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Nevada Hot Springs

Nevada Hot Springs

Nevada Hot Springs Overview

The Silver State has more than 300 naturally occurring hot springs heated by volcanic activity, and while some are not intended for use, there are several hot springs that cater to this unique relaxation experience enjoyed by “springers.” 

Most of the hot springs are on public land while there is a small percentage on private land. While private landowners used to allow passage to the hot springs, some have closed the access so please check to make sure before you head out to see if it is open for public use.

Below is a list by county of the more popular hot springs for soaking and views and at the bottom of this article is a list that is sortable of all the warm springs and hot springs we know about.

Looking for more places to “get wet” in Nevada? Then check out our article on Nevada Swimming holes.

Warm Spring vs Hot Spring

The US NOAA Geophysical Data Center defines a “warm spring” as a spring with water between 68° F and 122° F.

The Nevada Geothermal Resources documents define a hot spring as one with a temperature hotter than 98.6° F and a warm spring from 68° F to 98.6° F.

Other sources say the term “warm spring” should not be used to define a spring. 

Hot Spring Water Temperature Safety

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that temperatures above 104 °F are dangerous for adults because they can lead to heatstroke and it is recommended that healthy adults are safe to soak at moderate temperatures for twenty minutes at a time.

Hot Spring Warnings

  1. Heed all signs and warnings for the hot springs as some can be dangerous during certain times of the year, be too hot to enjoy safely, or have potential health issues.
  2. Always check the water temperature before fully emerging your body as some of these hot springs are just that, HOT… too hot!
  3. A spring may contain bacteria that enter through your nose or mouth so don’t fully emerge yourself without knowing the risk.
  4. Since some of the hot springs are remote, they may be accessible by using a high clearance four-wheel drive vehicle so be sure you are aware of the road conditions and your vehicle capability. Some may be accessible by boat or kayak as well as by hiking.

Learn more about what to take to enjoy a hot spring and hot spring etiquette.

What to Take to Enjoy a Hot Spring

While it’s great to be in nature and go naturally as possible. Take a pair of water shoes to assess the area to make sure it’s free of glass.

Speaking of glass… don’t take any. Instead, package your treats in plastic containers to avoid leaving glass shards around for others to accidentally find.

WATER! The hot springs will dehydrate you so be sure to take plenty of water and/or electrolytes to replenish what you’ve lost while enjoying your soak.

Hot Springs in Carson City, Nevada

Carson City Hot Springs

A local favorite, the Carson City Hot Springs is located as part of the Carson Hot Springs Resort, which is a historical place from the 1800s. The resort has three outdoor pools with temperatures that range from 95 – 104 degrees. Also, the resort offers visitors 10 private baths with temperatures that range from 95 – 110 degrees.

Hot Springs in Clark County, Nevada

Arizona Hot Springs

Arizona Hot Springs, also known as Ringbolt Hot Springs, is a very popular hike once the weather cools down and if you want to beat the heat and the crowds, hit the trailhead early in the morning. Click here to learn more about Arizona Hot Springs.

Boy Scout Canyon Hot Springs

Boy Scout Canyon Hot Springs is located at the bottom of Boy Scout Canyon with no hiking trail to the hot spring.

The hot springs at Boy Scout Canyon are hard to access unless you are an experienced canyoneer or climber as it is located in an area with Class IV climbing and over 500′ of exposure.

Goldstrike Canyon

You can access Goldstrike Canyon by a short hike or a longer one which is about 2 1/2 hours from US Route 93 that starts across from the Goldstrike Casino. Both trails will lead you to pools, a waterfall, and breathtaking rock formations.

Goldstrike is closed during the summer months due to dangerously high temperatures (normally May to October).

Rogers Spring

Rogers Springs is a warm spring located near Lake Mead off of Northshore Road. Pumping approximately 1,000 gallons per minute, the water temperature varies depending on the season, with an average of about 85 degrees.

Click here to read more about Rogers Spring.

Sauna Cave

One of the first stops on the Goldstrike Hot Springs hike, the Sauna Cave is a 50′ tunnel that was created when the Hoover Dam was being constructed.

At the end of the tunnel, you will find water that is up to 130°F. Due to the dangers of the extremely hot water, planks have been placed to allow visitors to walk around the area.

Hot Springs in Elko County, Nevada

Twelve Mile Hot Springs

Also known as Bishop Creek Hot Springs, this “hot spring” is a man-made concrete pool that is 40′ long and about 3′ deep with water that is approximately 105°F.

Click here to learn more about Twelve Mile Hot Springs.

Elko Hot Hole

This hot spring is now closed to the public.

Hot Creek Springs

Hot Creek Springs is one of the more isolated Nevada hot springs. Located in the Kirch Wildlife Management Area just off State Route 318,  Hot Creek Springs offers amazing views of the nearby mountains. The water temperature of Hot Creek Springs is approximately 85° F.

Three Mile Hot Springs

Closer to town than the Twelve Mile Hot Springs, this one is located on private property.

Hot Springs in Esmeralda County, Nevada

Alkali Hot Spring

Depending on the time of year, the water temperature will vary. There are two very primitive “tubs” that collect the water.

Click here to learn more about Alkali Hot Spring.

Hot Springs in Eureka County, Nevada

Bartine Hot Springs aka Bartine Ranch Hot Springs

Bartine Hot Springs also known as Bartine Ranch Hot Springs are geothermal hot springs located in the Antelope Valley of the Nevada high desert 40 kilometers northwest of the town of Eureka.

Hot Springs in Humboldt County, Nevada

Bog Hot Springs

This underdeveloped hot spring is very hot at 135° F and has a muddy bottom.

Black Rock Hot Springs

Black Rock Hot Springs is within a mile of Black Rock Point. There are two pools in this spring, the smaller of which has unknown depths and is dangerously hot.

Hot Springs in Lander County, Nevada

Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs is a fairly well-known natural hot spring despite its relatively remote location in Austin, Nevada off Highway 50, “The Loneliest Road in America.”

The water temperature of Spencer Hot Springs is approximately 101° F.

Hot Springs in Lincoln County, Nevada

Ash Springs

Ash Springs is a desert oasis, part of a series of natural springs in the area, which sits in the middle of the beautiful high desert landscape of the Pahranagat Valley. Ash Springs consists of a small community and both Big Ash and Little Ash, natural hot springs that attract visitors year-round. The water temperature of Ash Springs is approximately 95° F.

Ash Spring was closed in July 2013 due to potential safety hazards due by falling rocks. Located about 100 miles north of Las Vegas, Ash Springs is located north of Alamo.

Ash Springs references:

Caliente Hot Springs 

The Caliente Hot Spring Motel and Spa offers visitors 6 rooms that contain natural mineral hot springs that are collected in a geothermic tub.

Crystal Springs

Panaca Hot Springs

“The Spring” 

This Olympic-sized pool with clear water with a temperature of approximately 85° F that is fed naturally is about three feet deep and has a gravel bottom.

Hot Springs in Nye County, Nevada

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

The Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is located about 2 hours northwest of Las Vegas. The springs at the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge are for viewing their beauty only as visitors are not allowed to enter the springs.

Due to the heat of Las Vegas summers, spring and fall are ideal times to visit Ash Meadows. Not only is it more comfortable for visitors but also for the wildlife who will normally take shelter from the summer days and only make their appearances during the evening. An added bonus of visiting in the spring and fall is to see the gorgeous desert foliage in bloom and the fall foliage.

Bailey’s Hot Springs

Located five miles outside of Beatty at mile marker 65, Bailey’s Hot Springs is permanently closed. 

Big Water Spring

This naturally heated swimming hole’s water temperature is 91 – 93° F and offers visitors clear water to relax and enjoy soaking up the sun and the surroundings.

Diana’s Punchbowl

Also known as the Devil’s Cauldron, the hot water of approximately 183° F is about 30′ below the rim.

Located on private property, this hot spring is not useable for soaking due to its location and the water temperature.

Duckwater Hot Spring

Located on the Shoshone reservation, the area is currently closed for unknown reasons (to us at least).

Warm Springs

Located in the middle of Nevada, this abandoned hot spring is located on private land.

Hot Springs in Pershing County, Nevada

Frog Pond

This artesian well is located on private property and offers visitors nice 100° F water temperatures to enjoy. Please note: while this “pond” is on private property, visitors are allowed to enjoy the pond if the entrance gate is open – if not, please respect the owner’s wish of no visitors.

Trego Hot Springs aka Kyle Hot Springs

Trego Hot Springs is a rustic and primitive hot spring located on private property in the middle of the desert within Nevada’s Buena Vista Valley.

Click here to learn more about Trego Hot Springs.

Hot Springs in Washoe County, Nevada

Soldier Meadows Hot Creek

Located in Northern Nevada, just north of the Black Rock Desert in the heart of Soldier Meadows you will find Soldier Meadow Hot Creek in Gerlach, NV.

The water temperature of Soldier Meadows Hot Creek is approximately 106 – 112° F.

List of Hot Springs in Nevada

Above are the more popular warm and hot springs located in Nevada with details about what to expect.

Below is a list of all the warm springs and hot springs in Nevada that we know of that you can explore. (The source list is no longer online [] and we are working to clean up all the information.)

Please remember to check land ownership, safety, and area information before exploring to make sure you have an enjoyable experience.

Keep in mind the coordinates are NOT exact and should be explored before wasting time and money to find an area with nothing but dirt.

Have we missed your favorite? Let us know!

NameCountyTemp (F)LatLong
Carson Hot SpringsCarson City120° F39.193-119.752
Nevada State Prison Spring (Curry Spring)Carson City75° F39.159-119.737
Allen SpringsChurchill19039.211-118.725
Borax SpringChurchill180° F39.35-118.5756
Dixie Comstock MineChurchillH39.866-118.017
Dixie Hot SpringsChurchill162° F39.797-118.068
Hyder Hot SpringsChurchill95° - 176 °F40-117.718
Lee Hot SpringsChurchill19039.209-118.723
Sand SpringsChurchillH39.281-118.42
Senator FumarolesChurchillB39.995-117.854
Senator FumarolesChurchill204° F39.985-117.865
Arizona Hot SpringsClark35.966-114.711
Ash Creek SpringClark72° F36.942-115.425
Blue Point SpringClark82° F36.389-114.433
Boy Scout Canyon Hot SpringsClark35.985-114.744
Browns SpringClark75° F36.033-115.888
Goldstrike Hot SpringsClark36.002-114.757
Hot SpringClark78° F35.944-114.732
Hot SpringClark82°35.964-114.743
Hot SpringClark78° F35.944-114.731
Hot SpringClark86° F35.960
Hot SpringClark82° F35.964-114.743
Hot SpringClark86° F35.982
Hot SpringsClark86° F35.982-114.748
Indian SpringsClark78° F36.565-115.671
Kyle SpringClark75° F36.205-115.141
Kyle SpringsClark75° F36.205-115.141
Las Vegas SpringsClark79° F36.173-115.191
Las Vegas SpringsClark79° F36.173
Manse Ranch SpringClark75° F36.147-115.893
Moapa Warm SpringsClark90° F36.710-114.714
Muddy SpringClark90° F36.722-114.716
Pahrump Spring (Bennetts) Clark77° F36.207-115.983
Rogers Warm SpringClark82° F36.379-114.436
SeepClark70° F36.567-114.446
SeepClark70° F36.567-114.446
SpringClark145° F36.002-114.742
SpringClark79° F36.565-115.623
SpringClark145° F36.002
SpringsClark77° F36.486-114.329
SpringsClark77° F36.486-114.329
White Rock SpringClark78° F36.174-115.479
Carter SpringsDouglas38.862-119.653
Double SpringDouglas38.775-119.582
Doud SpringsDouglas70° F38.798
Hobo Hot SpringsDouglas114° F39.057
Saratoga Hot SpringDouglas122° F39.058-119.742
Walleys Hot SpringsDouglas16038.981-119.833
Bathrub SpringElko41.559-115.177
Devils Punch Bowl (Hot Hole and Devils Hot Hole)Elko41.261-115.304
Elko Hot SpringElko19040.813-115.778
Ellison Ranch Warm SpringElkoW40.684-116.154
Gamble SpringElko69° F41.369-114.192
Gambles HoleElko104° F41.884-114.117
Gardner SpringsElko40.25-115.409
Hot Creek Hot SpringsElko79° F40.325-116.060
Hot Creek SpringsElko15141.576-115.181
Hot HoleElko13340.819-115.777
Hot LakeElkoH41.148-116.733
Hot SpringElko86° F41.98-114.38
Hot SpringElko41.261-115.306
Hot SpringElko41.156-114.985
Hot SpringsElko14241.183-114.991
Hot Springs Creek Hot SpringsElko12641.260-115.304
Hot Sulphur SpringsElko14740.763-116.04
Hot Sulphur SpringsElko19441.468-116.15
Johnson Ranch Springs (Big Springs)Elko72° F40.967-114.515
Mineral Hot SpringElko14041.788-114.737
Nile SpringElko109° F41.928-114.073
Petaini SpringsElkoW41.385-116.058
Ralphs Warm SpringsElko86° F40.952-114.751
Rizzi Ranch Hot SpringElko106° F41.775-115.921
Rowland Hot SpringsElko104° F41.877-115.628
San Jacinto Ranch SpringElko14841.865-114.692
Smith Ranch SpringsElko14940.249-115.409
Sulphur Hot SpringsElko205° F40.586-115.286
Threemile SpringElko122° F41.159-114.986
Twelve Mile Hot SpringsElko102° F41.242-114.947
Warm SpringElkoW40.782-115.363
Warm SpringsElkoW40.751-115.035
Warm SpringsElkoW41.064-115.389
Warm SpringsElkoW41.355-114.133
Warm SpringsElkoW41.933-118.808
Warm SpringsElko95° F41.971-114.576
Wild Horse Hot SpringsElko129° F41.647-115.775
Wine Cup Ranch SpringsElko13841.411-114.676
Alkali Hot SpringEsmeralda140° F37.825-117.337
Cedar SpringEsmeralda77° F37.751-116.274
Fish SpringEsmeralda75° F37.99-118.036
Gap SpringEsmeralda73° F37.979-117.993
Pearl Hot SpringsEsmeralda97° F37.822-117.48
Reveille Mill SpringEsmeralda84° F37.996-116.389
Sand SpringEsmeralda74° F37.906-118.171
SeepEsmeralda77° F37.016-117.211
Silverpeak Hot SpringEsmeralda118° F37.761-117.632
SpringEsmeralda72° F37.074-116.691
SpringsEsmeralda75° F37.029-116.719
UnnamedEsmeralda81° F37.993-117.984
Bartine Hot SpringsEureka105° F - 108° F39.558-116.36
Beowawe Hot Springs (The Geysers)Eureka208° F40.567-116.588
Bruffeys Hot SpringsEureka149° F40.22-116.068
Carlotti Ranch SpringsEureka102° F40.29-116.049
Cherry Creek Hot SpringsEureka144° F39.883-114.893
Cold SpringEureka39.525-116.389
Crescent Valley Hot Springs (Hand-Me-Down Creek Hot Spring)Eureka13840.407-116.517
Flynn Ranch SpringsEureka78° F40.079-116.035
Horseshoe Ranch SpringsEureka136° F40.606

Klobe Hot Spring (Bartholomae)Eureka15639.405-116.348
Raine Ranch SpringsEurekaW40.592-116.157
Shipley Hot SpringEureka106° F39.943-116.073
Siri Ranch SpringEureka95° F39.988-116.044
Sulphur SpringEureka74° F39.832-116.069
Thompson Ranch SpringEureka68° F39.901-115.868
Walti Hot SpringsEureka162° F39.899-116.584
Warm SpringEurekaW39.529-116.388
Baltazor Hot SpringHumboldt181° F41.921-118.706
Bathtub SpringHumboldt41.125-117.765
Bathtub SpringHumboldt41.192-117.793
Big Alkali SpringHumboldt40.873-117.936
Black Rock Hot SpringsHumboldt136° F40.972-119.007
Bog Hot SpringsHumboldt131° F41.924-118.799
Boiling SpringsHumboldt187°40.262-119.379
Brooks SpringHumboldt93° F40.83-117.304
Caine SpringHumboldt73° F41.022-119.275
Cane SpringsHumboldt74° F41.257-118.937
Casey SpringsHumboldt172° F - 204° F41.002-119.014
Coyote SpringHumboldt72° F40.763-119.172
Double Hot SpringsHumboldt17841.051-119.028
Dyke Hot SpringsHumboldt158° F41.567-118.564
Fish SpringsHumboldt73° F40.103-119.884
Five Mile SpringHumboldt81° F41.763-118.279
Fly Ranch Hot Springs (Wards)Humboldt18040.857-119.328
Golconda Hot Spring (North)Humboldt16540.961-117.494
Great Boiling Spring (Gerlach)Humboldt208° F40.662-119.365
Hot Pot (Blossom Hot Springs)Humboldt13640.922-117.11
Hot Seeps (San Emidio Desert)Humboldt203° F40.389-119.402
Hot SpringsHumboldt15841.108-117.578
Hot SpringsHumboldt18540.761-117.492
Hot SpringsHumboldt40.92-117.109
Hot Springs Ranch SpringsHumboldt79° F41.05-117.1
Howard Hot SpringHumboldt13541.721-118.505
King SpringHumboldt41.021-119.278
Little Alkali SpringHumboldt40.885-117.934
Macfarlane Hot SpringHumboldt17041.05-118.718
Mud SpringsHumboldt18440.653-119.378
Mustang SpringsHumboldt73° F41.355-119.117
Ninemile SpringsHumboldt79° F41.701-118.261
Painted Hills MineHumboldt13141.809-118.861
Paradise Valley Hot Springs (The Hot Springs)Humboldt135° F41.422-117.387
Pinto Hot SpringsHumboldt199° F41.363-118.788
Pinto Hot Springs (East)Humboldt109 °F41.362-118.79
Red Hot SpringHumboldt111° F41.386-114.165
Soldier Meadows Hot SpringsHumboldt41.353-119.204
SpringHumboldt84° F41.398-119.165
SpringHumboldt104° F41.529-118.569
SpringsHumboldt84° F40.83-119.538
Springs (Hot)Humboldt13641.379-119.182
Sulphur SpringHumboldtH40.864-117.349
The Needle Rocks Hot SpringHumboldt208° F40.146-119.673
UnnamedHumboldt70° F41.029-117.318
UnnamedHumboldt114° F41.393-119.194
UnnamedHumboldt70° F41.496-118.429
Van Riper SpringHumboldt114° F41.036-119.017
Virgin Valley Hot SpringsHumboldt41.853-119.002
Warm SpringsHumboldt112° F41.753-118.841
West Pinto Hot SpringHumboldt19841.357-118.809
Abel SpringLander115° F40.709-118.402
Buffalo Valley Hot SpringsLander174° F40.368-117.327
Chillis Hot SpringLander102° F40.186-116.805
Cottonwood Creek SpringLander40.198-117.103
Crow SpringLander39.942-116.684
Grass Valley Hot SpringLander39.581-116.898
Hot SpringsLander12940.183-117.103
Hot SpringsLander12740.198-117.103
Hot SpringsLander198° F39.316-117.549
Hot SpringsLander127° F40.191-117.107
Hot SpringsLander18039.941-116.681
Hot Springs (multiple in the area)Lander115° F39.308-117.555
Izzenhood Ranch SpringsLander88° F40.929-116.895
Little Hot SpringsLander39893-116.648
Little Hot SpringsLanderH39.893-116.649
Mound SpringsLander109° F40.315-117.063
Navadrian Black Mustang Hot Spring at Spencers Hot SpringLander39.325-116.85
Petersons Mill Hot SpringLanderH39.558-117.431
Platform Hot SpringLander39.327-116.855
Rock Creek Hot SpringsLander122° F40.673-116.837
Smith Creek Valley Hot SpringsLander39.312-117.551
Spencer Hot SpringsLander101°39.332-116.825
Spencer Hot SpringsLander16239.327-116.858
White House SpringLanderW40.746-116.689
April Fool SpringLincoln37.532-115.739
Ash SpringsLincoln95° F - 97° F37.463-115.192
Bennett SpringsLincoln70° F37.783-114.528
Caliente Hot SpringsLincoln118° F37.621-114.51
Cedar SpringLincoln37.972-115.708
Cottonwood SpringLincoln38.311-114.635
Crystal SpringsLincoln81 °F - 90 °F37.532-115.233
Delmues SpringsLincoln70° F37.86-114.321
Flatnose RanchLincoln
Flatnose Ranch SpringLincoln77° F37.896-114.227
Geyser Ranch SpringLincoln38.699-114.642
Geyser Ranch SpringsLincoln70° F38.67-114.628
Geyser Ranch SpringsLincoln38.610-114.628
Hammond RanchLincoln38.310-114.277
Hammond Ranch SpringLincoln84° F38.31-114.274
Hiko SpringLincoln90° F37.598-115.215
Indian SpringsLincoln38.308-114.650
Lime SpringLincoln
McCutchen SpringLincoln37.963-115.676
Modes SpringLincoln37-760-115.564
New Tikaboo SpringLincoln37.526-115.741
Old Tikaboo SpringLincoln37.535-115.745
Panaca SpringLincoln78° - 86 °F37.807-114.38
Penoyer SpringsLincoln37-706-115-.559
Pony SpringsLincoln38.319-114.607
Rose SpringLincoln37.871-115.651
Sand SpringLincoln86° F37.741-115.753
Sharp SpringLincoln37.825-115.482
The Seeps Lincoln37.995-115.892
Tunnel SpringsLincoln37.556-114.076
Upper McCutchen SpringLincoln37-966-115.669
Wambolt SpringsLincoln70° F38.633-114.638
Wild Horse SpringLincoln37.888-115.626
Double SpringLyonW38.965-118.689
Eagle Salt Works SpringLyonH39.729-119.04
Iron SpringLyon38.893-119.412
Nevada Hot Springs (Hinds)Lyon144° F38.899-119.41
Patua Hot Springs Lyon187° F39.598-119.111
UnnamedLyon110° F38.489-118.968
Wabuska Hot SpringsLyon201° F39.161-119.183
Wilson Hot SpringLyon18338.767-119.174
Soda SpringsMineral100° F38.341-118.104
Abel SpringNye38.364-115.867
Ash Tree SpringNye75° F36.426-116.412
Bacon Springs INye38.504-115.55
Bacon Springs IINye38.495-115.562
Bailey's Hot SpringsNye36.974-116.722
Beatty SpringNye36.924-116.742
Big Blue SpringNye90° F38.95-117.06
Big SpringNye38.556-115.771
Big Spring at Ash MeadowsNye83° F36.375-116.274
Big Warm SpringNye93° F38.95-115.7
Blue Eagle SpringsNye84° F38.564-115.527
Bole SpringNye72° F36.363-116.271
Bradford Springs at Ash MeadowsNye39.401-116.302
Bramer SpringNye72° F36.363-116.263
Burrell Hot SpringNye102° F36.968-116.723
Butterfield SpringsNye75° F38.44-115.011
Button SpringsNye93° F36.43-116.305
Cement SpringNye38.543-115.533
Charnock Springs (Big Blue)Nye80° F38.991-117.042
Chimney Warm SpringNye160° F38.464-115.792
Cold SpringNye38.51-115.551
Coyote Hole SpringNye113° F38.388-115.866
Crystal PoolNye91° F36.421-116.322
Darroughs Hot SpringsNye203° F38.82-117.18
Davis Ranch SpringNye70° F36.408-116.313
Davis Ranch Springs at Ash MeadowsNye81° F36.402-116.302
Devils HoleNye92° F36.425-116.291
Dianas Punch BowlNye138° F39.041-116.666
Emigrant SpringsNye70° F38.622-115.046
Fairbanks SpringNye81° F36.49-116.341
Fish SpringsNyeW38.81-116.397
Flag SpringsNye75° F38.422-115.023
Forest Spring at Ash MeadowsNye36.401-116.278
Hay Corral SpringsNye100° F38.556
Hicks Hot SpringsNye109° F36.975-116.722
Hot Creek Ranch SpringNye38.519-116.364
Hot Creek Valley SpringNye14238.437-116.277
Hot SpringNye38.227-116.212
Hot SpringNyeH38.859-119.175
Hot SpringNye145° F38.188-116.373
Hot SpringNye38.521-116.365
Indian Garden SpringNye36.463-116.317
Indian Rock Spring at Ash MeadowsNye36.401-116.274
Indian SpringsNyeW38.459-117.290
Jack Rabbit SpringNye82° F36.39-116.278
Kate SpringNye73° F38.554-115.531
Kate SpringNye38.554-115.53
Lockes Big SpringNye
Longstreet SpringNye82° F36.468-116.325
Marsh Spring at Ash MeadowsNye36.427-116.314
McLeod Ranch Hot SpringNye18039.028-117.136
Mexican Spring at Ash MeadowsNye36.431-116.31
Moorman SpringNye100° F38.594-115.139
North SpringNye38.56-115.765
North SpringNye38.56-115.765
Old Dugan Ranch Hot SpringsNye102° F38.531-116.405
Page SpringsNye38.53-116.468
Parent SpringsNye93° F36.462-116.315
Point Of Rocks Springs at Ash MeadowsNye91° F36.401-116.274
Potts Ranch Hot SpringsNye113° F39.08-116.638
Rawhide Hot SpringsNye38.919-118.195
Revert SpringNye88° F36.918-116.744
Reynolds SpringsNye38.554-115.766
Rogers SpringNye82° F36.479-116.326
Saulsbury Warm SpringNye86° F38.255-116.829
Skrugg Spring at Ash MeadowsNye36.432-116.309
Soda SpringNye38.531-115.543
South Mosquito Creek Ranch SpringsNye95° F38.823-116.717
SpringNye90° F36.404-116.383
Storm SpringNye99° F38.398-115.862
Tom SpringNye72° F38.574-115.522
Tom SpringNye38.573-115.521
Tubb Spring at Ash MeadowsNye36.399-116.283
UnnamedNye79° F36.414-116.292
Upper Hot Creek Ranch SpringNye38.525-116.367
Upper Warm SpringNye95° F38.532-116.465
Upper Warm SpringNye106° F38.699

Warm SpringNyeW38.339-116.662
Wedell Hot SpringsNye144° F38.919-118.197
Buffalo SpringsPershing40.437-117.391
Frog PondPershing40.745-119.173
Home Station Ranch Hot SpringPershing135° F40.177
Kyle Hot SpringsPershing17140.406-117.885
Leach Hot SpringsPershing207° F40.603-117.65
Mccoy SpringsPershing120° F40.079-117.605
Nelson Hot SpringPershing40.603-117.659
Seven Devils Springs (Sou Hot Springs)Pershing185° F40.085-117.726
Trego Hot SpringPershing40.771-119.116
Wagner SpringsPershing80° F41.137-119.135
Anaho Island SpringWashoe120° F39.944-119.509
Bowers Mansion Hot SpringsWashoe116° F - 133° F39.285-119.841
Bradys Hot SpringsWashoe209° F39.787-119.011
CC SpringWashoe41.584-119.88
Dimonte SpringWashoe12739.419-119.739
Hills Warm SpringWashoe83° F41.732-119.785
Huffaker SpringsWashoe81° F39.457-119.722
Lawtons Hot SpringsWashoe120° F39.509-119.903
Moana SpringsWashoe39.484-119.804
Pyramid Island Hot SpringWashoe39.98-119.501
Steamboat Hot SpringsWashoe205° F39.38-119.74
Twin SpringWashoe71° F41.59-119.862
Warm SpringsWashoe73° F41.746-119.791
Zolezzi SpringWashoe102° F39.419-119.759
Big Bull SpringWhite Pine39.071-115.636
Campbell Ranch SpringsWhite Pine76° F39.539-114.913
Cherry Creek Hot SpringsWhite Pine39.981-114.819
Collar And Elbow SpringWhite Pine93° F - 199° F40.085-114.645
Giocoechea Warm SpringsWhite Pine76° F39.812-115.61
Hot Creek Ranch SpringWhite Pine90° F38.383-115.153
John Salvis Hot SpringWhite Pine39.883-114.893
Lackawanna Hot SpringsWhite Pine95° F - 203° F39.283-114.866
Lewis SpringsWhite Pine39.792-114.659
Mcgill SpringWhite Pine84° F39.413-114.779
Monte Neva Hot SpringsWhite Pine176° F39.666-114.808
Moon River SpringWhite Pine92° F38.352-115.181
Preston Big SpringWhite Pine38.933-115.081
Preston Springs (South)White Pine70° F38.928-115.083
Schoolhouse SpringWhite Pine84° F39.453-114.757
UnknownWhite Pine39.796-114.678
UnknownWhite Pine39.67-114.806
UnknownWhite Pine39.669-114.809
Williams Hot SpringWhite Pine127° F38.951-115.233

Nevada Hot Springs