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Tips on Attending a Movie in the Park

Tips on Attending a Movie in the Park

One fun family event is attending a movie in the park. It’s a win + win for family entertain in a setting for the kids to move around and not be stuck in a chair for two hours. Below are our top tips on attending a movie in the park and links to other articles to help you plan your Las Vegas family fun event.

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  1. Get there early | if the movie in the park is near a casino you may not have too many issues with parking but if it’s in a smaller area such as Tivoli Village you may have to walk a bit. Arrive early and have a nice dinner with the family if you are not packing dinner and / or snacks to the outdoor movie.
  2. Entertainment for the kids | If you arrive early the little ones may get bored easy so be sure to pack a few games or activities for them to do before the show starts. Click here to view games for kids that travel easy.
  3. Bring a chair | Be sure to read the rules for each venue as some do not allow chair because they block the view of others. If they do allow chairs, they have to be the “beach chairs” which are low to the ground.
  4. Bring a blanket | I know this is a no brainer but I am adding it to the list “just in case” so you don’t forget. And, be sure to take one for the kids to snuggle in too! Click here to view beach blankets.
  5. Bring a jacket | Yes, a jacket. While we might think 100 degrees at night is a bit warm the little ones may want something to put on or wrap up in.
  6. Don’t forget the wipes | No matter what you do not bring that is messy, guaranteed that your kids will find something to make them dirty. Grab the handy wipes to take or a few damp wash clothes in a plastic bag. Click here to view antibacterial toilet seat covers.
  7. Outdoor bathroom gadgets | The thought of taking my kids in a Port-a-Pottie makes me cringe and if it does you too then pack up what you need to make it not… so… gross. Grab some hand sanitizer, toilet seat covers, and whatever else you may want to get the germies of the kids (and yourself).
  8. Insect repellent | While we do not have too may bugs in the Las Vegas area, you may find there are a few of the flying critters if your outdoor movie is on or near grass.
  9. Coolers | Most outdoor movie venues will allow you to bring a small cooler for you to store your drinks and snacks. Bonus, a cooler that doubles as a chair! Click here to view compact travel coolers.
  10. Wagon | Our Red Flyer wagon was a lifesaver when our kids were small. We would place them with all their “treasures” in the wagon and away we would go to our adventures. Click here to view wagons for kids.
  11. Snacks | Yes, a given especially if you have small kids (or big kids) who like to snack or eat from boredom.
  12. Drinks | If the venue will allow drinks fill that cooler up but check out the bathroom status if you dont’ want your kids in a Port-a-Pottie.
  13. Cash | Some venues have food and drink for sale on site but may require cash. Be sure to have some small bills to pay for snacks, ice cream, popcorn, etc.

Each outdoor movie venue is different so be sure to read the notes using the following links. If you have information to add that will help others, please comment below or at the bottom of each article to help others plan a stress free movie night with the family.

Articles on Movies in the Park Las Vegas

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There’s more… Bonus theater – it’s outdoor, as in a drive in theater (which we love love love):

Tips on Attending a Movie in the Park