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Tippett Tales: Unveiling the Secrets of Nevada’s Hidden Ghost Town

Venture off the beaten path and step back in time to the mysterious ghost town of Tippett in White Pine County, Nevada.

This once-thriving mining town, now eerily silent, offers a unique window into the region’s rich history. Unravel the stories of Tippett’s past as you wander through its deserted streets and abandoned buildings. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover the origins, history, and landmarks that make this ghost town a must-visit destination for history buffs and adventure seekers alike.

Tippett Nevada

Tippett Nevada Overview

Tippett, a ghost town in White Pine County, Nevada, was once a bustling mining town with a rich history. Established in the early 20th century, it has since been abandoned, leaving behind the remnants of a once-thriving community.

Tippet was a post office town in White Pine County, Nevada named for Cornwall native, John Tippett who arrived in this country on July 23, 1877 and settled into the area to raise sheep..

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Year Established/Founded

Tippett was established in the early 1900s, although the exact year of its founding is not clear.

Tippett Nevada History

Tippett was established as a mining town, with its economy centered around the various mines in the area. The town experienced growth and prosperity during its heyday, but eventually declined as the mines were depleted, leading to its abandonment.


  • 1880: John was living in Cherry Creek and is shown taking care of his four-year-old niece, Felipe Tippett.
  • July 9, 1892: John married Alice Alma BASSETT and returned to the United States to settle with his new bride in White Pine County
  • Early 1900s: Tippett is founded.
  • Mid-1900s: The town begins to decline as mines are depleted.
  • Late 1900s: Tippett is abandoned and becomes a ghost town.


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.

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Post Office

The post office in Tippett, Nevada was open from May 11, 1896, to December 15, 1913, and from June 4, 1914, to June 30, 1926, and below are the postmasters that we are aware of.

  • John Tippett 11 May 1896 Tippett
  • Alice A Tippett March 28, 1906 Tippett
  • Alice A Tippett June 4, 1914 Tippett
  • Alice A Sellas January 5, 1915 Tippett
  • William Sellas October 14, 1924 Tippett

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Tippett Nevada

The Silver State · Winnemucca, Nevada · Saturday, January 03, 1914


Mrs. Alice A. Tippett, postmaster at Tippett, White Pine county, has received and order from the postoffice department that the office will be discontinued January 1. Representative Roberts has taken the matter up with the fourth assistant postmaster general and is using every effort to have the order rescinded, if this office is closed it will mean the patrons must go from 30 to 40 miles to reach the nearest postoffice.


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The Population of Tippett Nevada

Unknown at this time.


The elevation of Tippett is approximately 6,000 feet above sea level.


Tippett is located in White Pine County, Nevada. It is a remote ghost town and may require off-road travel or hiking to access.

From the Nevada Geographical Dictionary:

The name of a town on the wet side of Antelope Valley, and a pass on State Route 2 southwest of the town.

Tippett Nevada

GPS Coordinates

To visit the ghost town, it is recommended to consult local sources or use satellite imagery to pinpoint its location.

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References Used

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Tippett Nevada