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Oro City Nevada

Oro City Nevada

Oro City Nevada Overview

Not a lot is to be found for the Oro City mining district that was in Mineral County, Nevada.

Scouring through old newspapers I only found three references in the resources that I have access to and the information was nothing much than reporting news such as a road washed out due to heavy rains.

I did find references for the town called Oro and it appears to be the same but until I can confirm, I will wait to share the additional information.

The town was platted in November 1906 and construction started in early 1907.

An application for a post office was submitted but was not approved as the town “crashed” and by 1908 was deserted.

No visible signs of this town in the area.

Post Office

March 1907 – October 1907

GPS Coordinates

38.417279877515504, -118.5490314308452 [approximately]

References Used

Oro City Nevada