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On X Hunt For Hiking – Southwest Test


OnX Maps is a versatile and powerful mobile app designed for outdoor enthusiasts, providing reliable and detailed mapping information for hiking and other outdoor activities. In this article, we will discuss the app’s overview, capabilities, best tips for using it, platform availability, and other essential information to help you make the most of this powerful tool on your next adventure.


OnX Maps is a feature-rich mapping app that offers users access to high-resolution aerial imagery, topographic maps, and property boundaries, as well as an extensive database of trails, points of interest, and public land data. The app allows users to plan routes, track their progress, and share their adventures with friends and family. OnX Maps is designed to be user-friendly and highly customizable, making it an essential tool for hikers, hunters, off-roaders, and outdoor enthusiasts.


  1. Offline mapping: OnX Maps allows users to download maps and access them offline, ensuring that they have reliable navigation tools even in areas without cellular coverage.
  2. GPS tracking: The app uses your device’s GPS to track your location, speed, and elevation, enabling you to monitor your progress in real-time.
  3. Custom waypoints and tracking: Users can create custom waypoints and tracks, allowing them to mark important locations or map out their route in advance.
  4. Detailed trail information: OnX Maps features an extensive database of trails, complete with trail difficulty ratings, distance, and elevation information.
  5. Property boundaries and public land data: The app provides up-to-date property boundary and public land information, helping users stay informed and avoid trespassing.
  6. Map layers: Users can customize their maps by adding various layers, such as satellite imagery, topographic lines, or property boundaries.
  7. Sharing options: OnX Maps allows users to share their adventures with friends and family by sending waypoints, tracks, or even their real-time location.

Best Tips to Use OnX Maps

  1. Download maps for offline use before heading out, especially in remote areas with limited or no cell coverage.
  2. Customize your map view with layers that are relevant to your activity, such as topographic lines for hiking or property boundaries for hunting.
  3. Use the app’s tracking features to monitor your progress and stay on track during your hike.
  4. Create custom waypoints to mark important locations, such as trailheads, parking areas, or points of interest.
  5. Plan your route in advance by mapping out your trail and estimating the distance, elevation gain, and difficulty.
  6. Use the app’s sharing features to keep friends and family informed about your location and progress during your adventure.
  7. Regularly update the app to ensure that you have the latest map data and features.

Platform Availability

OnX Maps is available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it accessible for a wide range of devices. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for iOS users and the Google Play Store for Android users.

Other Important Information

OnX Maps offers a free trial period for new users, after which a subscription is required to access the full range of features and map data. The app provides different subscription options, including an annual subscription for a single state or a premium subscription that covers all 50 states.

In conclusion, OnX Maps is a powerful and versatile mapping app that provides hikers and outdoor enthusiasts with the tools they need to navigate, plan, and share their adventures. By understanding the app’s capabilities, using the best tips for optimal use, and staying up-to-date on platform availability and subscription options, users can make the most of this invaluable tool on their next outdoor adventure.