {Well, maybe… depends on your kids and their needs.}

Supposedly the MGM was going to open a water park on The Strip near Circus Circus on 23 acres near the KOA park. I haven’t heard if they still plan on pursuing this venture or if the planning was stopped.

The Las Vegas valley has several splash pads to help keep the kids cool during the warmer days of Vegas and it’s a great way to keep the kids busy… for FREE!

If we missed a pool or splash pad/water play area, please let us know by commenting below.

What to Take to a Splash Pad

The Las Vegas heat starts early and splash pads are the perfect way to cool off with the kids during the long, hot days of summer.

If you haven’t been to a splash pad yet, here are our best tips to help you be prepared for a fun and safe time.

What are splash pads?

Splash pads – also known as spray pads – are water play areas for kids to play in fountains, water showers, or pop-up sprayers.

Las Vegas splash pads are typically located at Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas public parks. You will also find them at our two water parks in Las Vegas and Henderson, along with some local resorts.

Splash Pad Planning

Since you probably will spend a lot of time over the summer at one of the local splash pads, a “splash pad” go bag is recommended so if the kids want to GO NOW, it will only take a few moments to scoop up your bag and hit the road.

Since our summer sun is so strong, apply the sunscreen at home so the kids don’t have to wait once you arrive at the splash pad. (Don’t forget to apply often!)

Having the kids wear their bathing suits from home to the splash pads, you don’t have to worry about wrangling them in small spaces and one that may have more germs that you want to expose the kids to.

And another VERY important tip… have your kids go the bathroom right before leaving home.

What to take to a splash pad

Below are suggestions of items to keep in your “splash pad go bag”

  • A large bag to hold everything and it’s plastic even better
  • Bottled water, sports drinks, juice, etc. to keep everyone hydrated – just because you are playing in water doesn’t mean we stay hydrated
  • Camera to capture those giggles
  • Change of dry clothes for the ride home
  • Extra swim diapers for the little ones because accidents will happen
  • Hand wipes or hand sanitizers
  • Plastic bags for wet diapers and swimsuits
  • Snacks
  • Sponges for soaking and squeezing
  • Sunhats with big brims
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels
  • Toys that they can fill up and pour out like cups and water pitchers
  • Water shoes to avoid slipping.

Splash Pad Safety Tips

  • Splash pads are fairly safe since they don’t have standing water but make sure they have water shoes to keep them from slipping
  • Explain that the water is not safe to drink and show them where to find their water bottles and juice boxes.
  • I know you know to reapply sunscreen but I cannot stress this enough, especially if you are new to the Las Vegas sun. (I SWEAR I burn here faster than other places.)

Las Vegas Splash Pads and Water Parks

  • Alexander Villas Park
  • All-American Park
  • Amador Vista Park
  • Angel Park
  • Bill & Lillie Heinrich YMCA
  • Bob Baskin Park
  • Bruce Trent Park
  • Centennial Hills Park
  • Centennial Hills YMCA
  • Charlie Frias Park
  • Cowabunga Bay
  • Douglas A. Selby Park
  • Duck Creek Park
  • Durango Hills Community Center
  • Estelle Neal
  • Exploration Peak Park
  • Gilcrease Brothers
  • Joe Shoong Park
  • Justice Myron E. Leavitt and Jaycee Community Park
  • Knickerbocker Park
  • Lorenzi Park
  • Maslow Park
  • Molasky Family Park
  • Mountain Crest Park
  • Paseo Vista Park
  • Patriot Community Park
  • Paul Meyer Park
  • Pebble Park
  • Polly Gonzalez Memorial Park
  • Rainbow Family Park
  • Raptor Play Park in Thunderbird Family Sports Complex
  • Red Ridge Park
  • Reunion Trails Park
  • Ridgebrook Park
  • Rotary Park
  • Somerset Hills Park
  • Spring Valley Community Park
  • Sunny Springs ParkSunset Park
  • Stupak Park
  • Teton Trails
  • Thomas Dudley Leavitt Sr. Memorial Park
  • Wet n Wild Water Park
  • Winchester Park
  • Winding Trails Park
  • Woofter Family Park

Henderson Splash Pads and Water Parks

  • Acacia Park
  • Amador Vista Park
  • Aventura Park
  • Capriola Park
  • Esselmont Park
  • Hayley Hendricks Park
  • Henderson Events Plaza
  • Heritage Park and Bark Park*
  • Hidden Falls Park
  • Madeira Canyon Park
  • Mission Hills Park
  • Paseo Vista Park
  • Reunion Trails Park
  • Saguaro Park
  • Wells Park
  • Weston Hills Park

 North Las Vegas Splash Pads

  • Aliante Nature Discovery Park
  • Nicholas E. Flores Jr. Park
  • Tropical Breeze Park

Las Vegas Splash Pad Resources:

Las Vegas Splash Pads