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Monarch Nevada

Delve into the intriguing tale of Monarch, Nevada, a ghost town with a history shrouded in deception and dreams unfulfilled. Established in 1906 by the infamous Reverend Benjamin Blanchard, Monarch epitomizes the classic story of a mining boomtown turned bust. Envisioned as a flourishing city of the future, it was built on the backbone of a massive scam, attracting investors and settlers with grand promises. Today, what remains of Monarch is but a whisper of its past, a site marked by sparse ruins and the echoes of a bygone era of greed and illusion. Explore the remnants of this once-hyped town and discover a chapter of Nevada’s history that reflects the boom-and-bust cycle of the American West.

Monarch Nevada

Monarch Nevada Overview

Monarch, Nevada, a town born out of one of the biggest scams in Nye County history, emerged in 1906, a creation of Reverend Benjamin Blanchard. This notorious figure orchestrated a massive promotional fraud, selling the dream of Monarch as a future city. Deceptive tactics were employed, including the transportation of buildings from other camps in Nye County to Monarch, creating an illusion of a bustling town. Over 2400 town and ranch lots were sold, amassing over $75,000 from unsuspecting investors. However, Blanchard left the town, leaving behind a trail of debts exceeding $73,000. Today, the remnants of Monarch are minimal, with a few collapsed outhouses and scattered wood boards as the only physical evidence of its existence.

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Year Established/Founded

Monarch was founded in 1906.

Monarch Nevada History

  • Early 1900s: Reverend Benjamin Blanchard arrives in the area, launching his grand scheme to develop Monarch.
  • Mid-1900s: Blanchard’s deceptive practices lead to the sale of numerous lots, creating a temporary influx of residents and a semblance of a thriving community.
  • Late 1900s: The fraudulent nature of the town’s development is exposed, leading to Blanchard’s departure and the subsequent collapse of the town.


  • 1906: Monarch is founded by Blanchard, kickstarting the scam.
  • Post-1906: Blanchard sells over 2400 lots, raising significant funds from buyers.
  • After 1906: The town’s illusory prosperity fades as Blanchard’s deception is uncovered.


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.

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Post Office

Unknown at this time.

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Unknown at this time.

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The Population of Monarch Nevada

At its peak, approximately 130 residents.


Monarch sits at an elevation of 6,880 feet above sea level.


Monarch was located in Nye County, Nevada. The closest modern reference is the USGS Belmont West Quad.

GPS Coordinates

The coordinates for Monarch are 38° 31′ 56″N, 116° 53′ 17″W.

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Photos and Videos

Today, Monarch is virtually non-existent, with its history largely buried under a few sparse ruins. The site is challenging to interpret due to the minimal remains, consisting primarily of glass fragments and can dumps.

References Used

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