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Lee Meadows at Mount Charleston

Lee Meadows at Mount Charleston

Lee Meadows Overview

A local favorite for picnics in the summer and sledding in the winter, Lower Lee Meadows and Upper Lee Meadows is a “high altitude” open meadow that covers an area of a  half-mile stretch for casual picnics, birdwatching, and wild horse sightings.

Home to many of the Spring Mountains’ endemic butterfly species, including the endangered Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly.

Upper Lee Meadows

How to Get to Lee Meadows


There is not a fee to enjoy either Lower Lee Meadows or Upper Lee Meadows.

Hours Open

Lee Meadows is closed to overnight use from sunset to sunrise, daily, year-round.

Parking at Lee Meadows

In winter months, the meadows are often crowded by mid-morning with visitors seeking to play in the snow.

Parking on the north side of the road is illegal December through March, with a fine of $250 for cars in violation.

Best Time of Year to Visit

Any time is a great time to visit Lee Meadows as it offers year-round family fun! 

In the spring and summer months you can picnic in the open field and maybe catch a glimpse of one of the wild horses and their young.

During the winter months, it is a popular place for snow play and sledding.


Yes, as long as they are on a leash.

Restrooms at Lee Meadows

There are no restrooms at Lee Meadows.

Cell Phone Service at Lee Meadows

There is no cell phone service at Lee Meadows (I have ATT and had no service).

Water Sources

There are no water sources at Lee Canyon so plan appropriately.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Unknown at this time.

Prohibited Items at Lee Meadows

Unknown at this time.


Fires are not allowed in the meadows, however, stoves with an On/Off knob or switch are permitted. 

Additional Photos

Wild Horses at Lee Meadows at Mount Charleston

The following photos of the wild horses at Lee Meadows were taken at a distance with my phone and the quality is not the best. We will return with our equipment to take better photos without disrupting the horses and their young.

Other Images at Lee Meadows

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Lee Meadows at Mount Charleston