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Lodi Nevada

In the heart of Nye County, Nevada, lies the story of Lodi, a mining district whose history is a mosaic of hopeful discoveries, bustling activity, and eventual desertion.

Lodi Nevada

Lodi Nevada Overview

The Lodi Mining District, established in 1875, witnessed a series of mining booms and busts. Its journey from a thriving mining community to a ghost town is a narrative of resilience and the transient nature of mining fortunes.

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Year Established/Founded

Lodi’s origins trace back to 1875, following significant mining company acquisitions.

Lodi Nevada History

Initially booming in 1878, Lodi saw its fortunes wane by 1879. A brief revival in 1905 couldn’t sustain momentum, leading to its final quietus in 1929. The district, once brimming with life and optimism, now whispers tales of its past through the stone foundations and smelter ruins dotting its landscape.


  • 1875: Formation of the Lodi Mining District.
  • 1878: Lodi’s population exceeds 100, with businesses flourishing.
  • 1879: The Argent Company faces severe financial difficulties.
  • 1881: Sale of mines due to a $43,000 judgment against the Argent Company.
  • 1905: Renewed interest and discoveries lead to a modest revival.
  • 1929: Final closure of mining operations in the Lodi district.


  • Primary mines: Illinois, Los Angeles, Sand Mound, Downey
  • Major operator: Argent Company, facing financial woes by 1879.
  • Notable revival: 1905, spurred by new discoveries.


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Post Office

  • Marble: Active from March 2, 1906, to December 15, 1917.
  • Lodivale: Functioned briefly from July 23, 1909, to August 15, 1910.

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The Population of Lodi Nevada

Peaked at over 100 in 1878, reflecting its initial mining success.


Lodi is situated at 6,700 feet, typical of Nevada’s elevated mining districts.


Lodi lies in Nye County, Nevada, a region known for its rich mining history.

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 38.994167°N, Longitude: -117.878333°W.

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Photos and Videos

Today, Lodi is a hauntingly beautiful ghost town, offering an intriguing exploration site with its extensive ruins, including remnants of smelters and mining equipment.

The story of Lodi, Nevada, is emblematic of many mining towns – a cycle of discovery, prosperity, decline, and eventual abandonment, leaving behind a landscape rich in historical remnants and stories of a bygone era.

References Used

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