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Scossa NV

Scossa NV

Scossa, NV Overview

Located in Pershing County, Nevada, Scossa lies within the Antelope Range.

At this time, we do not have a lot of information on this old mining town but will be researching and adding more as we find more details.

Year Established/Founded


Scossa, NV History

Gold was discovered in the northwest spur of the Antelope mountain range to the south of Scossa in 1930, by James and Charles Scossa. Their claim, the North Star Mine, was later renamed and consolidated into the Dawes Gold Mine, Inc.

Another large operation, the Hawkeye Mine, began operations in 1934, after a second large discovery of gold deposits.

The mining town of Scossa serviced both of these mines, as well as others in the surrounding area.

By 1939 most of the gold and silver available to be mined in the Scossa mining district had been extracted, and the mining camp went into decline.

Smaller gold and titanium mining operations, less successful, were continued as late as 1955; today, the site is completely abandoned.


Gold, silver, and titanium were mined in the area.

  1. Hawkeye Mine
  2. Keough-Noble Mine
  3. Mohawk Mine
  4. Noble Mine
  5. North Star Mine
  6. Wonder Metal Mine



Adjacent Counties and Communities

  1. Placerities – 6 miles southwest
  2. Humboldt House – 20 miles southeast
  3. Seven Troughs – 21 miles southwest
  4. Humboldt City – 22 miles southeast
  5. Tunnel Camp – 22 miles southwest
  6. Imlay – 23 miles east
  7. Lander City – 23 miles east
  8. Tungsten – 24 miles east
  9. Star City – 27 miles southeast
  10. Mill City – 28 miles east

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Scossa NV