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Ruth Nevada

Ruth NV

Ruth Nevada Overview

Ruth Nevada, a company town for the Nevada Consolidated Cooper Company, was named for the Ruth mining claim which was named for Ruth McDonald, who was the three-year-old daughter of the original owner of the mining claim, Dan C. McDonald.

Year Established/Founded

Founded in 1903.

Ruth Nevada History

Ruth was built for the adjacent Robinson Mine, a large open-pit copper mine, which is still in operation as of 2022.

By 1910 the settlement was already established a small distance from the first. The company provided the residents bunkhouses, a boarding house, and a hospital with all the utilities.

Saloons and bordellos were not permitted in the company town but were plentiful in the neighboring community of Riepetown.


Copper with traces of gold.


  • Early 1900s – Ore discovered by Dan C. McDonald.
  • 1903 – Ruth Nevada founded as a settlement for the White Pine Copper Company workers.
  • 1904 – A mill was built by the Nevada Consolidated Copper Company
  • February 8, 1904 – Post office established.
  • 1906 – Nevada Northern Railway opened and copper production began to boom.
  • 1907 – Steam shovels were used to strip the area.
  • July 12, 1912 – A mine explosion on July 12, 1912 killed ten people.
  • 1919 – Labor dispute when 150 copper miners walked out demanding higher wages.
  • 1929 – Another explosion set off by dynamite blasts. 2 men were killed with a third injured. 
  • 1933 – Nevada Consolidated Copper Company was taken over by Kennecott Copper Corporation.
  • 1955 – Ruth ceased being a company town when the houses were sold to the John W. Galbreath Company. Occupants were given the opportunity to purchase the homes they had been renting.
  • 1955 – The community was moved two miles north to make way for expansion of the Deep Ruth mine.
  • 1978 – Kennecott closed the mines in Ruth
  • 1986 – The elementary school closed.

Population of Ruth Nevada

At the beginning of the Great Depression, Ruth had almost 2,300 inhabitants and had a population of 440 at the 2010 census.

Post Office

Opened February 8, 1904 through present day.

Area Size

  • Land 0.35 sq mi (0.90 km2)
  • Water 0.00 sq mi (0.00 km2)
  • Total 0.35 sq mi (0.90 km2)



GPS Coordinates

39°16′42″N 114°59′18″W

References Used

Ruth NV