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Things to do in Lincoln County Nevada

Lincoln County Nevada

Lincoln County Nevada Overview

Lincoln County offers visitors a trip of history, an abundance of outdoor experiences, diverse wildlife, and multiple types of landforms.

Covering over 10,000 square miles of high desert to explore offering visitors the opportunity to experience relics of the wild wild west such as ghost towns and mines. The area has something for everyone including hiking, mountain biking, fishing, OHV, geocaching, wildlife viewings, and more. 

Like many counties in Nevada, it is dry and sparsely populated with 4,499 residents whose occupations are primarily agriculture, cattle ranching, railroad, small-scale mining, and government services.

Lincoln County is notable for containing the Area 51 government Air Force facility.

It is also home to five Nevada State Parks within a 50-mile radius and other amazing destinations.

Lincoln County Nevada History

Named after Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln County, Nevada was established after Congress enlarged Nevada in 1866 by moving its state line eastward and southward at the expense of Utah and Arizona territories. (Nye County and territory ceded by Arizona.)

Crystal Springs was the county’s first seat in 1866, followed by Hiko in 1867, and Pioche in 1871.


  • 1849 – Several groups of California-bound families and prospectors consisting of 27 wagons and numerous pack mules, split away from the “Old Spanish Trail” and wove their way over nearly all the mountain ranges and valleys in Lincoln County, and eventually wound up crossing and naming Death Valley. 
  • 1863 – Missionary William Hamblin was again scouting new areas for settlement, and while he was in Meadow Valley, a Paiute Indian showed him some rocks which he called “panagari” or “panacker.”
  • April 1864 – J.N. Vandermark and Stephen Sherwood undertook the first expedition and along with Hamblin they organized the Meadow Valley Mining District
  • Summer 1864 – A group of soldiers under the command of General Patrick Connor’s California Volunteers visited the discovery site and staked a number of claims which later led to litigation.
  • March 1864 – Hamblin brought some men with him and established claims on the “panacker ledge,” which was located eight or ten miles north of the valley itself. A specimen of the silver ore was sent to Salt Lake City, and it was deemed worthy of more exploration.
  • May 1864 – Francis Lee and six other families moved from Santa Clara, Utah, to Meadow Valley, where they established an agricultural settlement that they called Panaca.
  • 1865 –  Clover Valley (to the southeast) and Eagle Valley & Spring Valley (to the northeast) were also settled by pioneers.
  • 1865 – The Pahranagat Mining District was formed and William H. Raymond moved a mill from Los Angeles to process the ores.
  • 1865 – Territory was received from Nye County along the northern border.
  • 1866 – Crystal Springs was the county’s first seat.
  • 1867 – All the land north of the Colorado River was transferred from Arizona Territory to Nevada, and a strip ten miles wide on the western boundary was ceded to Nye County.
  • 1867 – The county seat was changed to Hiko.
  • 1871 – With the abandonment of the mines in Pahranagat Valley, the county seat was moved to Pioche, where it remains today.
  • 1901 – Fred Allen, Mike Botts, Bert Riggs, and William Stewart laid out the town of Alamo.
  • 1901 – Caliente was founded in 1901, built on land owned by brothers William and Charles Culverwell and surrounded by natural hot springs.
  • 1905 – The Union Pacific railroad was completed in Caliente, followed by the construction of the train depot in the style of Spanish mission architecture.
  • 1908 – An act of the State Legislature split Lincoln County into two: Clark County was created out of the southern half, with the growing population of the railroad town, Las Vegas. 


When traveling to Lincoln County, Nevada, a few items to keep in mind is that Lincoln County is considered a high mountain desert environment with open range highways, so please be prepared.

  • Like many areas of Nevada, you will find livestock freely roaming across blacktop roads so be sure to keep an eye out, especially at night.
  • Speaking of night, if possible, it’s best to avoid driving long distances after dark due to the extreme darkness in the area, roaming wildlife, and the potential of breaking down on roads with little to no cell service (or traffic!).
  • Vehicle survival kits are always a good idea and I keep lots of items in my vehicle at all times. Click here to read our suggestions on what to take on a road trip.
  • Some of the terrains can be washed out, deep sand, rough, and downright impossible in a regular vehicle and may require the need for high clearance and/or four-wheel drive vehicles.

How to Get to Lincoln County

There are only a few ways to get to Lincoln County, Nevada from major areas.

Be sure to take note at the bottom of this article of the places to gas up before hitting the next town and where to stop to grab a bite to eat because the amenities in this county are sparse.

  • Ely, Nevada is approximately 2 hours to Caliente via US-93 S
  • Las Vegas, Nevada is approximately 2.5 hours to Caliente via I-15N to US-93 N
  • St. George, Utah is approximately 2 hours to Caliente via UT-18 N

Parks and Rec in Lincoln County 

Lincoln County is a great area to get those stamps in your Nevada State Parks passport!

Nevada State Parks in Lincoln County, Nevada

  1. Beaver Dam State Park – Beaver Dam Road, Caliente, Nevada 89008 (775) 728-4460
  2. Cathedral Gorge State Park – 111 Cathedral Gorge State Park Rd, Panaca, Nevada 89042 (775) 728-4460
  3. Echo Canyon State Park – Routes 322, Pioche, Nevada 89043 (775) 962-5103
  4. Kershaw-Ryan State Park – 300 Kershaw Canyon Road, Caliente, Nevada 89008 (775) 762-3564
  5. Spring Valley State Park – Pioche, Nevada 89043 (775) 962-5102

National Designated Areas in Lincoln County, Nevada

  1. Pahranagat Valley National Wildlife Refuge – Mile Post 32 HWY 93, Alamo, NV 89001 (775) 725-3417
  2. Basin and Range National Monument – Bureau of Land Management, Caliente Field Office – 1400 Front St., Caliente, NV 89008 (775) 726-8100

Hiking in Lincoln County, Nevada

Below are the “official” trials located within Lincoln County, Nevada, and the nearest town. 

As we document each trial, we will add links below with more information to help you plan your exploration.

Hiking at Beaver Dam State Park

Located near Caliente, Nevada, the Beaver Dam State Park has several easy trails for nature lovers to explore.

  1. Beaver Dam Wash Trail is the longest trail in the immediate area at 2.2 miles, which will take you through a scenic section of the canyon floor with several stream crossings.
  2. Interpretive Trail, also known as the Overlook Trail, is 0.8 miles where you will be able to see incredible views from a vantage point high on the Overlook Trail that offers a 360-degree panorama of the canyon. 
  3. Oak Knoll Trail is an easy “hike” that is 0.3 miles that descend to the stream bank for perfect access to rainbow trout. This easy trail is southeast of the campgrounds. Follow the park road south about .5 mile, turn left at the Oak Knoll sign onto the spur road, and park at the gate.
  4. Waterfall Trail offers 1.2 miles of streams, warm springs, and waterfalls that drew the Civilian Conservation Corps to this part of the park during its stay in 1934-35.

Hiking at Cathedral Gorge State Park

Located near Panaca, Nevada, the Cathedral Gorge State Park offers five different hiking trails to view some amazing geological formations.

  1. Bullionville Cemetery Trail is actually just a short “walk” to view the cemetery, 0.2-mile one-way trail.
  2. Eagle Point Trails is a 0.8-mile one-way trail.
  3. Juniper Draw Loop is a 3.0 loop trail. 
  4. Miller Point Trail is a 1.0-mile one-way trail.
  5. Nature Loop is a 0.5-mile loop trail.

Hiking at Kershaw Ryan State Park

Located near Caliente, Nevada, the Kershaw Ryan State Park offers two defined hiking trails.

  1. Canyon Overlook Loop is a 1.4-mile loop that circles around all the park’s amenities.
  2. Rattlesnake Loop is a very short 0.1-mile loop that is part of the Canyon Overlook Loop.

Other Hiking Trails in Lincoln County, Nevada

Hiking Near Alamo
  1. Extraterrestrial Highway is a 98.3-mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail that features a river and is primarily used for scenic driving and is accessible year-round. 
  2. Pahranagat Lake Spillway Walk is a 0.6-mile out-and-back trail that features a lake. 
  3. Loop Upper Pahranagat Lake Loop is a 4.8-mile lightly trafficked loop trail that features a lake and a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.  
Hiking Near Eagle Valley
  1. Spring Valley State Park has hiking areas.
Hiking Near Hiko
  1. Ash Springs is a 1 mile out and back trail that offers scenic views.
  2. Leviathan Cave is a 3.8-mile lightly trafficked loop trail that offers the chance to see wildlife. 
Hiking Near Pioche
  1. Ash Canyon Trail is a 2.5-mile trail that begins in the upper campground at Echo Canyon State Park.

Mountain Biking in Lincoln County

Caliente, Nevada

Lincoln County is home to the hottest new biking destination in the West offering technical descents to dirt jumps to fast flow, their trail systems have something for every rider with over 40 miles of fully linked, purpose-built single-track. The area’s beautiful terrain, sunny climate, great trails, and classic desert solitude create an unrivaled mountain biking experience.

State Parks

  1. Kershaw-Ryan State Park is home to the seven-mile Kershaw Redemption loop, which was designed and built for maximum flow and includes a few optional features for those who enjoy getting some air and more advanced riders will also love Kershaw Redemption for its banked turns. Ride it counterclockwise for maximum flow and upon completion, Kershaw-Ryan State Park will offer 12-14 miles of trail.
  2. Cathedral Gorge State Park offers a mostly flat 3-mile beginner trail — the Juniper Draw Loop — that circles around the lower park and takes riders right up to the base of towering rock cliffs. Above the park floor, on Hawks Ridge, riders will find a trail designed specifically for mountain biking.
  3. Beaver Dam State Park offers dirt roads great for mountain biking and is home to the annual Gravel Grinder.

Boat Info

Looking to launch and enjoy a day of boating and fishing? Check out these places to launch:

  • Eagle Valley Reservoir
  • Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge
  • Schroeder Reservoir


  • Beaver Dam Wash, located in Beaver Dam State Park, has a stream for rainbow trout fishing.
  • Eagle Valley Reservoir is located within Spring Valley State Park and is known for rainbow trout, tiger trout, and crappie.
  • Echo Canyon Reservoir offers a 70-acre reservoir stocked with rainbow trout, brown trout, largemouth bass, black bullhead, and white crappie.
  • Nesbitt Lake is home to black bullhead, largemouth bass, white crappie, and bluegill, and fathead minnows serve as an additional prey base for bass. Largemouth bass generally range in size between 8″ and 10″, with a maximum size near 13″. Fishing is best between February and June and most anglers use jigs, spinnerbaits, rubber worms, and top water lures. Black bullheads range between 10″ and 12.”
  • Schroeder Reservoir is stocked with rainbow trout, tiger trout, brown trout, desert suckers, and golden shiner.

National Register of Historic Places

Below are the National Register of Historic Places located in Lincoln County, Nevada, and the location of each.


  1. Black Canyon Petroglyphs


  1. Caliente Railroad Depot 
  2. Smith Hotel-Cornelius Hotel 


  1. White River Narrows Archeological District 


  1. Panaca Summit Archeological District


  1. Lincoln County Courthouse (1938)
  2. Bristol Wells Town Site – Pioche
  3. Brown’s Hall-Thompson Opera House 
  4. Lincoln County Courthouse  (1872)
  5. Pioche Firehouse 

Historical Points of Interest in Lincoln County

Nevada Historical Markers in Lincoln County Nevada

Lincoln County is home to fourteen Nevada Historical Markers. As we visit each we will link the articles below for you to learn more about the history of the site the marker represents.

Click here to view Nevada Historical Markers.

  1. #203 Bullionville 
  2. #205 Crystal Springs 
  3. #55 Culverwell’s Ranch 
  4. #90 Delamar 
  5. #206 Hiko 
  6. #204 Jackrabbit 
  7. #57 Old Boundary (Nevada’s Southern Boundary 1861-1867) 
  8. #38 Pahranagat Valley 
  9. #39 Panaca 
  10. #93 Panaca Mercantile Store 
  11. #160 Panaca Spring 
  12. #182 Panaca Ward Chapel 
  13. #5 Pioche 
  14. #249 Union Pacific Depot – 1923 

Other Historical Points of Interest

  1. Elgin Schoolhouse State Historic Site– Caliente, Nevada
  2. Box Car Museum – 100 Depot Avenue, Caliente, Nevada 
  3. Gem Theater – 648 Main Street Pioche, Nevada 
  4. Lincoln County Historical Museum – 716 Main Street, Pioche, Nevada 
  5. Panaca Heritage Center – 400 Main Street, Panaca, Nevada 
  6. Million Dollar Courthouse – Lacour Street, Pioche, Nevada 

Ghost Towns and Mines in Lincoln County, Nevada

We are grouping a few of the more popular old mining areas with the ghost towns since some are both.

The additional information comes from the 1941 Nevada Origins document.

Learn more about Ghost Towns in Nevada and Ghost Towns in the Southwest.

  1. Acoma, Nevada – A town on a dirt road off US 93 near the Nevada – Utah border, 22 miles east of Caliente. The name originated with a Native American term meaning “people of the village.” Settled in 1905.
  2. Alamo, Nevada – A town on US 93 between Hiko and Silver Canyon ranges, south of Hiko and north of Pahranagat. The name comes from the Spanish word for “popular,” as in the famous battle of the Alamo.
  3. Atlanta, Nevada – A few buildings and stamp mills are left behind on the Atlanta site located north of Pioche.
  4. Barclay, Nevada (Clover Valley) – A town on the Union Pacific Railroad southwest of Acoma near the Nevada – Utah border. Settled in 1905.
  5. Bristol, Nevada (National City)
  6. Bristol Wells, Nevada – A mining district on the west slope of the Ely Range, 16 miles north of Pioche. The Jack Rabbit Mine is on the east side of the range in this district. Also, a name applied to the south end of Ely Range. The district was organized in 1871.
  7. Brown, Nevada – A town near the Utah line, east of Caliente. Settled in 1905.
  8. Bullionville, Nevada 
  9. Caliente, Nevada – A town in Meadow Valley Wash along the Muddy River on a branch of the Union Pacific Railroad running north to Pioche, also on US 93. A mining district 8 miles northwest of the town also known as Chief. The town, laid out in 1901, was first called Calientes when the post office was established, the “s” was dropped. Hot springs in this locality suggested the name, which is Spanish for “hot.”
  10. Carp, Nevada (Clifdale) – A town along the Muddy River on the Union Pacific Railroad 38 miles south of Caliente. It was first named Clifdale for the number of cliffs surrounding it but later the name was changed to Carp, for a railroad employee. Settled in 1907.
  11. Caselton, Nevada – Named for a prominent mining magnate of the district. It was the terminus of the branch railroad around the mountain southwest of Pioche and was the site of historic Prince Mine.
  12. Cave Valley, Nevada – A valley and town in Northwest Lincoln County between Egan and Ely ranges. Named for a cave in the valley.
  13. Comet Mine, Nevada – A peak on the west side of Highland Range and a mining district on the southwest flank of the peak.
  14. Crystal Springs, Nevada
  15. Deer Lodge, Nevada – Small mining town on the Nevada-Utah border with remnants of its existence still can be seen. 
  16. Delamar, Nevada (Ferguson) – A town on the west slope of the Meadow Valley Range and a mining district of the same name, also called Ferguson. The town was settled in 1894 by Captain John Delamar. The mining district was discovered in 1892 and was called Monkey Wrench but later changed to Ferguson and then Delamar after the Captain.
  17. Delmues, Nevada – A town southeast of Pioche. Joseph D. Delmue and his brothers bought the ranch from James Henrie, on March 3, 1871, and it was named for the former.
  18. Eagle Valley – A one street community at the head the of the Eagle Valley Canyon. 
  19. Elgin, Nevada – A town along the Muddy River south of Caliente on the Union Pacific Railroad. Settled in 1892.
  20. Etna, Nevada – A town south of Caliente on the Union Pacific Railroad.
  21. Fay, Nevada – A mining town on the Nevada-Utah border.
  22. Freiburg (also known as Freiberg and Freyberg)
  23. Golden City, Nevada (later Ferguson and then Delamar) – A small mining camp that was part of the Ferguson Mining District.
  24. Groom, Nevada – A mining district in southwest Lincoln County in Emigrant Valley. Discovered in 1869. Named for the Groom Mine, which was named by its locators.
  25. Helene, Nevada
  26. Highland, Nevada – A name applied to the western part of the Pioche Mining District and range north of Meadow Valley Range and south of the Ely Range. Named by Allen McDougall who was a Highland Scotch.
  27. Hiko, Nevada – A town in Nevada west of Hyko Range and about 60 miles west of Caliente. Settled in 1853, was the county seat from 1867 – 1871. Named for the Shoshone language and means “white man” so called because at this point the Indians saw the first white man.
  28. Indian Cove, Nevada
  29. Jackrabbit, Nevada (Royal City)
  30. Joseco, Nevada – A town about 25 miles southeast of Caliente. A form of the name Joseph, which was one of the leaders of the Mormon Church.
  31. Logan City, Nevada
  32. Montezuma – A silver mining camp.
  33. Panaca, Nevada – A town 1 mile east of US 93 and 15 miles from Caliente on the Caliente-Pioche Branch Railroad. Settled in 1864. It was named by the early Mormon settlers from an Indian word meaning “silver or metal.”
  34. Pioche, Nevada – A town north of Caliente on US 93 and at the end of the Caliente-Pioche Branch Railroad. A mining district situated at Pioche, and a range, low east-west ridge of which Mt. Ely is the highest point. Settled in 1869. Named in honor of F. L. A. Pioche, a San Francisco mine promoter, who invested largely in these mines.
  35. Rachel, Nevada (Tempiute Village and later Sand Springs)
  36. Reeves, Nevada – A camp turned town that was renamed, Delamar.
  37. Rox, Nevada – A town along the Muddy River 17 miles north of Moapa on the Union Pacific Railroad. Settled in 1902.
  38. Silverhorn, Nevada
  39. Spring Valley – A ranch community providing produce to the surrounding mining camps.
  40. Stine, Nevada – A town and station on the Union Pacific Railroad, south of Caliente.
  41. Tempiute, Nevada

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Lincoln County Events

When it comes to events and celebrations, Lincoln County packs a big punch. Each town puts on one major celebration and dozens of other events – star gazing, wildlife observing, races, outdoor movies and so much more – are scheduled throughout the year.

Spring Events in Lincoln County Nevada

Spring in Lincoln County is full of festivals and flowering adventures! 

  • Beaver Dam Gravel Grinder Mountain Bike Ride
  • Caliente Memorial Day Celebration
  • Kids Fishing Derby
  • Pioche Grand Prix

Summer Events in Lincoln County Nevada

Enjoy Summer in Lincoln County with several holiday celebrations and amazing cookoffs! 

  • Alamo’s 4th of July Celebration
  • Caliente’s 4th of July Celebration
  • Dutch Oven Cookoff
  • Lincoln County Fair and Rodeo
  • Pioche’s Labor Day Celebration
  • Pioneer Day Festival

Fall Events in Lincoln County Nevada

Fall in Lincoln County is the perfect time to get out and get active! 

  • Caliente Mountain Bike Fest
  • Freedom Festival
  • Gingerbread Fun Run
  • Lincoln County Photo Festival
  • Park to Park Pedal
  • Pumpkins in the Park

Winter Events in Lincoln County Nevada

Winter is no time to stay inside in Lincoln County! You can still get primitive in the snow with the unique events happening! 

  • Christmas Tree Cutting
  • Cookie Crumb Trail
  • Ice Golf

Lincoln County Tourism

  1. Caliente Mountain Biking Association (CAMBA) – P.O. Box 202, Caliente, NV 89008
  2. Lincoln County Authority of Tourism (LCAT) – P.O. Box 202, Caliente, NV 89008 
  3. Nevada State Parks (775) 728-4460 
  4. Pioche Chamber of Commerce – P.O. Box 127 Pioche, NV 89043 (775) 962-5485
  5. U.S. Department of the Interior – (775) 726-8100 

Cell Phone Service in Lincoln County

It is recommended not to rely on cell reception outside of the main towns as T-Mobile currently does NOT work in the county and Verizon works well in most towns and AT&T works in some places.

Gas Stations in Lincoln County

Gas stations are few and far between in Lincoln County so gas up when you can (especially if you are like me and do a lot of exploring out in the middle of nowhere).

Ash Springs

  • Shell – US-93


  • Sinclair – 880 US-93

Panaca, Nevada

  • Shell – 3 US-93

Pioche, Nevada

  • Sinclair – 27 Lacourt Street
  • Tillie’s Mini Mart – 1 Main Street

Rachel, Nevada

  • Alien Cowpoke – 8300 Grant Street

Places to Stay in Lincoln County

While few and far between, there are several hotels and RV parks to consider. 

Below are the places we know of that provide lodging in Lincoln County, Nevada that are hotels and RV parks. 

Lodging in Alamo

  • The Alamo Inn – 300 North US Highway 93, Alamo, Nevada 89001 – (775) 725-3371
  • Green Valley Grocers RV Park – 6799 South US Highway 93, Ash Springs, Nevada 89017 – (775) 725-3545
  • Picketts RV Park – 115 Broadway Street, Alamo, Nevada 89001 – (775) 725-3300
  • Sunset View Inn – 1144 South US Highway 93, Alamo, Nevada 89001 – (775) 725-3283
  • Upper Pahranagat Lake Campground – South Highway 93, Nevada 89001 – (775) 725-3417 x303

Lodging in Caliente

  • Agua Caliente RV Park 1000 North Spring Street, Caliente, Nevada 89008 – (775) 726-3399
  • Bahbee’s Barn & Venue 6510 Sunset Drive – Caliente, Nevada 89008 – (775) 238-3090 
  • Caliente Hot Springs Motel and Spa – 2 Youth Center Drive, Caliente, Nevada 89008 – (775) 726-3777
  • Kershaw-Ryan State Park – State Highway 55, Caliente, Nevada 89008 – (775) 726-3564
  • Patty’s Motel – 251 North Spring Street, Caliente, Nevada 89008 – (775) 962-1417
  • Rainbow Canyon Motel – 900 Front Street, Caliente, Nevada 89008 – (775) 962-3291
  • Shady Motel – 430 Front Street, Caliente, Nevada 89008 – (775) 726-3106
  • Young’s RV Park – 1352 Front Street, Caliente, Nevada 89008 – (775) 726-3418

Lodging in Panaca

  • Cathedral Gorge Inn Vacation Home – 109 South US 93, Panaca, Nevada 89042 – (775) 962-1878
  • Cathedral Gorge State Park – 111 Cathedral Gorge Road, Panaca, Nevada 89042 – (775) 728-4460
  • Pine Tree Inn and Bakery 412 North Third Street, Panaca, Nevada 89042 – (775) 728-4675
  • Swallow Cove 892 Blad Street – Panaca, Nevada 89042 – (775) 962-1027

Lodging in Pioche

  • Eagle Valley Resort – 12555 Resort Road, Pioche, Nevada 89043 – (775) 962-5293
  • Echo Canyon State Park – State Route 322, Pioche, Nevada 89043 – (775) 962-5103
  • Hutchings Motel – 411 LaCour Street, Pioche, Nevada 89043 – (775) 962-2583
  • Motherlode Motel – 378 LaCour Street, Pioche, Nevada 89043 – (775) 962-5159
  • Mount Wilson Ranch – 8302 Mount Wilson Ranch Rd, Pioche 89043 – (775) 724-3112
  • Overland Hotel and Saloon – 662 Main Street, Pioche, Nevada 89043 – (775) 962-5895
  • Pioche RV Park – 462 Bush Street, Pioche, Nevada 89043 – (775) 962-3772
  • Roll-In RV Park – 387 Main Street, Pioche, Nevada 89043 – (775) 962-5735
  • Spring Valley State Park – State Route 322, Pioche, Nevada 89043 – (775) 962-5102
  • Tillie’s Mini Mart/ Wright Cabins 704 Main Street, Pioche, Nevada 89043 – (775) 962-5205
  • Vista Grande – Pioche, Nevada 89043 – (702) 277-4566

Lodging in Rachel

  • Little A’Le’Inn – 1 Old Mill Street, Rachel, Nevada 89001 – (775) 729-2515

Lincoln County Restaurants

dining in lincoln county nevada

Planning a road trip to check out some Nevada State Parks or catch a fish (or two)? Use our guide to Dining in Lincoln County Nevada to help you plan your meals on your next adventure.

Alamo Nevada Restaurants

  • Chester’s Chicken – 1 Broadway Street – Alamo, NV
  • Great Basin Foods – 1 Broadway Street – Alamo, NV 89001 
  • Windmill Ridge – Highway 93 – Alamo, NV

Ash Springs Nevada Restaurants

  • Green Valley Grocery (Full menu of food made to order, ice cream and shakes, inside and outside seating, Open 24/7) – US 93 – Ash Springs, NV – Phone: 775-725-3545

Caliente Nevada Restaurants

  • Cafe Caliente – 1 Company Row – Caliente, NV 89008 – (702) 539-6185
  • J & J Fast Food & Restaurant – 880 Front Street – Caliente, NV 89008 – Phone: 775- 726-3288
  • Knotty Pine Restaurant & Lounge – 690 Front Street – Caliente, NV 89008 – Phone: 775- 726-3194
  • Life Cafe Coffee & Roasting Company – N. Springs Street – Caliente, NV 89008 – Phone: 801-688-3011
  • Shamrock Pub Neighborhood Bar, Slots and Billiards 143 Clover Street – Caliente, NV 89008 – Phone: 775-726-3385
  • Side Track & Side Car – 190 Clover Street – Caliente, Nevada 89008 – Phone: 775-726-3164

Pioche Nevada Restaurants

  • The Alamo Club – 723 Main Street – Pioche, NV 89043 – Phone: 775-962-5116
  • Eagle Valley Resort Bar, Billiards and Video Poker with entertainment on weekends – HC74 BOX 262-2 – Pioche, NV 89043 – Phone: 775-962-5293 –
  • Ghost Town Art & Coffee Company – 597 Main Street – Pioche, NV 89043 – 775-962-5229
  • Gunslingers – 597 Main Street – Pioche, NV 89043 – Phone: (775) 962-5020
  • Historic Silver Cafe – 673 Main Street – Pioche, NV 
  • Nevada Club – 738 Main Street – Pioche, NV 89043 – Phone: 775-962-5170-
  • Silver Cafe & Bakery 673 S Main Street Pioche, NV 89043-2566 – Toll Free: (888) 344-6922

Rachel Nevada Restaurants

  • Little A’Le’Inn – HC61 Box 45 – Rachel, NV 89001 – Phone: 775-729-2515 – Fax: 775-729-2551 

Important Phone Numbers

  • Emergency Calls 911
  • Sheriff’s Department Dispatch/Pioche Station – 775.962.5151
  • Alamo Station – 775.725.3800
  • Caliente – 775.726.3111
  • Grover C. Dils Medical Center 775.726.3171
  • Bureau of Land Management 775.726.8100
  • Nevada Department of Transportation 775.725.3374 775.334.8969

Health Care

If you find yourself of medical care during your visit to Lincoln County, Nevada, below are the known healthcare providers to assist you.

  1. Alamo Clinic – 33 Joshua Tree Street, Alamo, Nevada 89001 (775) 725-3364
  2. Caliente Clinic – 700 North Spring Street, Suite A, Caliente, Nevada 89008 (775) 726-3121
  3. Grover C. Dils Medical Center – 700 North Spring Street, Caliente, Nevada 89008 (775) 726-8006
  4. Vital Care Respiratory – 820 North Spring Street # B, Caliente, Nevada 89008 (775) 726-3980

Golfing in Lincoln County

  1. Coyote Springs Golf Club – 3100 State Route 168, Coyote Springs, Nevada 89037 (877) 742-8455
  2. Pioche Golf Course – 783 Golf Course Road, Pioche, Nevada 89043 (775) 962-5206

Area Size

  • Land 10,633 square miles
  • Water 3.8 square miles
  • Total 10,637 square miles

Area Size by Lincoln County Nevada Town

  • Alamo – 6.35 square miles
  • Ash Springs – unknown
  • Beaver Dam – 0.69 square miles
  • Bennett Springs –  3.39 square miles
  • Caliente – 53 square miles
  • Dry Valley – 3.79 square miles
  • Hiko – 23.74 square miles
  • Mount Wilson – 4.61 square miles
  • Panaca – 3.08 square miles
  • Pioche – 6.15 square miles
  • Rachel – 4.34 square miles
  • Ursine – 4.34 square miles


Below you will find the elevation of the towns in Lincoln County, Nevada. 

  • Alamo – 3,449′
  • Ash Springs – 4,000′
  • Barclay – 5,354′
  • Beaver Dam – 4,600′
  • Bennett Springs – 4,700′
  • Carp – 2,579′
  • Caliente – 4,406′
  • Dry Valley – 5,154′
  • Etna – 4,229′
  • Hiko – 3,869′
  • Mount Wilson – 6,746′
  • Panaca – 4,729′
  • Pioche – 6,060′
  • Pony Springs – 6,155′
  • Rachel – 4,840′
  • Ursine – 5,590′

The population of Lincoln County, Nevada

As of the 2020 census, 4,499 residents (down 16% from the prior census). Below is the population of the towns in Lincoln County, Nevada.

  • Alamo – 785 residents
  • Ash Springs – 151 residents
  • Beaver Dam – 40 residents
  • Bennett Springs – 158 residents
  • Caliente – 990 residents
  • Dry Valley – 49 residents
  • Hiko – 124 residents
  • Mount Wilson – 26 residents
  • Panaca – 870 residents
  • Pioche – 933 residents
  • Rachel – 48 residents
  • Ursine – 62 residents

Communities in Lincoln County

Listed below are the “larger” communities and towns located in Lincoln County, NV.

  1. Alamo
  2. Ash Springs
  3. Caliente
  4. Crystal Springs
  5. Hiko
  6. Panaca
  7. Pioche
  8. Rachel

Adjacent Counties

  1. Beaver County, Utah – east/Mountain Time Border
  2. Clark County, Nevada – south
  3. Iron County, Utah – east/Mountain Time Border
  4. Millard County, Utah – northeast/Mountain Time Border
  5. Mohave County, Arizona – southeast/Mountain Time Border
  6. Nye County, Nevada – west
  7. Washington County, Utah – east/Mountain Time Border
  8. White Pine County, Nevada – north

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National Protected Areas 

  1. Desert National Wildlife Refuge (part)
  2. Humboldt National Forest (part)
  3. Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge

Wilderness Areas 

There are 16 official wilderness areas in Lincoln County that are part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. All are managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Several extend into neighboring counties (as indicated below).

  1. Big Rocks Wilderness
  2. Clover Mountains Wilderness
  3. Delamar Mountains Wilderness
  4. Far South Egans Wilderness (partly in Nye County, NV)
  5. Fortification Range Wilderness
  6. Meadow Valley Range Wilderness (partly in Clark County, NV)
  7. Mormon Mountains Wilderness (partly in Clark County, NV)
  8. Mount Grafton Wilderness (mostly in White Pine County, NV)
  9. Mount Irish Wilderness
  10. Parsnip Peak Wilderness
  11. South Egan Range Wilderness (partly in White Pine County, NV; Nye County, NV)
  12. South Pahroc Range Wilderness
  13. Tunnel Spring Wilderness
  14. Weepah Spring Wilderness (partly in Nye County, NV)
  15. White Rock Range Wilderness
  16. Worthington Mountains Wilderness

Mountains, Ranges, and Valleys

Mountains in Lincoln County, Nevada

  • Highland Peak
  • Mount Irish
  • Quartz Peak

Mountain Ranges in Lincoln County, Nevada

  • Black Canyon Range
  • Bristol Range
  • Buried Hills
  • Burnt Springs Range
  • Cedar Range
  • Chief Range
  • Clover Mountains
  • Delamar Mountains
  • Desert Hills (Nevada)
  • East Desert Range
  • East Mormon Mountains
  • East Pahranagat Range
  • Ely Range
  • Ely Springs Range
  • Fairview Range (Lincoln County)
  • Fortification Range
  • Golden Gate Range
  • Groom Range
  • Highland Range (Lincoln County)
  • Hiko Range
  • Jumbled Hills
  • Limestone Hills
  • Mahogany Mountains
  • Meadow Valley Mountains
  • Mormon Mountains
  • Mount Irish Range
  • North Pahroc Range
  • Pahranagat Range
  • Papoose Range
  • Pintwater Range
  • Pioche Hills
  • Quinn Canyon Range
  • Seaman Range
  • Sheep Range
  • South Pahroc Range
  • Tikaboo Range
  • Timpahute Range
  • Tule Springs Hills
  • West Range
  • White Rock Mountains
  • Wilson Creek Range
  • Worthington Mountains

Valleys in Lincoln County, Nevada

  • Cave Valley 
  • Coal Valley 
  • Delamar Valley
  • Dry Lake Valley
  • Emigrant Valley
  • Hamlin Valley
  • Lake Valley
  • Pahranagat Valley
  • Silver Canyon 
  • Three Lakes Valley 
  • Tikaboo Valley

Rivers, Lakes, and Springs

Rivers in Lincoln County, Nevada

  • Delamar Wash
  • Halfway Wash
  • Meadow Valley Wash
  • Toquop Wash
  • White River

Lakes in Lincoln County, Nevada

Natural Springs in Lincoln County, Nevada

Click here to view all Nevada Hot Springs.

  • Ash Springs [closed due to safety hazards]
  • Caliente Hot Springs
  • Hiko Springs
  • Panaca Hot Springs
  • The Spring

Major Highways 

Lincoln County Nevada Major Roads

The image is from NV-DOT

  1. U.S. Route 93
  2. Nevada State Route 317
  3. Nevada State Route 318
  4. Nevada State Route 319
  5. Nevada State Route 320
  6. Nevada State Route 321
  7. Nevada State Route 322
  8. Nevada State Route 375
  9. Nevada State Route 816

Lincoln County, Nevada Exploration Guide

State Parks in Lincoln County, Nevada

Exploring Lincoln County, Nevada

Wildlife in Lincoln County Nevada

Lincoln County Nevada

Gold Hill Daily News Gold Hill, Nevada 27 Apr 1866, Fri • Page 2Τ·» Missimo Shibifp Fouhb.—The body of George Roger·, the milting Sheriff of Lincoln county, ha· been found. He resided formerly in this county, and was informally elected in a contention of the people, held in January last, Sheriff of the proposed new county of Lincoln, which embraces the Pahranagat Valley and mining district. Shortly after his election, Rogers had occasion to go to a Mormon settlement in the neighborhood of Mountain Meadow·, to recover tome itock claimed by an apostate Mormon. Nothing had been heard of him since that time up to the recent discovery of his body. It was very generally believed that he had been waylaid and killed by Mormons, and very general indignation was ezpiessed against that people. It now appears that he was killed by a party of the Indians roaming in that section of the country. E. 0. Hammond, of Pahranagat Valley, writes as follows, under date of March 26th : ” The body of George Rogers, our late Sheriff, has just been found half way between the Pahranagat settlement and Meadow Valley. He had been shot through the back by Indians. The men who went from here in search of Rogers, found the Indians who murdered him, and they hung one in Meadow Valley, shot three six miles beyond, and hung the ringleader in Clover Valley. After the Indians had killed Rogers, they killed and ate his horse. These Indiana are Shoshones, from the west, and they have stolen and killed and ate a mule and a horse belonging in this valley, and a party of men are going after them. A man has | haa jumped Rogers’ ranch, and wo will hold a meeting, and then go in a body and put him off.”—Reese River Reveille.

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