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Pactolus Nevada

Pactolus Nevada

Pactolus Nevada Overview

Pactolus was a mining camp within the Athens Mining District in Nye County, Nevada.

Probably named for a river near the Aegean coast of Turkey. According to legend, King Midas divested himself of the golden touch by washing himself in the river. The historian Herodotus claimed that the gold contained in the sediments carried by the river was the source of the wealth of King Croesus, son of Alyattes.

The name is a classical appellation that was parodied into “Pack-mule-us” by some of the camp residents. 

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Year Established/Founded


Pactolus Nevada History

This was a short-lived mining camp for several reasons, such as the lack of water and expensive building materials. The water had to be hauled in from twelve miles away from Bowler’s Well. 


  • June 1902 – The mining camp was established when high-grade gold was discovered by a prospecting group (Gurley Jones, Jack Lee, David Long, and Louis K. Mau,) and a camp of twenty was established 
  • January 15, 1903 – A new ledge, eight miles east of Pactolus, recently opened up by the owners, W. J. Sinclair, P. K. and A. H. Lee, is proving a fine property. A large ledge assaying from $20 to $100 is now in evidence. [Nevada State Journal – Reno, Nevada – 15 Jan 1903, Thu • Page 7]
  • January 30, 1903 – With a piece of money in its stocking and means for steady work assured, the campaign development has begun on the properties of the Pactolus Mining company, fifty miles north of Tonopah, the opening up of the territory to be under the superintendancy of Gurley Jones, a most experienced miner. [The Silver State – Winnemucca, Nevada – 30 Jan 1903, Fri • Page 4]
  • February 6, 1903 – The Pactolus Mining Company has been incorporated, with a capital stock of one million dollars. The mines are about 20 miles east of Sodaville. [Walker Lake Bulletin – Hawthorne, Nevada – 06 Feb 1903, Fri • Page 3]
  • August 27, 1904 – The Pactolus post office closed
  • December 13, 1904 – The Pactolus post office was rescinded


Gold and silver

Mining Companies

The Pactolus Mining Company and Mammon Mining Company.


  • Doctor Mine

Pactolus Nevada


Unknown at this time.

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Post Office

The post office in Pactolus, Nevada was open from August 27, 1904, but was rescinded on December 13, 1904, and below are the postmasters that we are aware of. 

  1. A H Man August 27, 1904 Pactolus

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The Population of Pactolus Nevada

Unknown at this time.




From the Spirit Leveling in Nevada, 1897 to 1916:

  • Pactolus, 0.4 mile north of, forks at signboard reading ” Sodaville 35 miles,” 30 feet east of junction; iron post stamped “5796 3907”
  • Pactolus, 5.7 miles southeast of, 25 feet west of road; iron post stamped “5930 1907”

GPS Coordinates

38° 40′ 8.73″ N, 117° 48′ 8.40″ W

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References Used

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Pactolus Nevada