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Nivloc Nevada

Nivloc, Nevada, a ghost town with a name as unique as its history, captured my attention with its well-preserved trestle, prompting a visit to this fascinating site. Once a thriving mining camp, Nivloc’s story is steeped in the rich mining heritage of the Silver Peak Range.

Nivloc Overview

Located in Esmeralda County, Nivloc emerged from the mining booms of the early 1900s. Its intriguing name, derived from reversing the surname of an early mine owner, speaks to its unconventional past. The town experienced periods of prosperity and decline, linked closely to the fortunes of silver and gold mining in the region.

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Year Established/Founded

Gold was first discovered at the site that would become Nivloc in 1907.

Nivloc History

Nivloc’s history is intertwined with the Silver Peak Mining District’s development, beginning in 1863. The town saw various owners and operators, including millionaire W.H. Colvin and the Red Mountain Mining Company, reflecting the fluctuating nature of mining towns.


  • 1863: Mining begins in the Silver Peak Range.
  • 1864: Red Peak Mining District formed.
  • 1906: Pittsburgh Silver Peak Gold M. Company acquires claims around Silver Peak.
  • 1907: Gold discovered at Nivloc; town named.
  • 1923 – 1937: Mine lies dormant as gold value decreases.
  • 1937 – 1943: Peak years of operation; over $3.9 million in silver and gold produced.
  • October 11, 1940 – November 15, 1943: Nivloc Post Office operational.
  • 1940s – 1960s: Periodic operation and eventual decline of the mine.


The Nivloc mine was a major producer of silver and gold, with operations reaching depths of 440 to 600 feet.


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Post Office

Operational from October 1940 to November 1943.

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The Population of Nivloc Nevada

Unknown at this time.


6,170 feet.


Nivloc is located in Esmeralda County, Nevada, west of Silver Peak in the Silver Peak Range.

GPS Coordinates

37.71583, -117.75722

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Photos and Videos

Today, Nivloc stands as a silent witness to the fluctuating fortunes of mining in Nevada. With its standing structures and the iconic trestle, it remains a must-visit for enthusiasts of ghost towns and mining history.

References Used

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