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Silverhorn Nevada

Silverhorn Nevada

Silverhorn Nevada Overview

Also known as Fairview, Silverhorn was a mining district in Lincoln County, Nevada.

This mining district was located on the southeast side of the Fairview Range, northwest of Bristol Pass. The eastern part of the district, on the southeast side of the range, is sometimes referred to as the Fairview District.

The town was established in 1882 but we don’t find references in newspapers as Silverhorn until 1921. There are references to Fairview prior to the Silverhorn articles but there is not enough information to determine if they are referencing the town.

We will keep digging for additional information to share.

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Year Established/Founded

Founded in 1882.


Silver, nickel, and perlite.



GPS Coordinates

38.15528, -114.69500

References Used

  • Tingley, Joseph V. Mining Districts of Nevada, 1998

Silverhorn Nevada