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Rogers Spring Near Lake Mead

Rogers Spring

Rogers Spring Overview

Rogers Spring is a warm spring near Lake Mead off Northshore Road.

Pumping approximately 1,000 gallons per minute, the water temperature varies depending on the season, with an average of about 85 degrees.

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Information from the NPS website about the history of Rogers Springs:

Rogers Spring and Blue Point Spring both share a colorful history. One story involves a 1903 project to build a canal to divert water from both springs to 500 acres of farmland located several miles south of St. Thomas. During this effort, several industrious men used a horse team, scraper, homemade ditcher, and shovels to construct a channel to connect both springs. They tested the channel and discovered that the water flowed only a short distance before soaking in. Undaunted, they lined the ditch with clay to prevent leakage, and when that failed, they borrowed $3,000 and took several months mixing cement by hand and again lining the ditch. Eventually, they were successful in transporting the water to the intended land. However, the project ultimately failed due to economic reasons. The men involved evidently drank the spring water while working on the project. Unfortunately, this water acted as a natural laxative, and these individuals lost a considerable amount of weight. Subsequently, the channel discharging water from Blue Point Spring became known as “Slim Creek.”

Several other projects have been attempted in association with Rogers Spring and Blue Point Spring, including a waterfowl refuge construction project that was initiated from 1938 through 1943 but never completed, and a tropical fish hatchery that operated at Blue Point Spring during the mid-1950s.

Rogers Spring Location

Approximately an hour from Las Vegas, Rogers Spring is located near Lake Mead.

There are two ways to get to Rogers Spring off of Northshore Road, depending on if you are starting from the Henderson area or the Northern part of Las Vegas.

Since we were camping at Valley of Fire, we accessed it from the North, driving past Stewart’s Point.

Rogers Spring Picnics

rogers spring

There is a small area that includes:

  • 3 covered picnic tables
  • Trash receptacles
  • BBQ grills
  • Pit toilets
  • Parking lot

Rogers Spring Photos

rogers spring

rogers spring

rogers spring

Rogers Spring Resources and References

  • Rogers Spring on NPS website

Rogers Spring