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See Spot Run Dog Park – Boulder City

The first weekend in October we went camping with our family friends at Boulder Beach. They have 3 Italian Greyhounds, aka Iggies, and we took our Black Jack who is a Chow / Lab / Neighborhood Mutt mix. While there was plenty for them to do at the campground we decided to venture out and take them to a nearby dog park.

See Spot Run Dog Park is located on 3.5 acres within Veterans Memorial Park. If you read some of the reviews it has been written up as a 25-acre dog park… nope, it’s within a 25-acre park. Once we entered Veterans Memorial Park, it took us a while to find it. FYI — it’s at the far end of the main park so keep driving.

See Spot Run Dog Park

See Spot Run took more than five years of fundraising and planning by community members before opening in April near Veterans’ Memorial Park at the corner of Buchanan Boulevard and Commons Way.

The 3 1/2-acre park features dedicated spaces for small and large dogs, as well as room for events such as private parties and obedience training classes.

When you arrive you will see a lot of trees. Unfortunately, they are still little so they don’t offer much shade. Give the park a few years and it will be well shaded for the pups and their owners to enjoy.

There are over 100 trees which were donated by Nevada’s Department of Forestry with most of the trees being mesquites, ashes, and oak – all native to Nevada.

There is a small area to sit and watch the pooches play and we took milkshakes from a local shop to enjoy while we were there.

The features we saw are:

  • Fenced areas for smaller and larger dogs
  • Tree
  • Shaded seating

See Spot Run Dog Park