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Steptoe Nevada

Steptoe Nevada

Steptoe Nevada Overview

Steptoe, also known as Steptoe City, was a post office town within the Duck Creek Mining District in White Pine County, Nevada.

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Year Established/Founded

The early 1880s?

Steptoe Nevada History

The valley is named after Colonel Edward Steptoe, who explored the region in 1854 when he was sent by the War Department to Utah to investigate the massacre of John W. Gunnison and his survey party.

There was a mining district that was known as the Steptoe Mining District aka Granite Mining District to the west of the post office town.

I have found references in various newspaper articles that the town included a lodge, hotel, hospital, drug store, dance hall, saloons, and school.

Steptoe Nevada


  • 1854 – The area was explored by Colonel Edward Steptoe, for who the Steptoe Valley was named for
  • October 14, 1893 – The Steptoe post office opened
  • October 15, 1940 – The Steptoe post office closed


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.

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Post Office

The post office in Steptoe, Nevada was open from October 14, 1893 to October 15, 1940 until operations were moved to McGill.

Below are the postmasters that we are aware of.

  • Laura Campbell 14 Oct 1893 Steptoe
  • Budd C Gallagher August 24, 1910 Steptoe
  • Geo M Campbell January 22, 1913 Steptoe
  • Albert E Davis July 6, 1914 Steptoe
  • Edward Bennett June 24, 1916 Steptoe
  • Ida M Campbell November 16, 1918 Steptoe
  • Mrs Saura M McCormick March 1, 1931 Steptoe
  • George M Campbell July 18, 1931 Steptoe

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The Population of Steptoe Nevada

  • 1920 United States Federal Census shows 26 residents




Steptoe Nevada

GPS Coordinates

39° 24′ 24.78″ N, 114° 45′ 50.06″ W

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Steptoe Nevada