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Pamlico Nevada

Pamlico Nevada

Pamlico Nevada Overview

Located 25 miles west of Mina was the mining town of Pamlico in Mineral County, Nevada.

The mine ruins still exist.

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Pamlico Nevada History

The mine was active during the 1870s and 1880s and produced several hundred thousand dollars worth of gold during this time. 

During the 1920s a 20 stamp mill was active but was dismantled by the mid-1930s.



GPS Coordinates

38° 28′ 26.71″ N, 118° 27′ 40.42″ W [Pamlico Canyon]

Photos and Videos

There are LOTS of articles on the Pamlico mine and the successes throughout the years. One day we will spend more time to pull the more interesting stories to share with you but for now, here is one from 1885.

Pamlico Nevada

Walker Lake Bulletin • Hawthorne, Nevada • 16 Dec 1885, Wed • Page 3

The Pamlico

The Pamlico is still showing ore, which is really astonishing in value. Instead of rock, some of the pieces may be a described as gold having a little quartz mixed with it. Of course there is no immense ledge of this kind of material, but a little goes some distance, and the six inches that now show are about as opulent inches as can be found in this part of the country.

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Pamlico Nevada