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Logan City Nevada

Logan City Nevada

Logan City Nevada Overview

Located in the hills of Lincoln County, Nevada about 10 miles west of Hiko, 12 miles northwest of Crystal Springs, and 2.5 miles south of Mount Irish Peak is the short-lived ghost town [mining camp] of Logan City.

Variant names include Logan City, Logan Springs, and Logans Springs

There was a period in the 1950s two new homes were built but abandoned and now all that remains of both time periods is an old wooden house and a stone house that were built in the 1950s and remnants of the stone cabins. 

Nearby are several petroglyph sites if you want to really explore!

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Year Established/Founded


Logan City Nevada History

Prospectors from Austin explored the area after hearing rumors of silver in the area near the Colorado River but didn’t find any ore so they returned home. On their way, they encountered a Native American [southern Pauite] who showed the prospectors a ledge on the east slop of Mount Irish containing silver ore.

They returned the following summer with supplies to begin exploratory work only to be chased away due to an attack from the Native Americans in the area. More prospectors returned and “encouraged” the local Pauites to leave the area and set up camp near the Logan Spring.


  • Early 1865 – Silver ore discovered on the east flank of Mount Irish in Silver Canyon
  • Spring 1866 – Locations were made
  • Summer 1866 – Exploration party attacked and chased away from the area by Native Americans
  • Fall 1866 – Permanent camp was established
  • July 1867 – Post Office opens
  • 1869 – Town abandoned and residents moved towards Pioche
  • 1873 – The last mention of Logan City, Nevada that I can find in newspapers



Post Office

The Logan Springs post office was in operation from July 1867 until August 1871.

(I have two sources for this, one saying 1867 and the other says 1868 but somehow I have lost my .pdf I was using that showed the history of post office. I will update once I can confirm the date.)

The Population of Logan City Nevada

By the end of 1866, the mining camp had a population of over 300 residents. This count included the nearby camps of Silver Canyon (four miles north) and Crescent (two miles west).



GPS Coordinates

37.6096792, -115.3928043

How to Get to Logan City Nevada

  • Caliente – 56 miles via US-93 S
  • Crystal Springs – 13 miles via Logan Canyon Road
  • Hiko – 13 miles via Irish Mountain Road
  • Las Vegas – 121 miles via US-93 N
  • Pioche – 80 miles via US-93 S

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Logan City Nevada