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Shermantown Nevada

Venture into the intriguing past of Shermantown, a hidden gem nestled within the vast landscape of White Pine County, Nevada.

Once a bustling mining town, Shermantown now stands as a testament to the determination and tenacity of those who sought their fortune in the Wild West.

Discover the town’s rich history, explore its abandoned mines, and immerse yourself in the captivating stories that continue to echo through the silent streets of this fascinating ghost town.

Shermantown Nevada

Shermantown Nevada Overview

Shermantown, an intriguing ghost town in White Pine County, Nevada, offers a unique glimpse into the past of the American West. Though now deserted, this once-thriving mining community bears witness to the dreams and struggles of its former inhabitants. All that remains are a few crumbling stone walls and foundations, and a smelter chimney made of adobe bricks.

Originally called Silver Springs, Shermantown was a former mining town in White Pine County, Nevada that was founded in 1868, and it was named after William Tecumseh Sherman, who was a Civil War general and the Secretary of War at the time.

Shermantown was a prosperous mining town during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The town’s population peaked at around 1,500 people in the 1890s, and it was home to a number of businesses, including saloons, stores, and a hotel. The town was primarily known for its silver and lead mines, which were some of the richest in the region.

However, like many mining towns, Shermantown declined in the early 1900s as the mines played out. The town was largely abandoned by the 1920s, and today, it is a ghost town. Visitors can still see the ruins of some of the town’s buildings, including the remains of the old hotel and several mine shafts.

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Year Established/Founded


Shermantown Nevada History

The first mention of Silver Springs was in September 1868 in the newspapers. The last mention of Silver Springs in White Pine County was in 1907 (although the town changed to Shermantown in 1869).

From the White Pines News – July 17, 1906 – Page 4: Five miles from Treasure Hill was Shermantown, known as Silver Springs, with a population of 8,000. There was located at Shermantown five quartz mills and four smelters. There were twenty or twenty-five other townsites laid out in White Pine mining district and 292 stamps were employed in crusing ore. There were 35 smelters in the 12 miles square. Fifteen million dollars in silver and copper have been shipped out of White Pine. There were two hundred incorporated mining companies with a capital aggregating $30,000,000.


  • 1868 – Silver Springs was founded by Major Edwin Allen Sherman and Joseph Carothers
  • November 25, 1868 – The Bulletin’s correspondent at White Pine says there are already three towns in the district, all containing about 2,000 inhabitants. These towns are called Hamilton, Shermantown, and Treasure City. The latter is the largest, and is situated on Treasure Hill, at the altitude of 8,000 feet. [The Carson Daily Appeal – Carson City, Nevada · Wednesday, November 25, 1868]
  • 1869 – There were 3,000 residents
  • January 27, 1869 – By Mr. Tennant – An Act to incorporate the town of Shermantown, White Pine. [The Carson Daily Appeal – Carson City, Nevada · Wednesday, January 27, 1869 – Page 2]
  • February 18, 1869 – Freighting for White Pine – The Pacific Union Express Company are now prepared to forward to Hamilton, Treasure City, and Shermantown, White Pine, all kinds of freight, letters, and treasure.
  • February 27, 1869 – New Mill – The fine eight-stamp mill lately erected by L. B. Moore and C. O. Barker, at Silver Springs, was set in operation on Monday last, the 23d inst., with appropriate ceremonies and festivities.
  • April 1869 – The town was incorporated
  • April 13, 1869 – Sale of a Mill – Moore & Parker have sold their eight-stamp mill at Shermantown to Drake & Applegarth, for the sum of $40,000
  • 1871: Shermantown’s post office is established.
  • 1878: Shermantown’s post office closes.


Names of Mines and the Commodities of each one:

  1. Sherman Mine: Silver and Lead
  2. Hidden Treasure Mine: Silver and Lead


No known railroads directly served Shermantown. The closest rail connection was in Ely, Nevada, which was served by the Nevada Northern Railway.

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Post Office

The post office in Shermantown, Nevada was open from April 30, 1869, to June 19, 1871, and below are the postmasters that we are aware of.

  • Benjamin W Crowell 30 Apr 1869 Shermantown
  • Gustav A Swazay 29 Jun 1869 Shermantown
  • John H Collier 27 Apr 1870 Shermantown
  • Adam Johnston 12 Oct 1870 Shermantown

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  • Shermantown Reporter
  • White Pine Evening Telegram

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The Population of Shermantown Nevada

  • 1869 – There were 3,000 residents
  • Unknown time period there were 8,000 residents


Shermantown is situated at an elevation of approximately 7,480 feet (2,280 meters) above sea level.


Shermantown Nevada

GPS Coordinates

The approximate GPS coordinates for Shermantown are 39.2319° N, 115.2871° W.

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Shermantown Nevada