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Stine Nevada

Stine Nevada

Stine Nevada Overview

Stine is an extinct railroad siding town on the Union Pacific Railroad route located 5 miles south of Caliente in Lincoln County, Nevada between Edna and Boyd in the Meadow Valley Wash.

Variant names were “Cana” and “Stine Station.” The community was named after Marcus Stine, an owner in the Delamar mining district.

Not a lot of information is easily found but we will be digging into old newspapers and books to learn more to share about this old station town.

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Stine Nevada History

The area had been known earlier as Kershaw, which was settled in 1870 by Samuel and Hannah/Anna Kershaw. A pump station and a coal power plant was built to help provide water and power to the Bamberger Delamar Gold Mines that was 13 miles away.

In 1904 when the plant was converted to coal, the name was changed to honor Stine and the Delamar miners. 

In 1909, all mining operations ceased at Delamar and the power plant was decommissioned and possibly shipped to the Lagoon Resort/Logan, Utah, which was owned by Simon Bamberger. On September 7, 1909, the Reno Evening Gazette reported that the Bamberger Mines [of Delamar] were closing down. 

Post Office

Kershaw Post Office

October 29, 1892 – December 31, 1904

Stine Post Office

December 31, 1904 – October 30, 1909



GPS Coordinates

37°29′43″N 114°35′20″W

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Stine Nevada