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Pigeon Springs Nevada

Pigeon Springs Nevada

Pigeon Springs Overview

Pigeon Springs is a ghost town located in Esmeralda County, Nevada.

I have found references of the town spelled as Pigeon Spring too.

Today visitors are able to see remains of the old town near the spring.

Year Established/Founded

Conflicting dates found and we will update once we know which date is correct.

Pigeon Springs History

During the 1890s the spring was the site of the Pigeon stamp mill and the accompanying settlement contained a saloon, store, and roadhouse for travelers. The mill was active from 1890 – 1907.


  • 1870 – Gold was discovered in the Green Mountains, 


Gold, silver, lead, and copper.

Post Office

On July 1, 1899, an application was submitted for a post office but on December 12, 1899, it was not approved due to the mining area coming to a standstill. 




Pigeon Springs Road

GPS Coordinates

37° 25′ 12.75″ N, 117° 40′ 4.31″ W and 37° 25′ 0.90″ N, 117° 40′ 0.47″ W

(Coordinates of the Pigeon mill and the ghost town)

References Used

Pigeon Springs Nevada