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Old Tonopah Cemetery in Tonopah Nevada

Tonopah, Nevada, US – Historic Cemetery. Portrait of the white metal entrance gate to the graveyard under gray cloudscape and many redwood tombstones.

Old Tonopah Cemetery

Old Tonopah Cemetery Overview

Scary… Haunted… Creepy… Unique?

These are just a few words that people have used to describe their experience while visiting the Old Tonopah Cemetery and surrounding sites.

Many resources state that there are about 300 people buried in the Old Tonopah Cemetery but if you look at the website Find A Grave, they show 476 with the first burial of John Randel Weeks. The last person in 1911 was John Mulholland on December 24, 1991. There are a few people buried after 1911 from the years 1919 to 1996.

From the Tonopah, Nevada website, myths about the Old Tonopah Cemetery:

Myth #1: The old cemetery closed due to being overcrowded.

Fact: The old cemetery closed as the tailings of the Tonopah Extension Mine kept washing over the graves, destroying headstones. The Mine was planning an extension of its operation and wanted to prevent the cemetery property from expanding. They donated the property of the “new” cemetery that is still in use today.

Myth #2: A lot of the people buried in the cemetery died due to a “mysterious plaque”, also known as the “Tonopah plague”, that occurred in 1902.

Fact: The “plague” was a huge number of deaths in 1905, not 1902, due to pneumonia and was assumed to be a result of a lack of sanitation, especially close to the slaughterhouses. 56 people died between January and April, according to the Secretary of State Board of Health in his report to Governor John Sparks. After an article in the San Francisco Call about the pneumonia scourge in Tonopah in 1901/1902, the Tonopah Daily Bonanza replied with a correction, arguing that they find the 27 deaths due to pneumonia between May 1901 and January 1902 in relation to a population of 1,500, not a heavy mortuary rate. There is nothing mysterious about the pneumonia cases in 1901/1902 or 1905 as they were well documented in the local newspaper.

Myth #3: Headstones have always listed the cause of death.

Fact: The cause of death was added in recent decades based on historic research conducted by historian Allen Metscher of the Central Nevada Historical Society. The cause of death was not listed on the original headstones. Only about 30% of headstones are original. Many headstones were rebuilt by the Tonopah Conservation Crew, under the guidance of Metscher, with old material, giving them an original look. Many of the graves were marked by Metscher using dousing rods, an old technique employed to locate groundwater or other disturbances in the ground such as gravesites. The technique proved to be accurate when the plot map was found years later in an attic in Round Mountain in the late 1970s.

Tonopah, Nevada, US – Historic Cemetery. Different styles of redwood and stone tombstones on the dry rocky desert floor under a blue cloudscape. Hills on the horizon.

Old Tonopah Cemetery Timeline

  • May 1901 – The Old Tonopah Cemetery first began with the burial of local man John Randel Weeks, made from silver mining tailings (that, at one point, completely buried the graves and their markers) in the heart of town. 
  • 1902 – The mysterious “Tonopah Plague” ravaged the area and claimed the lives of at least 30 people (which also caused a mass exodus from the town).
  • 1911 – The number of dead outgrew this first tiny plot, prompting an even larger cemetery to support the growing life and times of Tonopah’s silver boom.
  • February 23, 1911 – Tonopah-Belmont Mine Fire where fourteen miners fell victim, along them was Big Bill Murphy, age 28, who died saving miners
  • 1901 to 1911 – The Old Tonopah Cemetery was the final resting place for nearly 300 people—most of which were victims of wild and rowdy Wild West lifestyles and health and safety standards of the times. Most of those who are laid to rest here were victims of a mysterious “Tonopah Plague” in 1902 or the disastrous Belmont Mine Fire that occurred on February 12, 1911. Two of the most famous graves here are “Big Bill Murphy”, who died saving others in this very fire at the young age of 28, along with Nye County Sheriff Thomas Logan, who met his demise after being killed in a shoot-out in a Manhattan bordello.
Tonopah, USA –  an old cemetery in the small town of Tonopah. The historic cemetery is not in use nowadays.


Old Tonopah Cemetery – 917 N. Main Street, Tonopah, NV (775) 482-6336

GPS Coordinates

38.0725° N, 117.2382° W

How to Get to Old Tonopah Cemetery

From Las Vegas, you have two options to head north to Tonopah by either US-95 N (which is 211 miles) or by US-93 N to NV-375 to NV State Highway 375 (which is 257 miles). 

  • Goldfield – 27 miles / 27 minutes
  • Beatty – 94 miles / 1 hour 25 minutes
  • Pahrump – 168 miles / 2 hours 36 minutes
  • Las Vegas – 211 miles / 3 hours 6 minutes
  • Reno – 227 miles / 3 hours 33 minutes

Time Zone

The Old Tonopah Cemetery is located within the Pacific Time Zone, the same as Las Vegas. 

The timezones change in the Southwest so be sure you know what time it is where you are: Southwest Time Zones

Hours Open

The Old Tonopah Cemetery is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Note, there could be a special event so contact Tonopah Tourism at (775) 277-1220 to know before you go.


Admission to the Old Tonopah Cemetery is free.

The historic attraction resource depends on donations so if you are able to, contribute to help with historic preservation efforts like maintaining and labeling graves that are otherwise lost to time and elements.

Tonopah, Nevada, US – Historic Cemetery. Deep landscape with Jack Benton 

Notable Graves

Vincent Davis – d. December 1906

Others don’t mention this hero who trekked miles through the desert in the snow to save his friend. Learn more about Vincent Davis.

“Famous” Local Ghosts

Thomas “Tom” Logan – b. about 1862 –  d. April 7, 1906

Tonopah’s Sheriff Tom Logan was shot and killed while trying to assist a saloon matron of the Jewel House in the Manhattan Red Light District (40 miles northeast of Tonopah) who was being harassed by a drunken gambler, Walter Amphiloque Barrieau. Logan attempted to remove the gambler peacefully but the gambler pulled out a gun shooting Logan five times. According to his great­ granddaughter and author Jackie Boor, Logan was unarmed and dressed only in his nightshirt. His last act was to prevent the piano player from shooting his assailant, who was later acquitted of the murder. Logan was cited with making early Tonopah “the most peaceable mining camp in the world.” 

He was an eight-year veteran with the Nye County  Sheriff’s Office. He left behind his wife and eight children.

Marojevech Brothers – June 20, 1907

Brothers Felemir and George Marojevech were both killed at the Belmont Mine on June 20th, 1907 due to a horrific accident while George was visiting his brother “Frank.”

While the two brothers were talking, Frank realized that a loaded ore cart was coming down the hill and tried to stop it by jumping on the cart to pull the brake handle. Unfortunately for Frank, the brake was replaced with an old shovel handle and didn’t work. Frank fell under the cart, killing him instantly. George attempted to save him but the ore cart ran over his ankles which caused both of his legs to be amputated. With the injuries too severe, he died later in the night.

George “Devil” Davis – d. June 22, 1907

The first African American in Tonopah, a political leader, and local business owner of the Eureka Saloon. Known for being a prankster and loved by the community, unfortunately, his personal life was a bit darker than his public life as it was stated by a few locals that George was an abusive husband, which caused his wife Ruth to enter the saloon and shoot George on June 22, 1907. Rumormill has it that he’s still pranking people and he’s carrying out jokes at the Tonopah Liquor Company.

Supposedly, the Tonopah Liquor Company is also home to Hattie, a former brothel employee, and barmaid.

Bina Verrault  – October 31, 1907

New Yorker Bina Verrault was running from the law and ended up in Tonopah, Nevada where she ended up dying in 1907. Bina and her friend Izella Mason Browne ran a “Love Syndicate” by claiming to be rich widows and would seduce rich men into giving them approximately $100,000 ($2.5 million in today’s dollars) of expensive gifts and money. One man fell in love with Bina but she didn’t return the love (or his gifts), he went to the authorities, and Bina was arrested. During her trial, she pawned some diamond rings and fled and found herself in Tonopah about a year later where she died of alcoholism. Her death made headlines around the world.

Murton Brothers

Three Murton brothers died within 2 years of each other between September 1908 and July 1910.

  1. Albert John Murteo died of typhoid fever (b. May 28, 1887 – d. September 1908)
  2. Samuel Murton was killed in an accident in the Montana Tonopah Mine (b. June 1886 – d. April 10, 1909)
  3. William Henry Murton who was the last brother to pass away at 17 years of age of heart failure (February 8, 1893 – July 9, 1910)

William F. “Big Bill” Murphy – b. 1885 – d. February 23, 1911

Son of Thomas Murphy, Big Bill died while trying to save the lives of others during the Belmont Mine Fire on February 23, 1911. On the last trip, from which he never returned, Big Bill said, “Well, boys, I have made two trips and I am nearly all in, but I will try again.” 

On Main Street in front of the post office is a statue honoring Big Bill and there is also a mural depicting the funeral procession, which took place during a blizzard.


At the Mizpah Hotel, there is the Lady in Red who was stabbed and strangled to death in between rooms 502 and 504 by a jealous ex-lover and continues to haunt the 5th floor as well as the elevator.  Supposedly, if she likes you she may even leave you some pearls. 

The Mizpah is also home to several other ghosts, including some very playful children on the 3rd floor and murdered miners in the basement. A previous employee of the bank died in the old safe in the basement, and it is believed he is the one haunting the building.

List of Graves in Old Tonopah Cemetery

Below is the list of graves in the Old Tonopah Cemetery. We have taken the list from Find a Grave – Old Tonopah Cemetery and corrected misspellings, wrong dates, etc. So, the information you see below is the updated information and does not reflect what is listed on the Find a Grave website.

Abernathy, Lee H., Jr19161919
Read about Lee Harland Abernathy’s family.
Adams, Horres [Horace C.]18471902-01-06Read about Horace C.Adams
Addison, John N.18071906-04-2499
Adelmann, Johann Michael August1838-10-271902-01-29
Agieh, Roda18861908-11-01
Ahlers, Frank1886-03-191907-04-07Read about Frank Ahlers
Ahll, PeterUNKUNK
Alberti, Frederick18671907-08-24
Albrecht, HarryUNKUNK
Allen, Arabella189919067
Allen, Merit1852190250
Atchison, William Stanton1846191064
Atkins, David18561902-02-02
Augusteen, Hienrich1840190767
Avery, Orson Sanford1840-05-291910
Bajkoich, JohnUNKUNK
Baker, William Patrick1862191048
Barbari, PeterUNKUNK
Barnes, EthelUNKUNK
Barnes, William1881190726
Barnett, JackUNKUNK
Barolemo, CharlesUNKUNK
Barrett, JakeUNK1905-10-26
Baumann, John G.1884190723
Bean, William1863190643
Beaton, Sarah1833190976
Bell, Jim H.1861190544
Bennet, WilliamUNKUNK
Benton, JackUNKUNK
Bernue, CharlieUNKUNK
Bertrand, BabyUNKUNK
Bishop, MildredUNKUNK
Black, Leonard18981909-03-21
Blagrave, Walter L.1874190632
Blaker, Fredrick19031904
Bloomberg, EugeneUNKUNK
Blue, Russel18761910
Boehme, William E.1856191155
Boneforte, LaurenceUNKUNK
Boneforte, W.UNKUNK
Booth, Merrick18461905-09-20
Boscovich, Bozo1890191121
Bottel, InfantUNKUNK
Bottomly, Ray1895190914
Bourn, KateUNKUNK
Boyer, O.UNK1908-06-10
Brisk, H.UNK1905-06-23
Brown, InfantUNKUNK
Brown, KateUNKUNK
Brown, PatUNKUNK
Bruce, Angus Alexander “A. A.”1852-10-031905-04-18
Bryson, Hyrum Smith1852-02-201905-06-2353
Buchurst, J. A.UNKUNK
Buckmaster, J. A.1849190960
Burk, Frank1870191141
Burns, James1884191026
Burns, William H.1854190450
Byers, Baby Girl19061906
Cabrillo, George18801909-08-15
Caddy, R. J.1881190524
Cambell, F.Unknown1907
Campbell, Olga1911-04-111911-04-11
Campbell, Stella18861909-08-04
Carlson, Emil18781909-03
Caruvantes, M.UNKUNK
Casey, James1853190754
Chadwater, A. J.UNKUNK
Christopher, Lewis18301907
Clark, T. W.18551904-01
Clifford, Esther Ann (Hendra)1852-10-181909-09-0657
Clifford, Mrs. E.Unknown1905
Cluse, AlgredUNKUNK
Coleman, Dayton D.1847190558
Collins, GeorgeUNKUNK
Coltte, Mrs. M.1888190820
Condon, InfantUnknownUnknown
Conley, E.UnknownUnknown
Coombs, William Peter1911-02-261911-08-20(s/o Oswald Coombs and Lilly)
Cooper, Eva1864190642
Cordoza, Carlos1873191138
Cordoza, Manuel1877191134
Cox, John1883190522
Critchfield, Alvin1844190662
Cronin, Walter J.1875190732
Cullin, James1853190552
Curley, Mary J.1879190526
Curnick, C. S.Unknown1906-01-11
Darlson, Infant19081908
David, Clarence H.1867191140
Davidoc, JohnUNKUNK
Davis, FannyUNKUNK
Davis, GeorgeUnknownUnknown
Davis, Vincent1874190026
Day, John1877190225
Day, John L.1877189215
Debois, InfantUnknownUnknown
Deepl, Antone1874190733
Dempsie, N.UNKUNK
Dempsie, T.UNKUNK
Dempsie, Vera1897190710
Devine, Mathew J.Unknown1910
Dickson, Charles1867190841
Donahue, Mary1882-01-241910-04-24
Dondero, George Andrew1879191132
Douglas, M.UnknownUnknown
Driscoll, ConUnknown1907
Dugan, George1847190457
Dunlap, Elmer Y.1848190254
Durk, Frank1870191141
Dyer, William1881190322
Eckles, T. H.UnknownUnknown
Edwards, W.UnknownUnknown
Egan, ThomasUnknownUnknown
Elliott, RobertUnknown1905
Emprey, James D.1865191045
Farrel, Pat1870191040
Farris, InfantUnknownUnknown
Fergus, T. J.1855191055
Field, HarryUnknown1902
Fillipini, MartinUNKUNK
Fine, Hazel Alexandria190419117
Fitzgerald, John1863190542
Fitzpatrick, John1852190755
Fogliani, Quirino Joe1872190533
Fournier, GeorgeUnknown19087
Fraser, Robert1879191132
Frasier, Robert1882191129
Fulton, Hugh1865190742
Gaden, G. B.1860190444
Gallager, Delia1846191165
Gavir, JamesUNK1906
Gianam, L.UnknownUnknown
Gilbert, Mrs.1862190442
Gillan, Robert E.Unknown1940
Gillan, Thomas1878190628
Gillson, DavidUnknown1905
Googal, Grace1876190630
Gordon, WalterUnknown1906
Gore, CatherineUnknownUnknown
Gprpfen, InfantUnknownUnknown
Gravin, W.UnknownUnknown
Green, DanUnknownUnknown
Greenwald, Dan1871190534
Gregovich, Pero M.1845190560
Guilfoyle, Anthony J.Unknown1911
Gunn, Thomas1854190248
Gurr, J.UnknownUnknown
Guthries, H. A.UnknownUnknown
Hager, Etta L.1883191027
Hangas, InfantUnknownUnknown
Hannasan, GeorgeUnknownUnknown
Hannigan, MikeUnknown1911
Hanse, AndrewUnknownUnknown
Hargrove, LindonUnknownUnknown
Harrington, BabyUnknownUnknown
Hawkes, JosephUnknown1906
Hawks, J.UnknownUnknown
Heckenovich, MiloUnknownUnknown
Heigen, E.UnknownUnknown
Henry, JohnUnknownUnknown
Henry, Mrs. OllieUnknown1906-12-31
Herron, E. E.1874190733
Hersel, CharlesUnknownUnknown
Higgins, Ed1840190565
Higgins, InfantUnknownUnknown
Hill, John1866191044
Hill, M. A.Unknown1906
Hinclem, EarneUnknownUnknown
Hocking, Charles1870190232
Holman, “Newtie” I. N.1877190528
Hoppenburger, Henry1867190942
Horrgrd, H.UnknownUnknown
Hudgens, Al1866190943
Hussey, Hughey L.1864190238
Huyck, MyrtleUnknownUnknown
Illord, I. D.1838190466
Inman, WandaUnknownUnknown
Ire, WilliamUnknownUnknown
Irons, E. H.UnknownUnknown
Jackson, JosephUnknownUnknown
Jamison, InfantUnknownUnknown
Jefferson, MaryUnknownUnknown
Jinlock, InfantUnknownUnknown
Jones, Senator1843190562
Jordon, FrankUnknownUnknown
Justi, Elizabeth189919056
Justi, John190219053
Justi, VictoriaUnknownUnknown
Kaisep, InfantUnknownUnknown
Kalz, Infant BoyUnknownUnknown
Kearney, S. W.1868190638
Kelly, J. C.Unknown1905
Kelly, P. J.UnknownUnknown
Kemp, D. W.UnknownUnknown
Kemy, J. G.UnknownUnknown
Kennedy, MaryUnknownUnknown
Kennett, G.UnknownUnknown
Keogh, EugeneUnknownUnknown
Kestle, Thomas1858190749
Kinacim, DickUnknownUnknown
Kinny, PatUnknownUnknown
Kirk, Lilliam1873190734
Koremovich, G.UnknownUnknown
Kovigh, Kris1879190930
Kuhlman, Charles Pvt.1847190457
Kutzkaw, MarianUnknownUnknown
LaGrant, AugustineUnknown1907
Laroshe, AliceUnknown1910
Larrence, RoseUnknown1902
Larson, M.UnknownUnknown
Leach, PeterUnknownUnknown
Leavit, C.UnknownUnknown
Leel, JounitaUnknownUnknown
Lelgrave, WalterUnknownUnknown
Lemons, E. D.UnknownUnknown
Leomola, OscarUNKUNK
Lewis, LewellanUnknownUnknown
Lewis, Wilhemina1883190623
Lobode, J. I.UnknownUnknown
Logan, Thomas1861190645
Lowe, PatUnknownUnknown
Lydon, Hanna J.1866191044
Lydon, ThomasUnknownUnknown
MacDonald, Alexander Albert1878191133
Madigan, John1874190430
Madson, John1858190648
Mammalose, ManuelUNKUNK
Mann, A.UnknownUnknown
Marojevech, Felemir1879190728
Marojevech, George1885190722
Mathison, MamieUNKUNK
Matson, HugoUNKUNK
Mays, F. N.1872190735
McCarthy, InfantUnknownUnknown
McCausland, J. B.1870190636
McCausland, Mildred1876190630
McCloud, Harry18651907-06-0142
McCloud, InfantUnknownUnknown
McCormich, John1866190640
McCoy, PeteUnknown1906
McDonald, Alexander Albert1878191133
McDonald, Duncan1861190645
McDonald, James1858190648
McDonald, M.UnknownUnknown
McDonald, T. T.Unknown1904
McGee, Harry19101910
McGlou, HarryUnknown1907
McGonagill, Eddie Leroy19021902
McGonagill, Naomio1888190416
McGuire, Frank1838190668
McKinny, H.UnknownUnknown
McKinny, H.UnknownUnknown
McLaughlin, Infant19041904
McNamara, JohnUnknownUnknown
Mea, John1878191133
Mead, Bessie1885190722
Merten, Dora L.1883190724
Mikovich, Chris1884191127
Miller, J. R.Unknown1905
Miller, Kate1875190833
Mix, Newman, H.1862191149
Mix, V. H.UnknownUnknown
Moffett, MarthaUnknownUnknown
Moll, W.UnknownUnknown
Money, GeorgeUnknown1906
Montgomery, William Allen1838190264
Moore, Billie1869190435
Moore, George1879191031
Morin, J. W.1857190245
Morres, AdamsUnknownUnknown
Morris, SadieUNKUNK
Mullens, WilliamUNKUNK
Murat, John1890191121
Murphy, F. C.UnknownUnknown
Murphy, J.UnknownUnknown
Murphy, William F.1885191126
Murray, MikeUnknownUnknown
Murton, Albert1887190821
Murton, Samuel1886190923
Murton, William Henry1893191017
Nash, GeorgeUNKUNK
Nathan, BabyUnknownUnknown
Nelson, EliasUnknown1907-09-07
Nesbbit, C. H.18601905-03-03
Newual, John18251902-01-26
Noddui, Mary A1869 ca1911-01-31
O’Berg, J.
O’Brien William H.Mary 18721905-06-29
O’Brien, Billy
O’Brien, Ellen A. (Campion)1906-05-18Mother of Rosalee O’Brien
O’Brien, John (Pvt)
O’Brien, Rosalee1905-09-23Daughter of Ellen A. CAMPION O’Brien
O’Connell, Timothy
O’Donnell, Baby
O’Donnell, Jerry
O’Hara, John
O’Keef, T. M.
O’Leary, M.
O’Neal, James
Orlovich, Mike1911-02-23
Orlovich, Nikola “Nick”1875-12-141911-02-23Records say New Tonopah Cemetery
Ornstine, Jay Lester1903-071907-08
Orson, AveryUNKUNK
Ott, Richard
Outhwart, Edith18881906-03-31
Page, Archie1907-08-14
Page, Bruce
Palm, Alexander “Alex”
Parker, F. B.
Patola, Walter1867-05-221911-10-06
Pedrazzi, Frank1855-091903
Peterson, M.
Petroni, Baby Boy
Petrovich, Louis
Phail, George
Phillips, Manuel
Piercy, Maria Frances (Knott)
Piper, Grace
Plamanaz, John18841911-02-23
Plamanaz, Mike18841911-02-23
Plamanaz, Milo18761911-08-12
Pohl, Burdell
Polkinghorne, Mary Jane (Firstbrook)
Pollard, Robley
Pomeroy, Sabin1896-09-221902-02-1
Porter, Charley
Powers, Infant
Preston, A.
Price, Joseph Richard
Purkimson, William L.
Pyne, Thomas
Reed, Joseph (Read)
Reid, Dixie
Reosch, Fred
Rice, W. H.
Richardson, Mark
Richter, baby
Roberts, Lewis
Roberts, W.
Robinson, O. B.
Robinson, Samuel S. “Sam”
Rodoric, Henry
Rose, Eli Harmon
Ross, E. A.
Ruitt, Louise DeeUNKUNK
Rully, Gus
Rupp, SalllieUNKUNK
Russ, D. D.
Russell, Charles
Ryan, F. R.
Ryan, Jack18871911-02-23
Ryan, James
Ryan, John
Ryan, Katherine
Ryan, William V.1865-01-011911-09-21
Ryne, Thomas
Sayers, Fred1877-12-031911-09-17
Scobally, Mike18731911-02-23
Serva, Johndilla18831903-12-06
Setty, Alvin18741907-01-09
Sexton, RobertUKNAft 1908
Shea, William J.1869-021905-01-06
Sheridan, infant
Sherman, W. W.UNKUNK
Sherman, Wingfield Sloan1908-04-08
Simpson, Albert Knut18631908-12-13
Sinclair, George PaulUNKUNK
Sinclair, JamesUNKUNK
Skahill, Mike18691906-01-08
Skeen, William J.18631902-01-13
Slamsek, Matt18661911-02-23
Slavin, Edward1837-11-211909-07-24
Slemsek, Matt18661911-02-23
Smith, Ada Christian1887-05-011909-05-14
Smith, CharlesUNKUNK
Smith, Charles18721906-08-12
Smith, Eva1902-02-28
Smith, InfantUNKUNK
Smith, Laura1906-09-16
Smith, WilliamUNKUNK
Snyder, GeorgeUNKUNK
Smith, Violet18811906-01-14Listed as Snyder
Sopp, InfantUNKUNK
St. Clair, William R.18551907-03-20
Stanly, Henry18481907-01-05
Steen, Heinrich August1840-02-061907-02-06
Stein, Robert18561906-11
Stimler, VincentUNKUNK
Strahl, PauluneUNKUNK
Tarr, JamesUNKUNK
Taylor, H. K.UNKUNK
Terrell, Frederick Jackson “Jack”1874-041902-01-03
Thom, Alexander1835-11-271906-12-03
Thomas, A. L.18601908-02-05
Thomas, J.UNKUNK
Thomas, John1888-02-051908-07-23
Thomas, M. J.18551907-01-24
Thompson, George18531902-01-05
Stewart, UnknownUNKUNK
Vail, Clarence18921906-06-07
Van Patten, Francis Pine 1835-03-161911-01-30
Verrault, Bina (Finnegan)18731907-10-31
Via, Catherine (Wheeler)1850-03-121909-02-15
Vicerman, C. R.UNKUNK
Walker, Maud L.18811906-01-30
Wampler, Walter F.1884-12-101905-11-14
Wardle, Orley Ralph1899-10-151907-02-26
Warwick, Sam18541904-11-09
Wasley, James18611910-09-14
Watson, J. P.UNKUNK
Watson, Anna C.18651905-09-01
Watson, Bradley Jewett “BJ”18371910-12-10
Watt, Fred18701907-03-27
Welch, G. P.UNKUNK
Weler, John18711906-04-20
Weston, Eddie18691907-01-08
Wheeler, John18641905-08-11
Williams, A. L.UNKUNK
Williams, Haley1908-06-25
Williams, James18441909-06-15
Williams, John Wesley18501919-04-23
Williamson, George D.1846-11-131911-02-21
Wilson, George W.18481906-02-03
Wilson, infantUNKUNK
Wilson, infant1910-11-071910-11-20
Yenter, James Edward Jr1876-08-251922-10-20
Yount, Priscilla (Horner)1863-041911-11-1348

Places to Stay

There are several options to complete your “scary” exploring as the local lodging has a history of being creepy, haunted, and bizarre…, stay and let us know how you would describe them!

  • The Clown Motel, which is beside the Old Tonopah Cemetery.
  • The Mizpah Hotel at 100 N Main St, Tonopah, NV 89049.
Old Tonopah Cemetery
Tonopah, Nevada Historic Cemetery. 3 fenced-in redwood memorials on a dry light brown desert floor under a blue cloudscape. New houses are on the horizon.
  • Clown Motel (0.1 miles)
  • Tonopah Historic Mining Park (0.5 miles)
  • International Car Forest of the Last Church (25.7 miles)
  • Belmont Courthouse State Historic Park (41.2 miles)
  • Extraterrestrial Highway Sign (48 miles)
  • Montgomery Peak (63 miles)
  • Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest (69.9 miles)
  • Diana’s Punch Bowl (73.1 miles)
  • Toquima Cave (80.8 miles)
  • Angel’s Ladies (83.2 miles)

Photos and Videos

Tonopah, USA –  old cemetery in the small town of Tonopah. The historic cemetery is not in use nowadays.

Old Tonopah Cemetery