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Nevada Saloons

Nevada Saloons

Nevada has an amazing history with mining camps and ghost towns. When the wild west was carving its space in history, a saloon was present in almost each one and some still exist today!

Nevada, known for its rich history of mining and the Wild West, is home to several iconic saloons that have stood the test of time. Here’s a list of saloons found in Nevada, each offering its own unique charm and a taste of the state’s colorful past:

Many of the Nevada ghost towns were established near water sources needed to process their commodities and we have a list of hot springs in Nevada to add to your exploration agenda. Doesn’t that sound like an amazing day — hiking through the backcountry, exploring Nevada ghost towns, soaking in a hot spring, and ending your day at a nearby saloon to kick back and refuel?

Below is a list of some of the oldest saloons in Nevada, for the list, we included those that are at least fifty years old.

Note, backcountry saloons may not be accessible by car and may require a high clearance and/or four-wheel drive vehicle, especially during inclement weather.

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Saloons in Carson City Nevada

Carson City and the surrounding area are rich in history. Enjoy  your time in the area by researching fun things to do with these links:

Bank Saloon

The Bank Saloon, also known as Jack’s Bar, is Carson City’s longest-operating bar, established in 1899. It functioned even during Prohibition and was among the first establishments to receive gambling and soft drink licenses in 1922​1​.

Old Globe Saloon

From the Carson City Downtown website: The Old Globe Saloon was built in 1875 and has been in the Bucchianeri family for three generations (since 1927). See pictures of the construction of the V&T Railroad and Nevada’s final hanging. On most days, the Old Globe is quieter, with just a few patrons sipping their whiskey drinks. Then there are nights you may find country music playing out the door and down the alley as Denise or Carlos pour their drinks quickly to keep the jam-packed bar smiling and having fun. If you are walking around downtown Carson City looking for a place to grab a good drink, this is the place for you. Don’t forget to try Denise’s famous Harley Bikini. It’s a downtown treat!

Saloons in Clark County, Nevada

Learn more about things to do in Clark County, Nevada.

Goodsprings Pioneer Saloon

Located in Goodsprings, the Pioneer Saloon started serving in 1913. It is notable for its original Sears and Roebuck stamped tin building and solid wood Brunswick bar. The saloon is famous for its connection to Clark Gable, who awaited news of his wife Carol Lombard after her plane crash nearby​3​​2​.

Saloons in Douglas County Nevada

Genoa Bar & Saloon

Established in 1853, the Genoa Bar & Saloon is known as “Nevada’s Oldest Thirst Parlor.” It survived Prohibition, operating as a soda fountain, and has a rich history of hosting U.S. presidents and celebrities. The saloon features historic decor, including a diamond-dust mirror dating back to the 1840s​1​​2​.

Saloons in Nye County Nevada

The Tonopah Liquor Saloon

This saloon in Tonopah, established in 1906, is known for its variety of whiskeys and the TLC Whiskey 100 Club. It’s housed in a Classical Revival style building, one of the four remaining in the town, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places​1​.

Saloons in Storey County Nevada

Bucket of Blood Saloon

Located in Virginia City, the Bucket of Blood Saloon has been serving since 1876. It’s known for its old-time charm and live music on weekends. The saloon is named after the Boston Saloon, the only black-owned western saloon of the time, which was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1875​1​.

These saloons not only offer a glimpse into Nevada’s history but also provide a unique experience that reflects the state’s rich and diverse past.