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Ramsey Nevada

Ramsey Nevada

Ramsey Nevada Overview

Located in the eastern Flowery Range along the Lyon-Storey county line, Ramsey was a mining town located in Lyon County, Nevada, and Storey County, Nevada.

Named after two brothers from Texas, Thomas B. “Tom” Ramsey and Bladen R. Ramsey. The district extends into Storey County to include the Gooseberry Mine area and the town was also known as Nevada and Gooseberry.

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Year Established/Founded


Ramsey Nevada History

Tom Ramsey found some high-grade ore in an outcrop and the rush was on!

The first location in Ramsey was made about the time of Virginia City, but there was very little activity until about 1904.


  • Early 1906  – Gold discovery quickly circulated via the mining grapevine and by midyear three townsites were platted and promoters commenced selling lots.
  • Mid-July 1906 – The population bunched in a 12-block Ramsey townsite, and the other two townsites died a-borning.
  • August 1906 – The Ramsey Recorder told of rich ledges in the bosom of nearby hills and boasted of the prices paid for lots – $400 to $600, with one 25-foot lot selling for $2500!
  • October 26, 1906 – Emma Ramsey was appointed as postmaster
  • Late 1906 – The young town had eight saloons, three restaurants, two hotels, a daily newspaper, a post office, brokerage, and assay offices, as well as other stores for 500 residents.
  • May 3, 1909 – Horatio Seymour Pohe was appointed as postmaster
  • July 31, 1913 – The Ramsey post office closed.


Gold, silver, antimony, and mercury.

Post Office

October 26, 1906 – July 31, 1913

Emma Ramsey was appointed as the first postmaster on October 29, 1906.

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Ramsey Recorder

The Population of Ramsey Nevada

The population supposedly reached up to 1,000 residents at the height of the population.

  • 1910 United States Federal Census had 29 dwellings and 62 residents.



GPS Coordinates

39° 27′ 22.69″ N, 119° 23′ 27.62″ W

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Ramsey Nevada