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Nevada Swimming Holes

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Nevada Swimming Holes

Even though Nevada is located “in a desert” we have the most mountains and hot springs than others in the United States. Our large number of mountains provide snow melts in the spring to form streams and feed our lakes.

Speaking of natural hot springs, did you know that Nevada is home to over 300 hot springs? While some are too hot to soak in, others are the perfect temperature to soak in after a hike to find them. If hot and warm springs are not your thing, then check out our list below of the popular “swimming holes” found in Nevada.

Please note, due to water temperatures, the list below is of swimming holes that are not found in our article on Nevada Hot Springs.

Also, we are including lakes in this article but you can see all the lakes separated in our article Lakes in Nevada.

Did we miss your favorite? Comment below to share with others.

Update for 2022, be aware some of the more “official” Nevada swimming holes and Nevada hot springs may be closed or have restricted entry.

Swimming Holes in Clark County, Nevada

Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area 

Located in Laughlin, Big Bend of the Colorado is a Nevada State Park that is part of the Colorado River.

Every time I have been, the water has been a nice temperature.

Get there early to establish a good spot on one of the many beach areas as it can be popular on the weekends.

Learn more about Big Bend of the Colorado

First Creek 

One of my favorite trails in Red Rock Canyon when I am wanting something easy and relaxing.

There is a “grotto” off the trail with a waterfall that flows into a small swimming hole, in which the water level depends on the rainfall and melting snowfall with the deepest water in the spring.

Learn more about First Creek Trail a Red Rock Canyon.

Gold Strike

Pack a lunch and hike to this swimming hole downstream from the Hoover Dam

Note that the trail is closed during our hot summers, normally May through September but no worries as you can access the area through Eldorado Canyon.

Lake Mead

Well, this is a big hole and one of my favorite places to swim, kayak, paddleboard, or chill on the beaches with friends.

Learn more about Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Oak Creek 

Also located in Red Rock Canyon, there is a natural spring about a mile down the Oak Creek Trail. Again, the water level depends on rainfall and melting snowfall.

Swimming Holes in Elko County, Nevada

Angel Lake

AngelLakeNVG. Thomas / Public domain

Located in Wells, which is part of the East Humboldt Mountain Range, there is a lot of family fun near this swimming hole, which is actually a glacial tarn, with hiking trails, picnic areas, and camping.

Wild Horse Reservoir

2013-06-16 12 46 26 View southeast across Wild Horse Reservoir in NevadaFamartin / CC BY-SA

Located in Elko along the Owyhee River, the Wild Horse Reservoir has a small swimming beach on its northeastern shore.

Learn more about Wild Horse Reservoir.

Swimming Holes in Esmeralda County, Nevada

Fish Lake Valley Hot Well

Not a natural swimming hole, this is a 3′ deep and 7′ wide concrete “tub” that holds water that is approximately 105° F.

Swimming Holes in Incline Village, Nevada

Flickr / Don Graham

Diver’s Cove  

If you want a nice lazy day with clear water, diving, and relaxing in the shade, then Diver’s Cove may be what you are looking for!

We haven’t been there yet but will be soon to bring back more information to share with you.

Swimming Holes in Lincoln County, Nevada

Eagle Valley Reservoir

Located in Spring Valley State Park, Eagle Valley Reservoir is a Serene location for family picnics, camping, fishing, and exploring the rich history of Nevada.

Learn more about Eagle Valley Reservoir.

Swimming Holes in Washoe County, Nevada

Sparks Marina Park Pond

The popular Sparks Marina Park Pond is 100′ deep and covers approximately 77 surface acres.  The area offers great places for walks and fishing! There is also a beach, lifeguards, and an area for non-power boats.

Learn more about Sparks Marina Park Pond.

Truckee River Whitewater Park 

Truckee River Whitewater Park 

Jo Fleet | Flickr

Located in the middle of Reno, the Truckee River Whitewater Park is a great place for water family fun featuring 1/2 mile with 11 drop pools with water temperatures from 50 to 70 degrees. Activities include kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and more!

Whitewater Park at Rock Park

There are five drop pools for kayaking, tubing, and rafting in Sparks and also feature safe water play areas for families with small children.

Swimming Holes in White Pine County, Nevada

Cave Lake State Park

Located 8 miles south of Ely, the Cave Lake Reservoir is 32 acres of water play fun!

Popular activities include fishing, boating, hiking, camping, and picnicking

Learn more about Cave Lake State Park.

McGill Pool 

This natural spring is located 12 miles north of Ely in McGill, Nevada, and is a swimming hole fed by a natural spring.

To help make your visit more enjoyable, the McGill Pool has a slide, diving boards, and a sandy beach. 

Note, that the pool is closed on Wednesdays.

Learn more about McGill Pool.

Nevada Swimming Holes

Swimming Holes in Nevada

Lakes in Nevada

Nevada Swimming Holes