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Laughlin Riverwalk

Laughlin Riverwalk

Laughlin Riverwalk Overview

The Laughlin Riverwalk is approximately 3 miles on the Nevada side of Colorado River and connects a majority of the local casinos to the Colorado River. The paved trail is also part of a larger Colorado River Heritage Park and Trails network throughout Laughlin.

On the Riverwalk you will stroll by the Aquarius, Colorado Belle, Edgewater, Golden Nugget, Pioneer, River Palms, and Riverside. The nighttime is my preferred time to walk the Riverwalk as the weather is cooler, and the backdrop is more beautiful with the casino lights. The only downside of walking at night is the moths (see below).

At the Colorado Belle, the Riverwalk ends at the parking lot, and to access the trail again walk across the lot into the hotel and continue the length of the casino floor to go to the stage at the north end to re-enter the Riverwalk.

If you prefer to take a stroll during the daytime you may see a bit of wildlife poking around the area. We spotted fish on the riverbank in the tall grasses. I have heard from others that there are raccoons and skunks that can be seen on the Riverwalk but we did not encounter either.

Note, some of the railings have large spaces that are big enough for a child to fit through so keep an eye out if you are walking with small adventurous kids as it’s a very long drop to the Colorado River below.

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Laughlin Riverwalk Map

laughlin riverwalk map

Most visitors enter the Laughlin Riverwalk from their hotel/casino they are staying at on the riverside. The northernmost point is at the Laughlin-Bullhead City Bridge on Davis Dam Road and its southernmost point is at the River Palms Casino on S. Casino Road.

Laughlin Riverwalk Parking

Parking is available at the southern end of the Riverwalk along the loop at the end of Casino Drive. On its northern end, parking and restrooms are available in the Pyramid Canyon Day Use Area at 157 E. Davis Dam Road.

Insects at the Laughlin Riverwalk

Laughlin Riverwalk

One of the issues of the Laughlin Riverwalk is that there is a moth-type bug that comes out at dusk and they are THICK!

We had to walk with our shirts covering our noses and mouth so we wouldn’t breathe them in or get them in our mouths.

We did notice that during the morning they were not around the Riverwalk and theorize that they don’t like the bright sun.

While at the Colorado River they did collect on our clothes in the shade but left us alone while we were in the sun, hence the sun theory.

Additional Photos

Laughlin Riverwalk

Entertainment on a Saturday night – visitors grab a chair to sit and listen to the band (and a few danced).


Laughlin Riverwalk

The Laughlin Riverwalk at dusk as the lights are starting to turn on and the temperatures start to get a smidge cooler.


Laughlin Riverwalk

The Laughlin Riverwalk during the morning – look, no bugs!


laughlin riverwalk fish

We saw fish in the tall grasses – hard to tell because we were so far away but we suspect they were Carp.


laughlin river taxi ramp

Ramp to enter the Laughlin River water taxis and other riverboats.

Things to do in Laughlin Nevada

Things to do in Laughlin, Nevada

Lodging and Dining

Laughlin Riverwalk