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Tonopah Historical Mining Park

Tonopah Historical Mining Park


Tonopah Historical Mining Park offers visitors a unique glimpse into the rich mining history of Nevada. Nestled in Tonopah, the historic center of the Silver State, the park covers an extensive 113-acre area. Visitors can experience an authentic preserved site of the early 1900s mining boom, complete with original mining structures and equipment.

What to Expect

Rich Mining History

The park encapsulates the heart of Nevada’s silver mining boom, giving visitors a rare insight into the industry that defined the state. It features original mines, equipment, and infrastructure, meticulously preserved and presented to demonstrate the progression of mining technology over the years.

Educational Exhibits

Exhibits within the park are geared towards education, with information detailing mining techniques and processes. Authentic demonstrations of historic equipment, including mules, drills, and muckers, offer visitors a hands-on experience of what mining was like during the boom years.

Self-guided and Guided Tours

Visitors have the option of exploring the park on self-guided tours, with a detailed brochure and map provided for guidance. Guided tours can be arranged upon request, offering an in-depth understanding of the mining park’s history and its significance to Nevada’s heritage.

Highlights of the Park

The Desert Queen Headframe

The Desert Queen Headframe, the oldest steel headframe in Nevada, is a significant attraction in the park. This towering structure gives visitors a glimpse into the technical aspects of mining operations and the scale of activities during the boom years.

Burro Tunnel

The Burro Tunnel, an underground passage, provides a firsthand experience of the conditions miners worked in. The tunnel includes a stope and a raise, allowing visitors to understand the complete mining process.

Tonopah Historic Mining Park Foundation’s Exhibit Hall

The Foundation’s Exhibit Hall is home to an extensive collection of mineral samples, mining artifacts, and historic photos. It also features a model of a mining camp and a collection of ore cars, presenting a visual representation of life during the mining era.

Amenities and Accessibility


The park has made considerable efforts to ensure accessibility for all visitors. Wheelchair accessible pathways are available, though assistance may be needed in some rough terrain areas.


For visitor convenience, restroom facilities and picnic areas are provided within the park grounds. A gift shop offers a selection of memorabilia, local artworks, and unique souvenirs related to mining history.

Visiting Hours and Admission

The Tonopah Historical Mining Park is open to visitors year-round, with specific operating hours. Admission fees are required for entry, with discounts offered for children, seniors, and large groups.

Special Events

The park hosts special events, educational programs, and workshops throughout the year, promoting the significance of Nevada’s mining history. These events make the park an ideal destination for school field trips, group tours, and historical enthusiasts.

The Tonopah Historical Mining Park invites visitors on a unique journey into the heart of Nevada’s mining history, offering an experience filled with education, exploration, and appreciation of the Silver State’s rich heritage.