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Sheridan Nevada

Sheridan Nevada

Sheridan Nevada Overview

In 1861, a blacksmith shop, a store, two saloons, and a boarding house comprised the village of Sheridan, Nevada in Douglas County, Nevada.

The former boarding house is all that remains and it has been converted into the dwelling seen across the road.

Also known as Job, Jobs, Jobs Station, Jobs Store, and Motts Ranch.

Sheridan Nevada History

The community was founded by Moses Job in the 1850s


  • 1854 – Moses Job opens a small store in the area
  • 1858 – The post office opened briefly under the name Job’s Store
  • 1858 – The post office opened under the name Mott’s Ranch
  • 1860 – The post office closed
  • 1865 – The post office reopened under the name of Sheridan 
  • 1920 – The post office closed

Nevada Historical Marker Category

  • Architecture
  • Person
  • Ranching/Farming

Nevada Historical Marker Marker Type

Blue marker

Nevada Historical Marker Number

Sheridan Nevada is Nevada Historical Marker #122.

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Douglas County, Nevada



GPS Coordinates

38° 53′ 52.66″ N, 119° 49′ 21.64″ W

Nevada Historical Marker Transcription

In 1861, a blacksmith shop, a store, a boarding house, and two saloons comprised the village of Sheridan.  The village had grown up around Moses Job’s general store, established prior to 1855. The Surveyor General, in his 1889-90 biennial report, stated that Sheridan was the metropolis of the Carson River West Fork farmers. The Sheridan House, erstwhile boarding abode, has been converted to a dwelling.  It may be seen across the road.  It is all that remains of the “metropolis.”

Moses Job, an irrepressible man, climbed the peak above this location, planted the American flag and with a shout named the peak after himself.  Job’s Canyon is above, and to its left is Job’s Peak.  To its right is Job’s Sister.



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Sheridan Nevada