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Mammoth Cave Utah

Mammoth Cave Utah


Mammoth Cave Utah Overview

From Wikipedia

Mammoth Cave is a lava tube located on the Markagunt Plateau in the Dixie National Forest of Southern Utah and is one of the largest lava tubes in Utah. The cave has over 2,200′ of passage and is about a quarter-mile long. It was formed by cooling lava and water less than 2,000 years ago. Due to moisture and its elevation of 8,050′ above sea level the cave stays cool year-round.

The cave has four chambers, the largest to the west. At the end of the largest tunnel, it narrows to a small opening that can be used as an exit. Although the cave is open year-round, portions of it are closed off from October until April to protect hibernating bats.

Additionally, Mammoth Creek Road may be completely impassable during the winter months due to snowfall.

Things to Do Near Mammoth Cave

This is an amazing area for outdoor play. From Panguitch Lake to Brianhead Peak to Cedar Breaks and beyond! (Don’t forget to check out the Burger Barn in Panguitch Lake for some awesome BBQ, smoked prime rib, and more!)

Recommended pooints of interest:

  • Brianhead Peak
  • Cascade Falls
  • Cedar Breaks
  • Duck Creek area (lots of streams, ponds, etc. for fishing and picnics)
  • Duck Creek Ice Cave
  • Navajo Lake
  • Panguitch Lake

Mammoth Cave Utah Temperature

At this time I do not know what the temperature is of the caves but I feel they are not as cool as some caves I have explored. Just in case, take a light jacket or sweater.
mammoth cave utah

How to Get to Mammoth Cave Utah

Mammoth Cave is easy to find and can be found using a map application, such as Google maps.

Mammoth Cave Utah

What County is Mammoth Cave In

Mammoth Cave is located in Kane County, Utah near Cedar City.

Mammoth Cave Utah

Permits and Fees

There is no a fee to visit Mammoth Cave.

Parking at Mammoth Cave

There is a large parking lot for automobile and ATV parking.

While the area is large, I have been there where the entire lot has been full.

Restrooms at Mammoth Cave

There are pit toilets available in the parking lots.

Picnics at Mammoth Cave

There are several picnic tables scattered in the area under the trees for a picnic while visiting Mammoth Cave.

Mammoth Cave Utah

Additional Photos

Mammoth Cave Utah

Part of the road to Mammoth Cave is paved and the other half is unpaved and a bit bumpy in some areas.

A 4×4 nor a high clearance vehicle is needed, just take it slow and navigate the road to avoid the larger bumps.

Mammoth Cave Utah

There is a decent amount of parking spots at the Mammoth Cave parking lot.

Not too many are shaded so if there in the summer, bring a sun visor for the dashboard.

Mammoth Cave Utah

Mammoth Cave has a generic gender vault toilet available for guests.

Mammoth Cave Utah

Information sign at the trailhead.

Mammoth Cave Utah

Fencing that separates the parking lot to the picnic and cave area.Mammoth Cave Utah

The path that leads to the Mammoth Caves.Mammoth Cave Utah

Entry into one of the caves.Mammoth Cave Utah

Mammoth Cave Utah

Mammoth Cave Utah

Mammoth Cave Utah

Mammoth Cave Utah

The gate is up part of the year to protect the bats.Mammoth Cave Utah

Mammoth Cave Utah Resources

Mammoth Cave Utah