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San Antonio Nevada

Journey through the intriguing history of San Antonio, Nevada, a forgotten stage stop turned ghost town nestled in Nye County. From its early days as a vital stopover for travelers to its eventual silence, San Antonio’s story is a captivating saga of survival, change, and the relentless march of progress.

San Antonio Nevada

San Antonio Nevada Overview

San Antonio, Nevada, once a bustling stage stop on the Westgate-Ione-Belmont line, echoes with the tales of miners, travelers, and settlers who once frequented this desert oasis. Founded around a group of springs, the town witnessed the ebb and flow of fortune seekers following gold discoveries in the San Antonio Mountains. With its strategic location, San Antonio played a pivotal role in the region’s development before the winds of change rendered it a ghost town.

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Year Established/Founded

San Antonio was established around 1865, following the discovery of gold in the nearby San Antonio Mountains.

San Antonio Nevada History

San Antonio’s history is deeply intertwined with the gold rush era and the evolution of transportation in Nevada. The town, which grew around a stage stop, served as a crucial link for miners and travelers. Its decline began with the closure of the main mine and the advent of railroads, leading to its transformation into a ghost town.


  • 1845: Fremont stops at the springs on his way to meet Kit Carson.
  • 1865: A two-story station/hotel is built in San Antonio.
  • 1879: An addition is made to the station/hotel.
  • 1868: Closure of the Liberty Mine leads to a population decline.
  • Early 1890s: San Antonio nears ghost town status.
  • 1896: Revival of the town due to new mining strikes.
  • 1906: The end of the stage station’s operation and decline in stage travel.
  • 1910: San Antonio evolves into the San Antonio Ranch.
  • 2006: The San Antonio Ranch shows signs of recent occupation.


The Liberty Mine, located about 10 miles south of San Antonio, was the district’s main mine and a key contributor to the town’s early growth.


Unknown at this time.

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Post Office

April 8, 1896 – July 14, 1906

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The Population of San Antonio Nevada

At its peak, San Antonio had a population of around 100, which dropped to about 50 following the closure of the Liberty Mine.


Unknown at this time.


San Antonio is situated in Nye County, Nevada, and served as a critical link between Middlegate and Belmont.

GPS Coordinates

38° 27′ 39.9″N, 117° 17′ 37.1″W

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Photos and Videos

Today, San Antonio is a shadow of its former self, with only the crumbling walls of the stage station and remnants of the business district left. The nearby San Antonio Ranch, which continued to be used until around 2006, stands as a testament to the more recent attempts to inhabit this once-thriving area.

The ghost town of San Antonio, Nevada, stands as a silent witness to the transformative power of time and technology. From its early days as a pivotal stage stop to its current state of serene desolation, San Antonio’s story is a poignant reminder of the impermanence of human endeavors against the backdrop of history’s relentless march.

References Used

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