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Panaca Ward Chapel 

Panaca Ward Chapel 

Panaca Ward Chapel Overview

Located in Lincoln County, Nevada, the Panaca Ward Chapel is the oldest building standing in the county. 

Built from local organic materials, this adobe building was constructed by local Mormon residents from 1867 to 1868 to be used as a chapel, a school, and a recreational center by the congregation. 

Year Established/Founded

Nevada State Historical Marker #182 was designated in 1973 by Nevada State Park System.

GPS Coordinates

37° 47.45′ N, 114° 23.25′ W

Nevada Historical Marker Transcription

Panaca Ward Chapel

Oldest building in Lincoln County. Constructed in 1867-1868 of adobe from the swamps west of town.

Built as a Mormon chapel, used also as a school and recreation hall, it is typical of the development in small Mormon pioneer communities in the inter-mountain West during the mid-1800’s.

Nevada Historic Marker 182

State Route 319 in Panaca

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Panaca Ward Chapel