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Mineral County Nevada Exploration Guide

Mineral County Nevada

  • County Seat: Hawthorne
  • Established: 1911
  • Origin: Esmeralda County
  • Background: Mineral deposits in the area.
  • Area: 3,757 sq mi
  • Population: 4,772

Historical Points of Interest in Mineral County Nevada

Nevada Historical Markers in Mineral County Nevada

Mineral County is home to six Nevada Historical Markers.

  1. #16 Mineral County
  2. #60 Hawthorne (Present Mineral County Seat – Former Esmeralda County Seat)
  3. #92 Candelaria and Metallic City
  4. #154 Belleville
  5. #183 Walker River Reservation
  6. #237 Carson and Colorado Railroad – Freight Depot

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Mineral County Nevada