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San Pedro Nevada

Explore the forgotten echoes of San Pedro, a once-thriving mining camp in Nye County, Nevada. Nestled in the heart of a region rich in mining history, San Pedro’s brief existence as a vital support for the Black Horse mining district tells a story of resourcefulness, boom, and eventual decline.

San Pedro Nevada

San Pedro Nevada Overview

San Pedro, a historical gem in Nye County, Nevada, stands as a testament to the mining era that swept across the state in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Originally a haven for Native American tribes, this area transformed into a bustling mining camp, primarily supporting the Black Horse boom, only to return to silence after a brief period of activity.

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Year Established/Founded

San Pedro was established in the early 1900s, coinciding with the development of the Black Horse mining district.

San Pedro Nevada History

San Pedro’s history is closely linked to the mining operations in the Black Horse district. The town’s existence was largely due to its access to water, a vital resource that the nearby Black Horse lacked. The establishment of a mill in 1911 marked the height of its activity, supporting the local mining industry and housing the workers and their families.


  • Early 1900s: Settlement of San Pedro begins with the rise of the Black Horse mining district.
  • 1911: A mill is completed in San Pedro, marking the peak of the town’s growth.
  • Summer 1912: The Black Horse boom dwindles; the mill in San Pedro closes, leading to the town’s rapid decline.
  • Post-1912: San Pedro becomes deserted, leaving no trace of its existence today.


San Pedro was intrinsically linked to the Black Horse mining district, which primarily extracted gold.


Unknown at this time.

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Post Office

Unknown at this time.

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The Population of San Pedro Nevada

San Pedro had a modest population comprising 15 mill workers and their families during its peak.


Unknown at this time.


Located in the western part of Nye County, Nevada, San Pedro was strategically important for its proximity to water sources, essential for mining operations in the arid landscape.

GPS Coordinates

Unknown at this time.

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Photos and Videos

Today, San Pedro is a ghost of its former self, with no remaining structures or significant landmarks. It exists only in historical records, serving as a reminder of the transient nature of mining camps during Nevada’s gold and silver rush.

The story of San Pedro, Nevada, encapsulates the fleeting essence of mining camps during Nevada’s gold rush era. Once a bustling hub supporting the Black Horse mining district, it now lives on as a memory, a poignant illustration of the impermanence of such settlements in the American West.

References Used

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